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Simple Easy Way To Learn Facebook Ads & Marketing | RBM Excerpt

Simple Easy Way To Learn Facebook Ads & Marketing | RBM Excerpt

The same principles apply at different scales
and if you can apply those to your smaller campaigns you’re going to see astronomically
better results. Yeah exactly, definitely you’ll see some astronomical
improvements. If you learn if you just apply what you know
how the big guys operate and what’s also interesting I think to learn from the bigger guys it’s
like their mindset and also thinking like there is room [inaudible] for mystery. He calls that the scientific process behind
the Facebook, Facebook advertising or [inaudible] marketing and media buying in general. So like really the processes that they follow
and like how they build campaigns I think people when that only experience different
approaches and like different approaches to Facebook Ads. There are for example like them and many different
different ways how to structure campaign. You know some marketers are doing it one way
others are doing it to a totally different way. But you will really learn processes and like
systems how they are how those big agencies for example operate are those big marketers
operate how they structure their campaigns. How they work with the data like what patterns
they see in that data. That tells like nothing to do to other based
marketers who haven’t spent as much money at.So I think it’s this is really I think
really the most interesting thing like standing on the shoulders of giants [inaudible] says
very often. This is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish
with that with that Facebook conference. Getting those people who just live in front
of their PC in front of their computer optimizing campaigns all the day long. Gathering them in in one room forcing them
to really condensing all their knowledge to you an actionable grouping and giving it away
to people so they can implement it plus having the possibility the chance to really talk
with them and get to know them maybe exchange like business cards or maybe also any of these
conferences you will certainly not meet newbies you will meet people who are here you know
at a similar stage meeting a similar industry but maybe a little bit more advanced, a little
bit better so I think it’s a it’s really great networking opportunity because there’s really
nothing worse when you go to conference and you try to meet someone and you have the impression
that everybody is just trying to extract contacts and know how from you. So I think are the conversations that will
also take place before and after the speech is going to be like really really valuable
to the conference attendees.

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