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(slow instrumental music) – Ah, the finished product. Looks pretty good. What’s up, guys, welcome back. This may be a pretty interesting intro cause I thought, why not? This looks like it could be found on the set of Breaking Bad, so I thought, let’s run with it? This puzzle is known as the Jigsaw 29. This is a level 10
puzzle, made by Yu Asaka. Thing is, there are 29
pieces in this puzzle. So do the math, there are
five corners in this puzzle and the trick is, every single piece fits within this white quadrant. So, somehow, this level 10 puzzle is solvable and all these five
corners fit into this puzzle. I don’t know how. I don’t know if I’ll be able to solve it. Hopefully so, only one way to find out. Like, hit subscribe, all that stuff and let’s get into your solving Jigsaw 29. Let’s go. Ah, the finished product. I hope you guys enjoyed that intro. That was a lot of fun to make actually. Okay, first of all, I have
to solve this zipper bag. Somehow, there we go. And we’re done, look at that. Beautiful, finished in time. Boom, here we go. So, there are five corners, all right? And all the pieces fit on here and because there are five corners, that leads me to believe that obviously one of these corners has to be placed on this surface in the middle somewhere which also leads me to
believe that technically, there should be two extra side pieces for that to fit, correct? Imagine that was it right there
and I get back to it later and I’m like I shoulda stayed there. But that, like technically,
that has to happen somewhere. So we should have two extra
side pieces, five total corners. Logically thinking, I don’t think, normally you start a
puzzle from the corner. I can start there. I honestly don’t think
that is gonna be the way to solve this particular puzzle. I think I may have to start
with like a random middle piece and then work my way
outside for that to work. As a traditional puzzle,
jigsaw puzzle goes, you usually start with the corners. So I will start with a
corner, see where it takes me. Let’s get all the other
corner pieces here. So we got these ones. Here’s another one. That’s one, two, three, four,
should be one more, five. There we go, so, let’s get cracking. This is just going to be tedious, just me constantly fiddling
with different configurations. Dah dah, this is just
gonna be time consuming, but once we get the first piece, once we get that ball rolling, maybe I’ll just focus on one here. I think once we get that
ball rolling, we’ll be fine. So that’s been used. This, nope, uh, I mean, I don’t think so. Mm. Eventually one of these
pieces is gonna have to fit. That’s just gonna have to
be where we get started. So finding that first piece,
see, no, definitely not. I can’t remember the last
time I did a jigsaw puzzle. I must have been like eight or something. Whoa, look how weird that piece is. It’s actually off center. It’s not straight on the bottom. That might be, oh that’s weird. That’s difficult. That might be one of the ones that ends up being in the middle somewhere. If none of these pieces fit, meaning it has to be in the
middle of these pieces here, are gonna be random pieces
like this, all right? You follow me? Stay with me. Oh, just a few pieces left here. Oh, yup, that one fits like a glove. So here we go, we got two. The next thing is, that
was the last piece too. Next thing is, trying to fit
one of these side pieces. Boom. That’s a fit. Okay, we’re getting somewhere. Maybe I’ll just get lucky. It is a level 10. I think a little luck is required. I went to the gym yesterday and my biceps are actually hurting and
I know this sounds stupid, but just doing this is like painful. (laughing) All right, I’m probably
going to cut that out. First world problems for sure. Okay, I was gonna say,
that was the last piece. So we’re coming up on another corner. That’s interesting. Let’s go baby. Oh wait, that’s not cool. Wow, that is not cool. Wait, what? No. Why does that one fit? You’re not supposed to fit there. What? No. No, something’s wrong. Oh man. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t know what to do. Okay, you know what? That sucks. Wow, okay, so I might, I might not be on the right track at all. I think this piece is out of place. I think this piece works, these two work cause they kind of like follow each other and then I think this one here, look, there’s like a little notch there, like an extra notch coming out. So maybe that doesn’t
work there after all, which means that this piece also. I don’t know, I don’t know. Oh wait, is it longer this side? Can I fit it this side,
cause that would be dope. No. Is it longer over here? Is it, is it maybe here? Obviously not, but hey,
living on a prayer. All right, you know what? Let’s put this aside for now and start another corner I guess. Okay, I knew this was gonna be difficult. I was just waiting for
the moment that it would start to really dawn on me
how hard my life is gonna be in the next few hours. That looks like a contender right there. Hopefully that works out. Wow, we’ve ran out of side pieces. Huh, whoa, hm, wow, okay. There are only a few of these pieces that actually have like edges. The other ones are all concave. Why are there so few of these? There’s got to be a weird piece somewhere that just fits where it
doesn’t look like it’ll fit. Just some random configuration. Oh, am I already on 12 minutes? Wow, okay, maybe I’ll start with a corner. If I can just get one corner going, that would make my life really easy. That’s all I want. That’s all I want. Little piles here going on. (sighing) So none of these pieces fit here. Leads me to believe that this one probably isn’t the right piece either and this one belongs in
the middle somewhere. So this is my corner that will come last. I don’t know what I’m doing. Okay, we go again, let’s go. I need more coffee. Ug, there’s so many pieces here. Okay, so this is the outlier. Let’s do this again. I’m going to try to get
one of these middle pieces fitting in here somewhere. Unless that’s a corner. Of course not, nothing fits on that piece. Um, okay, well maybe none of these fit. What about a flat side? All right, maybe, maybe
no corners for now. Maybe we’ll start with a
random side piece, yes? That’s it. That’s all the side pieces there are. Just not happening. So, there are no pieces that fit into this that line up with the side. So this is a bad piece. Let’s put this aside for now. Let’s try again with this one. We’re gonna get there eventually. This one also has no piece that
attaches to it on the side. What is happening? I feel like I’m being trolled. Swear to god, once I
get one piece that fits, it’ll be the best day ever. This one also has no
piece that fits within it. There are no side pieces that line up with those side pieces. How does that even make sense? I have no idea. We’re gonna keep trying until we find at least one piece that fits. Let’s go. So maybe that’s just it. This is definitely not
a traditional puzzle and maybe the puzzle
isn’t even supposed to be flush to the edges. Maybe that’s the difference here. I understand what I’m saying, okay? That’s all that matters. Also zero. I can’t even get two pieces together. I can’t even get two pieces together. What is happening? I’ve got three pieces left. I have not found one of the side pieces to line up with any of
these side pieces here. We will keep going. Side piece. Cause I’ve only gotten these ones that have like the outside
that are side pieces which obviously isn’t enough. Like if you look at this, let’s look at this practically, right? One, two, three, four, maybe five pieces across, right? So that’s 25 pieces total. There’s 29. How does that make sense? If there’s 29 in quadrants of five, that makes like, that
doesn’t make any sense. It’s the closest thing
I’ve got to fit, but I think it might be a little too loose. You know what, we’re gonna
roll with it right now cause it’s all we’ve got. Yup, another one, okay. Did we just stumble into it? There are barely any of
these side pieces left. (gasping) Booyah. Let’s go, we’re getting somewhere. Oh, that’s exciting. Okay, you know what? We’re gonna shake things up a bit and let’s start now. I swear to god, once this puzzle’s done, See, that’s not fair. That is not fair. Five times five is 25. Five, five, that’s 25. How do 29 pieces fit on this thing? Something very unconventional
about this puzzle that I’m not understanding. Just the fact that this piece here fits, but doesn’t actually, is really throwing me
for a loop right now. And the fact that I don’t
have anymore side pieces other than this one. This doesn’t make sense here. This piece is too long. (clicking) Oh wait. Boom, that works. Okay, so we’ve gotten somewhere. We have two sides done, but again, the pieces that I’m
left with are all female and how do I know that these are not meant to be flipped around? Oh man. Oh man, oh man. I’m just going to try piece by piece to see if I can fit any type of piece in this little slot here. So that’s one. That’s two. It’s going to be long and tedious, but hopefully, hopefully this’ll pay off. There has to be a piece
that fits here, right? There has to. And I bet the piece that fits there doesn’t fit anywhere else. It’s definitely going to be
the last piece that I try. Or not. Or it won’t be any of them, nice. Because it’s unconventional, I’m going to take unconventional means to make this puzzle work. Try some crazy things that
nobody in the jigsaw world would ever try because it’s silly and that looks like it matches. Let’s not stop there, folks. Let’s keep going. So I’ve read it on a blog
that a seven year old girl solved this puzzle and this is a puzzle that would have expert
puzzlers racking their brain and the reason for that is that I think kids don’t see puzzles the way we do. We have a preconceived notion of how a puzzle should be solved. Get the four corners, line up the edges, work your way to the middle, but that’s why this one’s so puzzling because it doesn’t follow
those conventional rules. Also the reason why this little girl probably figured it out
because she was just putting pieces together
randomly and just like, oh, these ones fit
nicely and she would try combinations that you
or I wouldn’t even try, which is why this puzzle
I think is a level 10. Just like a magic trick. Often magic is, we overthink it. As a spectator, you overthink it. Like, how is that done? Is it possible? But when you get right down to it, the solution’s actually far more simpler than you might expect. So maybe these pieces don’t fit. Maybe these ones don’t fit, I don’t know. I’m going nuts here. ♪ Somebody save me ♪ The problem here is that
this could all be wrong. (grumbling) I feel like crying. I’m going to try to assemble
a random piece here. The thing I don’t understand is if this is five by five, how do 29 pieces fit? So, the other option is, maybe that don’t fit in this square. Maybe this square is a red herring and they fit on the outside
which would make more sense, but we’re still at an uneven number, still doesn’t make sense. Let’s line them up. Let’s see what we got left here. Clearly more female parts
than there are male parts. I wanna just pour this
all out and restart, but I’m hesitant that I may have something good going on. But that’s my problem,
that’s where I’m blocked because if I stop here and I restart, I could very well end up with
something worse than this and could’ve said, you know what, I should’ve kept going. So, I don’t know what to do. Do you guys remember before, I had a line of pieces that were longer and it still fit? How is that even possible? Let’s try to fit some of
these pieces together, how about that? Okay, nothing fits there. Nothing fits here. Nothing, here we go,
restarting from scratch. We’re gonna start. You know where we’re gonna start? Here’s the thing. There is one piece, this piece here. This piece is the only piece
that has four male sides. That is where we’re starting. The rest you can go to hell, all right? That’s where we’re beginning
and I don’t care what happens. Let’s go. We’re gonna try all the pieces one by one until we get one fit. I’m going to stop putting
them in order of sides and corners because I
think that that’s useless and we’re coming up on an hour and it’s like we’ve just begun. That’s why, ladies and gentlemen, this is a level 10 and not a level two. We’re going to hit it
from a different angle. Normally you solve from the outside in. We’re gonna solve from the inside out. Hopefully that’ll unlock the key to this because I think that’s really
what this puzzle is all about. There we go, boom, first piece. Okay, here we go. We’re getting somewhere. That is a definite fit right there. Bam, that is probably the most improvement that we’ve had today cause
we know that that fits. We know that this is a perfect match. All the little corners, the
sides line up perfectly. Now let’s try one of the other sides. And we go again. Boom. Yes! I’m getting somewhere. We are most definitely getting somewhere. That edge looks really straight. Could that be a side piece? You know what? Nope, we’re gonna keep working. We’re gonna work on this edge now. We’re gonna get this middle piece sorted cause that is the middle piece. This is actually, I’m
actually making progress here and that was actually a
(mumbling) on my behalf. You’re welcome, doesn’t
matter what the pieces are as long as it fits. That’s a lot of footage. I’ve got to edit. (laughing) My battery’s almost dead too. I’m going to have to change that up. No sir, no stone left unturned. Let’s go. See that fits, but I
don’t think it really does cause it’s not lined up
like the rest of them. So therefore, I’m gonna
keep this one right here and that will be the backup plan. All right, maybe we’ll work on this side. Let’s work on this side. (thumping) Yes. This one was the backup plan here, right? Which doesn’t necessarily fit that well. We know these ones are perfectly lined up. We’re gonna continue down here. Let’s do this here. This is good. We’re making progress. This is the hardest jigsaw
puzzle in the world. See? That’s weird. That’s weird and it fits, or does it? Oh my god, I don’t know. Like it does and it doesn’t, right? It doesn’t really line up down here, but I’m gonna trust it. I’m going to trust that that’s the one. Let’s just, you know what? Let’s keep this aside,
this is our good piece here and let’s just try to fit some other ones just in case this is like
not some weird decoy. (humming) You guys enjoying this video so far? You enjoying watching me
struggle my life away? Yeah, I bet you are. That’s the one. All right. Now let’s try to connect this one here. Even corners, you know? As crazy as it sounds. Boom. Oh, this is a tricky puzzle, isn’t it? Definitely understand why
this won some prizes here. What a great idea starting
from that middle piece though. It was the only piece like it, so if this is an unconventional puzzle instead of looking for the four corners, look for the one piece that stands out and isn’t like the other ones. I’m really proud of myself. Unless this is all wrong and I’ve done it horribly wrong and then in which case, we’ll still be here for a couple hours. It’s just a matter of time now I think. As we get one piece to fit at a time. No kitten drawings to help us out. So this leads me to believe
that this might be an end piece, that the board might finish here. If that’s the case, we
gotta try to find something to fit in these pieces here. It’s like, it’s curving. Huh, let’s just go with it. I’m having a hard time here, guys. I’m having a real stinker of a time. Well that one fits very awkwardly, but it does fit. I don’t see any of the other ones fitting as well as that one. See how it’s kind of like going this way? Isn’t that weird? My bad, the camera had shut off. I don’t know when it shut off, but it did. I did have a piece before here that fit. I wonder what happened to that piece. Was it a side piece? Do we remember what piece it was? I feel like there’s no piece that would fit in that position. This is all I’ve got
to work with right now. It’s like my life’s work and
I feel like it’s pathetic. I feel like this piece
here is so out of place. I don’t feel like it fits there. I think it really does. And both of these pieces
are just going, woop. So maybe that’s a good thing? Staring at this piece for so long, I can recognize the ones
that could possibly fit. See, why would that fit, hm? Why would that fit? Gimme a corner up in here, bro. Give me a corner up in here, bro. Get me a corner up in here, bro. No. No corner, okay. Okay, that works. Hm, that might just be the
solution I’m looking for. Oh my god. Is this happening? ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ Are you kidding me right now? Let’s go, boy, let’s go. Huh? I gotta tell you, this
is a weird puzzle, bro. Super weird puzzle. I don’t think there’s
a piece that fits here. There’s no weird wonky
piece that’s like that thin so I think this might be wrong. As much as I hate to take it out. You know what, let’s just
leave it there for now. Oh now, you see? That is wrong. It’s definitely wrong because
this piece goes there. Yeah boy, get outta here. Now we’re getting somewhere. Boom. Yep. And a corner here, that’s for sure. How does that not fit there? Supposed to, not just supposed to. That doesn’t fit, clearly does not fit. I’m shoving that in, nope. Let’s try up here. No. (blowing) Ug, there was just a piece
of dust I wanted to get off. Don’t do that, don’t ever do that. Okay, we’re good, we’re good, we’re good. We’re getting there. We are getting there. All right, every piece is
going to try to fit in there, just like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Another funny thing is that
what if there is no piece. That’s funny, ha ha ha. Boom, oh wow, that’s weird. That’s super weird, come on. That is definitely super weird. So there’s some weird piece
that’s gonna go here, this one. Boom, there’s the corner. We found the corner, uh, yes. Now that I look at it, this corner doesn’t
look like it fits there. Oh my god, that’s what
the missing link was. Boom, oh wow, what a discovery. Ramsey the great, let’s go. Let’s actually go, okay here, I need some really weird piece
going here, that’s for sure. It’s gonna be some ♪ Body once old me ♪ Okay, man that is strange. That is definitely strange. It’s definitely not something you expect. That one there. ♪ Do, do, do, do, do ♪ Now I’ve got that all-star
song in my head, yeah. I really don’t know about this one so I’m not gonna go with it right now. It’s just not lining up with the rest, so. Except it’s nowhere to be found, or is it? Yeah, there it is, boom. Symmetrically, let’s map out
what we have left as pieces. These are all the female side pieces and then there are these pieces of which this one is different. (sighing) I feel like I’m so close to solving this. I don’t know where to go from here, dude. I really don’t. I really don’t know what to do. Do you guys see my problem? Like, is this not correct? Are you not entertained? How is this not the solution? Maybe these two don’t fit there. The one thing that I’m realizing there is that every piece lines
up except for the corners. The corners are not lining up. They’re like overextended on every side. Corners might be a decoy. You understand what I’m saying? Look, see how it like goes over? None of the other pieces, actually, yeah, some of them do. Maybe that’s a lie. Just try building this side first. Boom. Boom. So I know that these pieces. I know that there’s another
one that fits here then. Hm, that fit on both sides, interesting. Oh wow, yes, of course. How bizarre. How bizarre. I don’t even know how
this is working right now. This is a magic trick. I don’t know what’s happening. How are these pieces fitting? Boom, let’s go. We’ve only got this many pieces left. Boom and another one. And another one. And another one. And another one. And another, let’s go! Almost two hours. Oh my god. That was excruciating. I’m exhausted. I’m never taking this thing apart. Incredible. This is going to be a nightmare to edit, but thanks for watching. Um, outro. Woo! (grunting) I’m actually exhausted right now. (exhaling loudly) Super creative puzzle. I don’t know how someone comes up with a new spin on a jigsaw
which was really cool. I can’t say I’m a big
fan of jigsaw puzzles other than it’s a cool
way to pass the time, but I’ve never considered jigsaw puzzle as like a brain teaser. I thought it was just
more of like mind numbing as you’re trying to find a piece that fits in a piece and make a picture. This one, however, makes you
really think outside the box because the pieces are just
scattered randomly it seems inside this shape. Super interesting take. It probably seemed a lot easier
watching it than doing it. As I was editing it I was like, yeah, just like pieces fit. Obviously I cut a lot out. It was two hours of footage that I tried to keep it in some
of the good parts for ya, but anyways, guys if
you enjoyed this video, go ahead and hit the like button, subscribe if you’re new here. I really appreciate it. For those of you who have been subscribing and liking my videos, I think I’m gonna go nap
for like three hours. I think my brain needs it. (laughing) Thanks for watching. Peace, bye. ♪ Well you know ♪ ♪ Ashante ♪ (French song lyrics)

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