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Small Business Video Marketing

Small Business Video Marketing

For local businesses that depend on the web
to get new clients, youtube marketing is a must. The Great news is,
it is relatively easy to get a local businesses video on page 1 of Google. Online Video Marketing Works, Because videos
rank 50 times easier then a web site. It’s like your video is a talking billbord
pointing people to you and your website. Studies show that people are more likely to
click on video results when doing a Google Search, over plain text space results. The Reason?
Video Thumb Nails. A thumbnail picture always grabs peoples attention,
because people would rather watch a video then read. However, In most Google Searches for local
businesses, there are no video results at all. This is a huge opportunity for local businesses
that want to Stand Out, because if they do Youtube Marketing.
They WILL GET THE CALLS AND THE CLICKS. When a new customer is looking Online for
businesses that provide the services you offer,
What will they Find?

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