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Slow Cooked BEEF SHORT RIBS Perfection | Guga Foods

Slow Cooked BEEF SHORT RIBS Perfection | Guga Foods

For today’s cook I’m making these
beautiful slo w-cooked beef ribs that is easy to do but most importantly it will
fall apart in your mouth. I started off with these beautiful short
ribs. As you can see the marbling is just incredible.
When you’re purchasing your short ribs and you see something like this you
already know it’s gonna be good. For this recipe the first thing I did was to cut
them in individual pieces. Here you can really appreciate the intramuscular fat
on these amazing ribs. As you saw that wonderful marbling there’s no need for additional fat on top so I made sure to remove all of it. This does two things;
the first one is to create an incredible crust and the second one is to make sure
my seasoning penetrates into the meat. To ensure that my seasoning will stick I
lightly coated with Worcestershire Sauce. For today seasoning I am using Guga’s
rub if you have not seen that video make sure you check it out because you can do
it at home. One of the reasons I separated these ribs individually was to
make sure that I put the seasoning all the way around so don’t be cheap with it
make sure you coat it every single spot. As you might already know Guga’s rub
does not have a lot of salt so for additional flavoring I am adding a
little bit more. I’m going to be smoking these beautiful ribs at 275 degrees
Fahrenheit for 4 hours. But I say it is enough talking and it is time to smoke
them so let’s do it! As I removed them from the smoker you
can really see the rich deep color that’s an indication of a beautiful
smoke ring. But now it is time to prepare for the brazing I started with two
beautiful onions and a garlic split it in half, then on a braising pan I added a
little bit of olive oil and brown them up. To give my beef ribs a beautiful
crust I decided to sear them check it out. To add some more incredible flavor to
them I decided to braise them in wine. This will do two things;
braised the bottom and steamed the top making them fall apart in your mouth Now all there’s left to do is wrap them up
and put them back into the cooker. I like to cook them at 325 degrees Fahrenheit
until they are spoon tender which usually takes about three more hours. As
they were cooking I decided to make some mushrooms and bacon and it is pretty
straightforward. First slow cook some bacon then throw in some baby portobello
mushrooms. As the mushroom is soaking the fat from the bacon I season it with salt
and black pepper then I mixed it well and cooked it
slowly so the liquids would evaporate from the mushrooms. It is important to
make sure that you cooking it in low heat so that you get a beautiful
caramelization not only on the bacon but also on the mushroom. By that time my beef ribs were ready. Once I remove the ribs, I use the
remaining liquids to make a wonderful sauce. All you have to do is strain it
and reduce it under low heat. To finish off my beef ribs I paired it
with some beautiful steamed rice and plated it up check it out! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
slow-cooked short rib over here. What do you think Angel? You gave me a knife
after breaking it up with a spoon? That’s true. I got you a ninja knife. You said Angel here get a knife so you can cut it. I don’t think there’s no need for a knife is extremely tender everybody but at the same time I
know what they’re thinking, I know what they’re thinking. What are you guys thinking?
They’re think where’s the sauce where’s the sauce that we reduce and you
know supposed to put a nice sauce in the What happened to the sauce Angel? I have no idea. Angel what happened? This is what happened to the sauce everybody. Look, I needed to get my
shirt, and I could not find my shirt and then I was looking for my shirt going crazy and
when I came back you have charcoal instead of sauce. Angel, that thing… You see but that’s okay everybody
because this thing is so tender that I don’t think that the sauce would be
necessary, but it would be nice to have a little sauce. Make sure you don’t go get
your shirt before the sauce is done all right. Enough talking are you ready to try it? It could be a little bit your fault because you told me Angel go find your shirt hurry up put it on for the
video. And then you forgot. And then I went in and got my shirt. And then you
forgot about sauce completely. No I didn’t forget I just couldn’t find the
shirt. No. All right enough let’s go for it everybody. So this is these are
slow-cooked short ribs all right. Okay. Bring your plate over here. We got a
little bit of rice a little bit of short rib all right. I need more rice, I got
straight meat. Oh really oh look at this it’s like meat
jello oh look at that a little bit more meat for you and we’re gonna get you
some rice as well. Fall off the bone literally fall off the bone right what
about the mushroom? No that does not fall off the bone that’s fell off the bone it
already fell off. That’s true Would you like some mushroom? I’m okay
you know. No? No mushroom for you? I’m good Smells like the wine reduction it’s also
smells a little bit smoky from the smoke that I put. Oh it seems like it’s
gonna be a very nice bite. You ready Angel? No, having fun pretending to use the knife. Pretending to cut it? Is gonna just fall apart.
Cheers buddy! Cheers! Wow, wow Ha, ha, ha. I rest my case! I rest my case on this one everybody. Oh
my goodness this one… wow. That is soft. That is extremely tender my
goodness Wow With the mushroom You have to try the mushroom Angel.
Oh my goodness! the combination of it together everything even the rice to be
honest Angel there’s not even need for sauce it’s amazing as is. I think the
sauce will be too much richness because it is amazing. That’s what I was saying, like, you don’t really need the sauce so I’m just gonna burn it real quick. So I’m gonna make some charcoal out of this sauce. Well it happens you know things happens when you’re cooking it’s okay
it’s not a big deal. It tastes like the sauce is still a little bit there you
could still kind of taste the sauce like there is a little whiny taste on it,
obviously because you could do with it. Right. It’s soft as can be I can’t really
think of a way of making this any softer I mean he broke it with spoons like. Yeah
extremely tender there’s no other way of describing he literally tore it off with
some spoons. Yeah super smoky, extremely tender, fall-off-the-bone, all the fat
rendered tremendously and engaged inside of the meat, wow, it is incredible if you
never had slow-cooked short rib I took at another level by smoking it a little
bit smoked it it’s worth it. The wine reduction and everything together
infused into the meat it is amazing I recommend you also giving it a try to
the mushrooms and the combination all together even though my
nephew angel does not like mushroom but I recommend it it is really fantastic.
How about the bacon? There’s some bacon here. I had some. Bacon is good? Bacon is good. Anyway guys this is a lot of food and it’s not only for us for the whole family I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. If you do enjoy this video make sure you give it a
thumbs up, if you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos.
Remember if you’re interested in anything I use, everything is always in
the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys
on the next one take care everybody. And make sure not to use that sauce it’s
really bad you don’t it’s not it’s not worth it too soft. Well right now is charcoal. Ah? What do you mean. Bring the sauce. I definitely did that
on purpose. bring the sauce. I didn’t really want it
you know I was like is gonna be soft enough as it is. They want to see the charcoal sauce once again. Oh I don’t really wanna smell it! Let’s see Angel, bring it over here I gotta take a little bit of that
bacon. Let me see, show it to us. Oh my gosh smells so strong oh my god Angel.
That’s real charcoal right there. My goodness!
thanks for watching guys we’ll see on the next one. Uh I had to hold my breath! Things happen when you are cooking is totally normal.

100 thoughts on “Slow Cooked BEEF SHORT RIBS Perfection | Guga Foods

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  6. Angel must be SO unhealthy with his lack of any form of veg, basically meat only diet. The exception is the rice which thankfully is healthy.


  8. Love the way you try to say Worcestershire sauce! Have to say that my Portuguese is non existent and my Spanish is poor. So who am I to judge?

  9. I looked up how Worcester sauce is made and thats just nasty… you should never watch how things are made i suppose lol

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  12. Whenever I hear Guga say "Guga's Rub doesn't have enough salt"

    I just think to myself "why not just add more salt in to the spice rub?"


  14. Hey Guga,
    Big fan of your videos (as wel as the sous vide channel)
    Here's what i did (prior to watching this video). Important; i used the same cut, but pork, for this.
    I seasoned with salt&peper, let them get to room tempaerature. Seared them in a pan, added garlic same amount and way you did here. And some fresh ginger. After searing the second side , added a can of tomato concentrate(puree?) On the pan, to bake(so no raw flavour would go into the ribs).
    Then, al sides seared, added red wine. Half way to height of the ribs. Reduced by half on low heat (turning the ribs). Then added beef stock and a bay leaf. Reduced further till a thick sauce. Transferred into a pre heated over tray, added provincial herb mix, italian herb mix, covered it and put it in the over for an hour. 180°c.
    Took them out, padded dry, covered in honey and caramelized on the bbq.
    I DID do the sauce without burning it. I can not compare, i have yet to try the way in your video. But i DO recommend it very much.
    Grts from Belgium.

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