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Simon Cowell PULLS a Girl From Her Band To Join NEW Girl Band | The X Factor UK 2017

Simon Cowell PULLS a Girl From Her Band To Join NEW Girl Band | The X Factor UK 2017

Girls, you’re the last ones Judges are ready to see you, let’s go! Next up Are a new girl band Who all received no’s At the earlier stages in the competition. Kelsey (I am so sorry) We’re gonna have to let you go… Skye Imogen Charlie And Lydia. God… When did this happen? crowed cheering ! Over to you. Hiiiii Ohh. Skyyy! Well, this is interesting Right, these five girls Were in Sharon’s category and all got rejected. Alright, how’s it gone? Amazing. Do you know what? Surprisingly, we got this song last night, we’ve kind of worked really well together Kind of had to get to know each other’s personalities, traits. Background vibes As you can tell, I have no chairs. What are you gonna sing? We’re gonna sing… Hey Mama by Nicki Manaj. Ok, let’s do it (background) yes! (music begins) Be my woman, girl, I’ll be your man. Yes I’ll be your woman, yes I’ll be your baby. Yes I’ll be whatever when you tell me that you’re ready. I’ll provide it, you will never have it Girls, I am so excited to see you back. Listen, you’ve all got great voices Thank you. You guys will be a force. I love the determination. The tenacity, your energy. I see something there and I’d definitely give you girls a chance. Thank you. Just think what we did with 24 hours. With your help, with more time… Look, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. There is somebody who I let go Who I think, actually, should be in this room. He wants to take the girls from the other group and put them here. It’s a girl called Ash. I’d just like to bring Ash up on the stage for a minute. Where is she? Travelling with Ash to the stage now. Just wants to see you on stage for a minute. Ash, do you know this song? Err, not really. Can you just teach her the opening lines? You start and then the others will join in. You know what, Ash, first of all, I didn’t even ask you whether you’d actually like to do this. Oh my god. This is your chance, you don’t get given this chance everyday. Obviously, this is my dream and I do want this. Ohh. Think of yourself as a girl. I think your friends would want to give this to you. (Yeah.) I think your voice would be perfect with these girls. This is an opportunity for you. Do it. Do it. Be selfish. Ash, what do you think? Yeah. I’m actually going to give you guys a chair. No what do I do? This is what’s gonna happen. You are gonna take a seat, and we’re gonna have a sing-off between Number One and Number Four. How stupid! No!

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