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Smart Cleaner Advertising Testimonial

Smart Cleaner Advertising Testimonial

Good morning! My name is Phil Hall from TLC. And a way of carpet cleaning company based near Bath, in Somerset. I needed a new website for the business, to help us rebrand, and also, we were introducing some marketing software. And the website was needed to complement that! I met Daisy in December mid December last year, and some examples of her work and I was really, really impressed. She agreed to take on this sort of rush
project to have it completed by the end of January. Which she managed to do without fuss or bother and delivered it forever exactly the price that she said
she would. So we are absolutely cock-a-hoop with it! She clearly understands her subject. More importantly, she understands the marketing benefits on a website and how it has to be visible to the target audience I’ve no no problem at all recommending her work to others. In fact I already have done one of my colleagues in our industry based in Essex. I know has already gone with the Daisy on my recommendation and he too is thrilled with what she’s done. So, No, thank you very much Daisy!

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