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Social Media Marketing

Hi there,
Welcome to our first video from the series to help you guide on how can you make most use of “Digital Marketing” to expand your business, generate additional revenue
or even acquire new customers. I’m, Pradeep Mishra,
founder of Eleven Pearls Media. We’ve helped over 50 businesses across the GLOBE, in the last 3 years to drive higher sales, acquire new customers and generate high quality leads through targeted digital marketing activities. In this series, we will discuss various digital marketing
activities that can help you accomplish your business objectives. Today I will discuss about ‘Social Media Marketing’. I am sure many of you have heard about this term and have been using it for personal connect But for those who are unaware of it or may not know on how this can be used for business promotion I will explain a bit about it. Almost everyone is using Facebook Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and may be some other Social Media platform these days. But did you know that Social Media can heavily influence your target customers and can even drive high quality leads & sales? Honestly,
Social Media Marketing isn’t just a buzzword anymore it is a great platform to increase the reach of your business. and get targeted audience. Moreover, you can even promote your business on a global level with the power of social media marketing. By choosing the right platform you can reach the world and the right audience I’m sure you do understand that different Service or Products would need different marketing techniques and a right move can make your brand famous globally or a wrong decision can lead you to zero result and high expenses Thanks to the Telecom revolution, almost everyone has a mobile phone with high speed data network or Wifi Infact it has become the primary source for accessing internet these days. Mobile phone users are accessing their social media profiles & consuming content across the day When it comes to the growth of your business in short span of time You would need expertise like we have We have studied the market in depth and understand the client’s needs and requirements We have helped over 40 businesses in establishing their Social Media presence & accomplishing their set business goals. Our team of expert Digital Marketing professionals can help you drive your business goals. Get in touch with our team of experts, to share your requirements now! So, are you ready for it?

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  1. Amazing video !!! By this I got to know that this platform of Digital marketing is very effective in various aspects!! As it’s an era of Digital!!! Very informative 👍🏻

  2. Point to point and accurate information 👍🏻
    Definetly the right channel to get the about what is trending Digital Marketing.

  3. Thanku so much for guiding on such an important topic. I wanted to know about social media marketing and your video proved a real help on the same. Appreciable work!!

  4. Amazing Video! Hope that it reaches the audience all over the world and connecting people all over the world.

  5. I must say that you are doing a great job. The video is very informative and i really liked the content which is very useful. Keep the great work going!!

  6. I understood the concept now. Thank you so much for uploading a video that is really informative and to the point. I look forward to see more useful videos on your channel. Keep up the hardwork going!!

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