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Simple Truth About Marketing

Simple Truth About Marketing

Hey guys, My name is Krishna. Thank you for
coming to this channel. This is going to be a channel where I am going to be teaching
some of the things that I’ve learned over the years that talk about marketing, productivity,
business. I really hope that some of the things that
I’m going to be talking about here are really going to help you in your business. The first thing I want to talk about today
is about a simple truth that I learned throughout the years regarding business. When you go online right nowadays whether
it is Facebook or whether it is YouTube, you are going to see people advertising the next
magic bullet to make you successful. It is either going to be Facebook Advertising
or they’re going to try to pitch YouTube Advertising or whatever else that comes up that is going
to be brand new whether it is Snapchat or Instagram or any of those things. The thing is with those magic bullets that
they are going to try to pitch you you are going to try it. It might work, it might not
even work but the thing is it is not going to work in the long term. The reason that is is because it is just one
technique, one tactic that you are putting in place and it’s not reliable. That is not
enough. Business is a complex entity and there’s a
lot more that you need to do in order to be successful. One thing you need to keep in mind right now
is like I said business is a complex entity and for you to really have a marketing that
works, that is successful, that brings customers day and night or really constantly you need
to have a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is different components
that you put in place different layers that are put in place for you to attract customers
and I’m going to be talking a little bit more about it in the next videos. But just keep that in mind that the next thing
that you see those people pitching you, it might work for a little while but it’s not
for long so you need to have in mind to put in place a real marketing strategy and I’m
going to be talking a little bit more about it in the next coming video. I am just signing out right now and we are
going to be talking again real soon.

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