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SMG4: Mario And… The Well

SMG4: Mario And… The Well

memes Mario: Whoaaaa! (nvm) whats this Mario: *more italian gibberish* SMG4: Ohh, I got this sexy new app: AppBounty, where you can download and use apps to get free gift cards. SMG4: In AppBounty, do simple missions such as downloading and playing an app for a short-time to gain credit, using the apps play-earned feature. (WTF Mario!?) SMG4: You’ll be able to earn iPhone, Xbox, PSN, Nintendo eShop and so much more! SMG4: So you can buy your favorite game like Smash Bros. off the eShop! | Mario: Yeaaaah boiiiiiiiiii!!! SMG4: The more time you play, the more credits you get. (OOF Mario) SMG4: You could even run the downloaded apps in the background. So make sure you use it daily. (Mario screaming) SMG4: So what are you waiting for? Go download AppBounty using the link in the description now and use the invite code “SMG4”. SMG4: Thank you so much for watching! And now… On to the video! yeahhhhhhh *GlitchyBoi Productions* and coco *SMG4 Productions* and the coco loco 🙂 *Calm Music* for just a few seconds Bob: ErR Um oH CraP hEs SCkrueD Mario: *italian gibberish* hmmm Boopkins: HELP! Mario: Oh? Mario: Nah it’s probably nothing. (ooh) Boopkins: SOMEBODY HELP ME! | Mario: Oh boy. Mario: Yeah hey stinky what’s going on here. Oh Boopkins: No it’s me, Fishy Boopkins! Mario: Oh brother, what are you doing? Boopkins: I was playing with Bob and I fell down. Now I’m stuck and can’t get out. Can you help me?! Mario: Hmmmmmmmm, okey dokey. Mario: Don’t move, I got it! Boopkins: YEYYY! (Mario ‘brings’ shovel lol) Boopkins: *pain* Boopkins: *moaning* Boopkins: *picks a shovel andmore moaning* What am I supposed to do with this? (hmm… ?) Mario: *godamn gibberish* Boopkins: *anger* WHAT!?! THAT WON’T WORK! Mario: *more ITALIAN Gibberish* SMG4: Yoa man whats up man SMG4: What’s going on here? (Wario voice lol) Mario: Ado tille they hedo Hmmmmm Boopkins: I SAID THAT WON’T WORK!! *throws a shovel to Mario head* mario: im now color blind SMG4: Oh….. Yes! SMG4: And what ever you do, don’t let go of it. (Random girl voice) *click* *shiny* Boopkins: *still angry* WHAT I’M NOT GRABBING THAT,I’LL GET HURT! SMG4: COME ON! do it *boopkins noises and runs away from hook* SMG4: Imma guess you go fishing. Boopkins: Leave me alone! Boopkins: *screaming* SMG4: Hah, got eem! (i think not…) Mario: Way to go! SMG4: I’m gonna kick your ass Mario: You peice-a mad man You can do it oh SMG4: WhoAAa (You’re on fire bitch) [SMG4 flyed by this rock fell lol] SMG4: MY PINGAS Mario: Nice job, dickface. Luigi: *shivering* Luigi: *gibberish* Luigi: Mamma mia…. Luigi: Oh yeah, go weegee, go weegee Boopkins: *smiles* Yeah~:D Luigi: who’s number one now? Luigi: *picks a vacuum* That’s-a pretty good Luigi: I’M GONNA GIVE YOU FIVE ACROSS THE ASS! *SMACK* The Vacuum: MEOWENENENENENENENENEN Luigi: Cotchie-cotchie, that was good so, weegee, to die. (i said nooooo…) Luigi: Ready for a crAzy adventure? [Luigi activates Vacuum!] Boopkins: Ugh (it not helps lol get rekt) Boopkins: *sigh* Is something meant to happen? Luigi: Ohohahaha *another giiberish* *Bowser’s battle cries* (wut?) Luigi: WAHWAH (OMG) [Screaming like a biatch] Boopkins: Ugh? Oh..I’m doomed Mario: Let’sa go! Luigi the winner! Tari: Hey, excuse me? (nvm) SMG4: Goddammit, stupid, stupid! Tari: *sigh* Aaah! Tari: Oh nø! [Still screaming] Bowser: NO! Luigi: WAH! Bowser: Lata Tari: Bööpkins, keep going, you can do it! YES! Boopkins: Yay, thanks Tari! *oof* Tari: Aaaaaaa!!! Tari: S-sorry! ;( Boopkins: *falls in shock* OoOoOOOo I wander wat des ies Boopkins: Oo wow anime! (but we need ladder!) …and a 4K HD TV! (i hate my life) Boopkins: Thank you so much! Tari: Gotcha, let’s-a do thís! (you mean transformation or what??) SMG4: *le looks to the light* Say, whaaaa- SMG4: Oh, shit (Shroomy and Mustage Fork) Shroomy: Wahoo, nice, game on! Shroomy: Alright, stand back everybody, thing are gonna get intense! …and here we go! Boopkins: Heh? Boopkins: Oh yey, I’m saved! Shroomy: Okay, Boopkins you should be able to climb out now [Boopkins grunts] [Panting] [Takin’ a shit] (maybe yolo?) [Yelling] Boopkins: Aagh, Shroomy… Shroomy: That’s me! Boopkins: I can’t climb the rope, my arms are too stubby D: Shroomy: Hmmm, oh have you considered getting a shovel and digging up? Yes? [Jeeves idle sound file] [Havin’ a stroke] [The fork screams] Shroomy: Now remember to be safe, pull with your- [Yelling] It’s working, guys! 😀 Yay, no killing off Boopkins tonight! Hmm? $0.25 USD Baldi’s quotes: -a shiny quarter- [Mario stronger than any other character confirmed] Eh 🙁 ded oof Uugh, huh? So you’re going to die what’s this? [Speaking Toadish] Hey, I’m still alive you know? [Honk-a-bonko] [Speaking Inklish] Mario: Aya totele la halaba ha vél heto! Whoa! [Speaking Inklish] [lying in Inklish] [Speaking Japanese(?)] [Meggy bullying the truck] [I’m Mary Poppins y’all!] Ta-ta! [Speaking Inklish] Cool…. woohoo….. Say what? What you gonna do huh? Okay let’s do this thing right all right gotta keep movin go put up Ain’t got no time for this get in here come on people come on What is mine I want the money money? That’s it oh Don’t worry lest you miss here bitches aw shit is how do you process I’m here for you put kids Of course I did I’m behind this boy dead bird piss off bitch FREEDOOOOOMMMM!!! No problem anything for money bro you, also did save my ass from getting purged Wow so this is what it feels like to be liked? If you guys like this then check out my soundcloud place I just uploaded my blazing hog mixtape come on both kids let’s take you home Chris look it’s my stolen fire Turkey you mean the fire trick you stole from the governments of details Should we tell them that I replaced all the water with vodka? Nah, everybody’s happy Thanks for watching!!!!! Subscribe to SMG4! Subtitles by P1k4ZX. Check out merch here! (link in description) Ok, bye!!

100 thoughts on “SMG4: Mario And… The Well

  1. He may have not been able to dig up.

    But he could dig down, and then dig a slope upward. Like so:

    [Well] [Mario and Co]
    | /
    | /
    | /
    | /
    | /

    The dotted line represents the tunnel Boopkins could dig.

  2. ola sou o rodrigo tenho 8 anos e gosto muito de ti pois adoroos teus vídeos como tu fazes isso quero muito aprender

  3. This a how to comment

    Today's how to is How to Catch a Fiahbookin get a fishing stick and any anime on the hook

  4. Who else noticed that when mario let go of the rope at 5:37, everyone else tripped. that first means that boopkins is damn heavy, and second, MARIO DAMN STRONG

  5. i cant belive it tari called those idiots to help, she is dumba** like bob….oh…nevermind, bob save the day, yaaay!

  6. en el minuto 3:57 cuando aparece los animes y nos acercamos con nuestra cara a la izquierda veremos el anime donde aparece nuestro dios goku :v "DRAGON BALLLLLL" eso lo pueden notar si ven la cara de vegueta en hace muchos años atras donde vegueta era villano :v DRAGON BALL Z KAI :V

  7. Oh f**k this place sucks sucker!!! Your gonna die baby! Oh F**k ThIs iS wOrSe tOdAy bAbY gOdAmMiT gIvE mE tHe mOnEy rIgHt nOw pLeAsE!!!!!!!!!!l!!!l oR eLsE yOur gOnNa dIe bAbY

  8. como aquí algo no cuadra lo que pasó aquí algo anda mal

    ¿Que aquí todos están drogados o que? Bueno al menos tari intentó tranquilizar a fishy para sacarlo del poso, bueno al menos meggy intentó ayudar asi que tuvo que tomar "prestado" la ambulancia brigrada woomy al rescate, por 2 miserables monedas lo van a sacar del poso que originalidad y qué raro que bob lo salvará como aquí no cuadra nada bien

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🤣

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