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SML Movie: Jeffy’s Wifi Problem!

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Wifi Problem!

*grunting* *dont change this one, it is perfect* Stupid 12 year olds! I’m wrecking you kids! (savage) Uh *360 CARSCOPE* UHHHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHH (Everyone Cheering In The Game) How does Jeffy’s nuts taste?! *grunt* *grunt* *again* *grunt* *3rd time* *grunt* *4th time* Alright Jeffy, it’s time for do your chores. *mocking*
It’s time to do your chores. Jeffy, I’m being serious.
You have to do your chores. I’m playing Rocket League right now, daddy. Do not disturb me! (BEST RULE OF 2018) Jeffy, if you don’t do your chores,
I’m gonna change the Wi-Fi password. I don’t give a s**t. *sigh*
Alright Jeffy, you don’t care? Alright. Black Yoshi: Bop-bop-bop-bop-bop-bop! So Jeffy doesn’t want to do his chores?
He just wants to play online games all day? Well then, I’ll change the Wi-Fi password! And done! *gasps*
MARIO! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GAME, FOLK?!(Oh you done messed up now Mario man) Well, what happened to the game? IT SAYS SOMETHING ABOUT THE WOOFIZ HAS BEEN DISCONNECTIZ! Black Yoshi, it says: “The Wi-Fi has been disconnected.” WHY WOULD IT DO THAT, FOLK?!
MAN, FIX IT! Black Yoshi, I changed the Wi-Fi password. Why would you do that, folk?
I just memorized the last password! It was so hard to memorize, folk!
It took me so long! Black Yoshi, it was 1-2-3-4. Mario, you know I can’t count or read. That’s why I used the Playstation 4 controller ’cause it got shapes on it. Black Yoshi I had to change the Wi-Fi password because Jeffy wasn’t listening to me. Well whats the new password den? Don’t tell Jeffy, but its ABCD. What… ABCD… Mario… why would you use so many numbers? Numbers? BLACK YOSHI THOSE AREN’T NUMBERS! THOSE ARE LETTERS AND THAT’S THE FIRST 4 LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET!! Who’s Alfalfa and does he know the password? Alfalfa? No the al-pha-bet! The first 4 letters of the alphabet! ABCD!! Man, Mario I don’t what you be saying, I need a pen and paper. Hold on I’ll right back. No. no, no no! A pen and paper? It’s ABCD.
WHY ISN’T WORKING?!?!?!? Uh…(stutters) what’s wrong Jeffy? THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY GAME! THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!! Well, that’s because I changed the Wi-Fi password, Jeffy. YOU DID WHAT? YOU’RE HIGH! YOU MUST BE (imitates puffing)… HIGH!! THAT’S HOW HIGH YOU ARE! YOU’RE IN THE CLOUDS!!! Well, Jeffy, I said would change the WiFi password if you didn’t do your chores! WELL GIVE ME THE NEW PASSWORD DADDY! I’m not giving you the new password, until you do your chores. WHAT CHORES!?!?!? Well I want you to wash the dishes- WASH THE DISHES DADDY?
WE HAVE A DISH WASHER!!! YOU’RE INSANE DADDY! WHY DO WE HAVE A DISH WASHER IF YOU WANT ME TO DO IT?! Well, Jeffy, I want you to learn discipline. And also I want- I want you to dust the house. WELL DUST THESE NUTS, DADDY! (Diaper patting intensifies) Jeffy, stop that. Come on, look. We’re gonna wash dishes, come on. YOUR HIGH! Alright Jeffy, I want you to wash all these dishes. All these daddy?! Yup, all these. NOW I KNOW YOU’RE HIGH! Jeffy… just calm down, look, just wash all these dishes and then go dust with this. What is that, a butt feather? No… it’s like a little duster thing. Yeah it’s a butt feather, daddy. No no no, it’s not Jeffy… just wash these dishes Then go dust with this, and then come get me and I’ll give you the Wi Fi password. *Sigh* Alright daddy. Ugh, stupid chores! I don’t even know what I’m doing! AH! (Shatter) Yup, looks clean to me. (Jeffy Grabs The Dirty Dish Plate) AUGH! (Shatter) (Jeffy Grabs The Coffee Cup) Uh AUGH! (Shatter) (Jeffy Grabs Another Dirty Plate) Oh, another plate. AUGH! (Shatter) Uh, UH Uh Uh Uh ALLL CLLEAAANNN! Let’s see…some more plates. Ohhhh, a double decker plate. AUGH!!!!! (Shatter) Ah, one more plate until i’m all done.
AUGH! AUGH! (Shatter) Alright now where’s that butt feather at? (Jeffy Grabs The Sweeper) (Jeffy Sweeping) J-J-Jeffy stop it! I’m finished with all my chores, daddy You finished already? Yup! You did all the dishes? Uh huh! And you dusted the entire house? UH HUH! Now where’s that Wi-Fi password at daddy? Let me go check. Wait hold on what??! I’m gonna go check and make sure you did everything. I didn’t know you had to check! Well yeah Jeffy I have to go check and make sure you actually did it. I mean what’s the problem, did you not actually do it? Oh, oh I did it daddy. I’m just afraid you’re gonna be jealous at how well I did it. Ok well lets go see. Show me the dishes Jeffy, come on show me. Well alright daddy. See daddy, all the dishes are gone. Well all the dishes are gone Jeffy but what about these pots? You didn’t clean any of these pots. You didn’t say anything about pots daddy. You said just clean the dishes. Well I did just say clean the dishes, I’ll let you get away with that. But where did you put the clean dishes Jeffy? Um, uh- Where did you put them at Jeffy? Uh, in the cabinet. In the cabinet? Mhm. Okay. Jeffy! Where are they at? Oh, did I say the cabinet? I meant on the floor. On the floor? JEFFY! AHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! JEFFY! JEFFY! WHY DID YOU BREAK THESE- WHY’D YOU BREAK THE PLATES JEFFY?! Well they were fine until they hit the floor daddy. JEFFY WHY WOULD YOU THROW THE PLATES JEFFY?! I was cleaning them daddy. Thats not cleaning them Jeffy that’s just breaking them! YOU JUST BROKE THEM JEFFY!
DID YOU BREAK ANYTHING ELSE?! Uhhh…… (Shatter) (Jeffy Messing Up Those) (Shatter) Nope. JEFFY OH MY GOD UGH! JEFFY YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GROUNDED! YOU’RE NOT GETTING THE WI FI PASSWORD! WHATTTTTTTTTT?!!! *sigh* DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I DID MY CHORES AND YOU’RE GONNA GIVE ME THAT WIFI PASSWORD OR SO HELP ME GOD I’M GONNA POOP IN THE SINK! You’ve already done that before Jeffy! Well then I’m gonna do it again daddy! You’re not gonna get the Wi Fi password Jeffy, you did your chores wrong! NO DADDY I’M GONNA GET THAT WI FI PASSWORD IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO! You’re not gonna get the Wi Fi password Jeffy! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (After Jeffy Yelled) (Phone Ringing) Wa, who’s calling me? Hello? Excuse me sir, I’m calling from the internet company because there’s been a security breach on your account. I’m calling from the internet company Because there’s been a security breach on your account. A security breach on my account? Oh no! Oh no! Yeah and I need to verify the security of your account by asking you a few questions. Oh ok Alright the first question is, what is your name? What is your name? My name is Mario. Alright and the second question is, what is your Wi Fi password? My Wi Fi password? What is your Wi Fi Password? Wha My Wi Fi password? Yeah I really need it. Well why do you need that? So I could play my game. S- what? So I could play my game. S-what? Oh no no for the security of your account, to verify it. To verify it. Ok well I just wanna let you know that I recently changed my Wi Fi password today because my son I didn’t want him having it ’cause he’s grounded. Wow! You sound like a really bad daddy! Are you high?! Jeffy is this you?! No Jeffy? What? You know what? Jeffy you’re not gonna get the Wi Fi password! I REALLY WANT THE WI FI PASSWORD YOU BETTER GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW. Jeffy where are you at? I’m not telling you? Wait (Mario Looks Over The Couch) Jeffy is that you? (Jeffy Goes To The Door) Hello? Hey there you called about you having problems with the internet? Yeah I don’t know my Wi Fi password. Oh, well why don’t you just ask your dad? Cause he grounded me from it and told me I can’t have the password! Oh, well that sucks, but I can’t really help you. I don’t want to disrespect your dad by giving you the password. I got 20 bucks. Screw your dad. One Wi Fi password coming right up! You see kid money talks, and I (stuttering intensifies) am greedy. Alright out of the way. *Sigh* I cant believe Jeffy tried to trick me. Hey what’s up? Wait what are you doing in my house? Well that’s rude. No what are you doing here, I didn’t call you! Are you sure? I’m pretty sure you called me. No I did not call you what are you doing here? I came here to fix your um, your (stutter level 100) Foosball table! Wa, Foosball table? Yeah I don’t have a Foosball table. See, see there’s your first problem you don’t have a Foosball table. Y-you don’t have a Foosball table, you gotta have a Foosball table those are loads of fun. They are? Oh yeah my kids got one, they played all day. You are missing out Huh, well I never really thought about that. Yeah And you’re in luck because I happen to be a Foosball salesman! Wait wait you are? Yeah, yeah, I forgot my catalog today So uh, I could show you the catalog with my phone online but uh I’m gonna need your Wi Fi password. My Wi Fi password? Yeah. Well just use your cellular data Oh oh I got Boost Mobile. Sucks! Oh, uh well the Wi Fi password is ABCD. Okay, ABCD. Alright, let’s look at some Foosball tables huh! Check this baby out That’s a picture of you failing to hold up the leaning tower of Pisa. Well I was close. No, no you weren’t. Come on, a little bit! No. Uh, well alright how about this one. No, still off. What really? Come on! You just didn’t get it! *Sigh* man my wife said she took good pictures. And we went Italy, and these were the only pictures she took. Well you didn’t really get it Alright, let’s look at some Foosball tables! Alright. Alright now how about this one. That’s a thousand dollars Yeah, yeah it’s pretty expensive uh,- Is there any cheaper? Yeah let’s try some a little cheaper. Oh ok how about this it’s only 500! I mean that is a pretty nice Foosball table Yeah, it’s pretty nice. *Sigh* oh I don’t know. Oh come on it’ll be fun! I promise you and your kid playing Foosball you’re gonna love it. Okay Alright, yeah! Alright your Foosball table is all set up. Thank you so much! I mean I didn’t even know I wanted one but it looks so cool I can’t wait to play it! Y-yeah. So I got a question, we just ordered it how did you get it here so quick? Yeah yeah y-know (stutter king?) I uh got super-fast shipping on it and I just sold you my Foosball table. Wh- wait what?! Yeah my kids hated it so I just wanted to get rid of this thing. You said your kids loved it! Yeah Iied. Well what about the website that was selling them?! Oh well that was just my Cragislist ad for this table, so yeah. Well there was two of them! One for a thousand and one for 500! Oh they were both for the same table I was just hoping you would go for the expensive one. I actually only paid 250 for this thing, so I doubled my money. Well what about the leaning tower pictures?! Oh oh yeah those were real, I just wanted to see which one you liked better to put on my Facebook page. Well they both sucked! Well you’ve been had! *Sigh* oh my God! Hey there kid! Did you get the Wi Fi password? Oh sorry kid your dad knew I was lying he didn’t give it to me. Well I want my 20 bucks back! Ohh, well tell you what how about you give me 300 dollars and I’ll give you a Foosball table! A Foosball table? Oh believe me you’re gonna love it! Hmm, is it fun? Oh it is so much fun Um, well alright. Hold on let me get the money. Here you go. Alright your Foosball table is upstairs, go play! Okay! Hey daddy guess what? Oh hey Jeffy guess what I just got a Foosball table! What? (both at the same time) Jeffy no what’d you say! I just bought this Foosball table daddy! What no Jeffy I just bought this Foosball table! No, I paid 300 dollars for this Foosball table, it’s mine. No Jeffy I paid 500 dollars for it! You got ripped off daddy. No we both got ripped off Jeffy we paid 800 dollars it! No, I paid 300 for it. Look Jeffy we got scammed! That guy scammed us! We bought this stupid Foosball table and I don’t even want it! You know what here Jeffy Just take it to your room and play it! Ok daddy I got scammed! *grunting* Man, this Foosball table sucks! Hey Jeffy.
What are you doing? Playing with this stupid Foosball game that I bought! Oh well I was wondering if you knew the Wi-Fi password? No, my daddy changed it. My daddy changed it. Oh well I guess I’ll just have to use the neighbor’s Wi-Fi. Wait, what? What? Oh yeah when ever our Wi-Fi goes out I just use the neighbors. There’s no password on it. There’s no password on it. (WORST RULE OF 2018) *Jeffy throws the Foosball Table* (Jeffy Back On Rocket League) *grunting* Alright Mario, you said the password was uh, H R F, D? N No, No its A A B C D Oh ok what was the first one again? A Alright Okay That’s an A? Uhuh Okay the second letter is B. B Okay Q Thanks for watching! Captions by Jack Gar Hansen, WilsonPerez3, SteveCRZ & CloutChaserPlayz #SAVESML

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