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Smarty Advertising System

Smarty Advertising System

TV advertising is expensive. My business is too small to advertise on TV One channel limits my audience Wrong As of now Smarty is a hybrid of online and TV advertising It has all the power of TV and all the simplicity of online Ads It’s easy, It’s fast, And it’s within your budget Banner pops up takes 10% of the screen With a click it will turn to a full-screen static graphic page, including a video, a website, and an online shop Your clients will buy your products while sitting in front of the TV Smarty Ads are Geolocated You can choose where your Ad is shown, and who will see it Why would anybody want to see Ads? Smarty rewards its audience with real money, not points They see only the Ads they choose, and they only see Ads when they want to They get access to great deals and offers Smarty shares income from Ads to build a mutually beneficial community of Smart Buyers and Smart Advertisers Advertise your business now on all TV channel Number one in the world interactive TV advertising platform Call us now!

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