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SKAG Ad Copy Hack ⚡ 60 Second AdWords Power up – Tips, Tricks & Mini-Tutorials

SKAG Ad Copy Hack ⚡ 60 Second AdWords Power up – Tips, Tricks & Mini-Tutorials

– [Ed] In this 60 second AdWords power up, I show you some ad copy
hacks for your SKAGs, which makes your life easier. (chiptunes music) Okay, before I jump into the 60 seconds, if you don’t know what a SKAG
is, a Single Keyword Ad Group, check the link on this video or below to another video where I
explain what a SKAG is. Anyway, put 60 seconds on the clock. So if you’re using SKAGs,
which is a good technique, you’re obviously gonna have hundreds or possibly thousands of ad groups with individual exact keywords in them. Therefore, managing this is a bit complex, so the best way around
it is to create ad copy or adverts, should I say, with DKI, so Dynamic Keyword Insertion. Essentially what that means is it pulls in the search query and adds it to the advert text automatically. Now, because you have
control over the keyword, then you can control what’s in the ad copy which means you can use DKI insert on every single advert or at least, related ads within your SKAGs, so that means you can create two ads, copy them across to hundreds of ad groups, and essentially save
yourself a lot of time. Speeds up ad testing,
speeds up ad creation, too. Simple, effective. I hope you enjoyed that
AdWords power up in 60 seconds. I’ve been Ed from AdEvolver. Please consider leaving a like, a comment, and do subscribe (“Time’s Up”
from Super Mario Brothers 2) if you found this useful. Until the next 60 seconds, I will see you. Have a good evening,
good night, and goodbye. Are you still here? (chiptunes music)

3 thoughts on “SKAG Ad Copy Hack ⚡ 60 Second AdWords Power up – Tips, Tricks & Mini-Tutorials

  1. Hey Ed! I am impressed by the value in your contents. You are keeping everything short and easy to understand for anyone. Thanks man!

    I have a quick question in regards to targeting location. When you have a product to sell through search ads to multiple countries, do you recommend targeting each country with single searchcampaign or multiple countries targeting via a common search ad campaign? Thanks in advance for your reply. 🙂

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