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Single Keyword Ad Groups – Google Ads Tips

Single Keyword Ad Groups – Google Ads Tips

Are you finding that your Google Ads campaigns
are not as effective as they used to be? Is it taking you longer than expected to optimize
your ads? Has your return on investment gone down?
Hello, my name is Uzair and in this video I’m going to show you why Single Keyword
Ad Groups, SKAGs for short, are no longer the best way to set up campaigns.
We live in a fast paced world with changes in our daily lives that are almost constant,
and Google Ads is no different. Google Ads is constantly evolving and so if
you are running Google Ads it’s critical that you keep up to date with all the changes
so that you don’t waste your budget. Now, Single Keyword Ad Groups, or SKAGS, has
been one of the main areas to focus on when setting up a Google Ads campaign.
This is because historically, Google Ads used to look for exact match types for searches
and keywords. The search results would only show ads that matched the exact search term.
For marketeers, this meant that you had to include every possible combination of keywords,
including common spelling or typing mistakes, to maximise the potential of an ad being seen.
This process also had its uses, as results could be measured and conversions tracked.
In late 2018, Google further enhanced their algorithm of reaching relevant audiences by
using behavioral targeting. This allows an ad campaign to reach a more precise audience
who are really looking for your offering. This is done by targeting their intent of
search, rather than exact keyword matches. In other words, keywords used in a search
query are matched to the users interest. If you are just relying on SKAGS, you are
going to be limited in the future success of your campaigns:
First of all, you will have multiple ad groups that are targeting the same search results,which
reduces the efficiency of your campaign. Secondly, you will get clashes amongst your
own ad groups, meaning that you will get reduced results at higher costs. And finally, you will ‘lose’ impressions
which of course leads to lost clicks, conversions and ultimately revenue. In the end, if you continue working only with
SKAGs, you will end up spending more time customizing, analyzing, and testing ads to
try and achieve your desired results, but those using behavioral targeting will have
a bigger competitive edge over your ads. Behavioral targeting is set to become the
biggest game-changer for Google Ads, and alongside machine learning, anyone setting up Google
Ads campaigns really needs to understand how this works if they are going to spend budgets
with the least amount of wastage. So, already you can see how the future is
heading towards a ‘keywords free’ strategy with search engines using a ‘matching the
intent’ algorithm, but what else should we be aware of?
Probably the most advanced of the next generation of changes is Voice Technology.
We are all already using voice technology in our everyday lives including Siri, Alexa
and other apps, which are basically using spoken words to search the web for whatever
you are looking for. With voice technology, it becomes much trickier to use exact match
keywords. Plus, international advertisers are now integrating
built-in translators to their ads, so that spoken words can be translated to the nearest
good match. Again this is another example where exact keyword matches do not quite work.
So, you can see that SKAGS are rapidly becoming a tool of the past and you really do need
to build your campaigns differently if you are going to use your budget wisely.
I hope you enjoyed this video. Comment below if you agree or disagree with my opinions.
That’s it for now, I’ll see you in the next video soon.

6 thoughts on “Single Keyword Ad Groups – Google Ads Tips

  1. Sir i am the one who saw each and every video of yours. When i started watching your videos i was not aware of google ads , but now i am working as a google ads expert with leading company in india.

    Thanks a lot for valuable information.

    I have one question also.

    I was trying to create a YouTube video ad on Punjabi song. But google is not approving it and saying “Unsupported Language”

    How i can resolve it

  2. Thanks for sharing all your knowldege. How can we as a company get to incorporate behavioral targeting tools into google adwords? Is that possible by segmentation on the google ads parameters? I personally do not like display advertising as I consider it to be just too intrusive and not necessarily well-targeted. I continually get displays which have nothing to do with my preferences or relevant search history. Thanks again.

  3. so nice for the latest information. kindly create one demo for Video campaign on Ad word have multiple Ad group. I have just got stuck in this campaign, so looking for your kind reply soon

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