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Skipper takes the Barbie DreamCamper Back in Time | Barbie Story Box | Barbie

Skipper takes the Barbie DreamCamper Back in Time | Barbie Story Box | Barbie

(upbeat music) – [Girl] This is a
Barbie Production. – Hey Sarah, did you
order a homeworkanator? – Sure did, its gonna do
all my homework for me. – Sarah, the whole
point of homework is to learn stuff. – Or we could just time travel
to the beginning of summer, and not have to do
homework at all! – I’ll be Nikki! – Time to see what’s
in this story box! (upbeat music) – [Girl As Nikki] (Sighs) Why does summer have to end? – [Girl As Skipper]
Nikki, check it out, I found a video called
how to turn your camper into a time machine. – [Girl As Nikki] Wait, can
it take us back to summer, so we don’t have to
go to school tomorrow? – [Girl As Skipper] Of course! It’s a time machine. – [Girl As Nikki]
Genius! Let’s do it! (relaxing music) – [Girl Playing Barbie]
Should be good to go. – [Girl As Nikki]
Summer, here we come! – [Girl Playing Dog] Arf,
arf, woof, woof, arf, arf. (pop) – [Girl As Skipper]
That was random. – [Girl As Nikki] Are
you sure this will work? – [Girl As Skipper] Nope. – [Skipper And Nikki ] Ahh! – [Girl As Nikki]
Uh, is this summer? – [Girl As Skipper] It looks
like it could be summer. (dinosaur breathing) – [Skipper And Nikki ] Ahh! – [Girl As Nikki] We must
have gone too far back! – [Girl As Skipper] Way too far! (screaming) hang on! – [Dinosaur] Hmm? (light music) – [Girl As Skipper]
Excuse me princess, is this summer? – [Girl As Princess] We
don’t have summer here. Its cloudy year round, I’m princess of all clouds, and I have a petting zoo, wanna see? – [Girl As Nikki] Well
I do love petting zoos. (crickets chirp) – [Girl As Skipper] So
where are the animals? – [Girl As Princess]
I’m calling them over. (magical music) (giggles) – [Girl As Skipper]
Aw, your so cute! What’s that Strawberry Bear? You want to sing a song
for our guests, okay. (strawberry bear hums song) – [Girl As Nikki]
Wow, that was so good. – [Girl As Skipper] Yes,
thank you all for the show but we need to get
back to summer, bye! (action music) – [Girl As Skipper] What
if we never get home Nikki? – [Girl As Nikki] Lets
give it one more try. (panic music) – [Skipper And Nikki] Ahh! (monitor beeps) – [Girl As Barbie] Robot
Systems coming online. – [Girl As Robot]
Greetings Barbie, how can I help you. – [Nikki And Skipper] Ahhh! – [Girl As Barbie]
Hello Skipper and Nikki, I’ve been expecting you! – [Girl As Nikki] Excuse
me, what year is it. – [Girl As Barbie] 2030. – [Girl As Skipper] Oh
no! We went way to forward into the future. – [Girl As Barbie] Don’t worry,
your older selves told me you’d be visiting from the past. – [Girl As Nikki]
Can you help us? – [Girl As Robot] Affirmative. – [Girl As Barbie] First I
need to access the wiring. – [Girl As Skipper]
Oh! Its behind the T.V. Hang on, let me open it up. (doors open) (cheerful music) – [Girl As Barbie] So, why
did you build a time manchine in the first place? – [Girl As Skipper] We
were trying to get back to the first day of summer, because we’re tired
of doing homework. – [Girl As Barbie] Skipper,
school is how I got to be so good at making robots
and fixing time machines. – [Girl As Skipper] Really? – [Girl As Barbie] Good to go! – [Girl As Nikki] Thank
you woohoo! Yay! Thanks. – [Girl As Barbie]
Your welcome girls, see you in 12 years. – [Girl As Nikki]
Summer here we come! (upbeat music) Hello Summer! – [Puppy] Arf, arf,
woof, woof, arf, arf. – [Girl As Nikki] Wait a minute, Skipper this is exactly the
same time as when we left. – [Girl As Skipper]
Robot barbie was right. If we don’t go to school, we’ll never learn
how to do cool stuff like, build robots,
and make time machines that actually work. – [Girl As Nikki] Eh, true. – [Girl As Skipper]
Wanna pick out outfits for the first day
of school tomorrow? – [Girl As Nikki] Lets do it! (laughter) – So I’ll meet
you in the morning so we can walk to school. – Sure! Oh my gosh her hair is
a mess after that adventure. – Oh she defiantly
needs her crown fixed. (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Girl As Skipper] What
stories will you tell? – [Girl] This is a
Barbie Production. ♪ Hey, hey, hey, you
can be anything. ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, Barbies
they’ve never seen ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, adventure
yeah that’s our thing. ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, you
can be anything. ♪

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