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Snap Betting Big on AR Advertising

Snap Betting Big on AR Advertising

Snap tries to be at the cutting edge of
what’s next From Spectacles to facial recognition filters and now they are
betting big on augmented reality advertisements The company even opened
up an online studio to make it easier for brands to build ads that can be
overlaid on people’s pictures and videos On Snapchat users can manipulate their
pictures or videos using augmented reality lenses and animations, some of
which are branded Like sunglasses reflecting Domino’s Pizza or sipping an AR McCafe cold brew People then send those photos or videos to friends
essentially becoming the star of the ad. The company’s second quarter earnings
topped analyst projections climbing 44 percent from a year earlier to $262.3 million dollars More than eighty million people
in the U.S. engage with AR monthly according to the Boston Consulting Group
and AR use is projected to hit 120 million monthly users by 2021 But Snap is already facing competition Facebook which has copied Snap before
announced in July that it is also getting into the AR ad space and
they’re not alone Apple is also betting on AR technology
encouraging developers to produce content using its ARKit Sarah Frier, Bloomberg News, San Francisco

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