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SMART PANEL #1: Restoring Trust & Quality in digital advertising – Cannes Lions 2019

SMART PANEL #1: Restoring Trust & Quality in digital advertising – Cannes Lions 2019

Hi I’m Zack Rogers. I’m the executive
editor of Ad Exchanger. I’m Phil Smith. I’m the director general of ISBA with the trade body that represents the UK’s leading advertisers. I was really happy
to be part of this panel with so great speakers and so the personalities which are quite famous in the industry. It was a meaningful meaty debate on what’s working
and what’s still needed to resolve. A range of issues across fraud, brand
safety and quality in the media supply chain. Yeah I thought it’s a really
interesting panel, it was great to have such a wide perspective of use. You know for the advertisers all the way through to those who are engaged in the technology, the supply side of the industry. And I think one of the points
that was made about bringing the publishers and bringing the advertisers
closer together as a way of helping to restore trust was a really key one. The publisher needs to understand how the buyer defines quality. You know
across all of these different areas. Because maybe brand safety is into concern, in which case the publisher can focus on other areas. So really moving towards
that consultative sail and then sort of supporting that with
technology solutions. Publishers used to say “Look yourselves in the mirror when it comes to brand safety and quality. Make sure that you really are as good
as you say you are” I mean our advertisers do want to see quality editorial context in which it’s not so much the subject, its how well it’s treated and how
thoughtfully it’s treated. And if that’s being done then I think publishers will find that there are more advertisers that wish to move towards them and
partner more closely. And also it’s a question of education, so the most you are speaking about this the more you are comfortable with the topic which is
evolving a lot. So yeah it’s just part of our work now.

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