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SICK Facebook Ads Results And Techniques (Copy For Your Campaigns)

SICK Facebook Ads Results And Techniques (Copy For Your Campaigns)

alright guys what’s up welcome welcome
to another video welcome to this this livestream how are you guys doing I hope
you guys doing alright I hope you guys are doing well and I hope you had a
really really good holiday season and and you made a lot of money right with
the cells and the Black Friday and stuff and that you had a lot of fun with your
family too that’s important that’s really really important so I hope you
guys are great I have like a million tabs open right now because we’re going
live on YouTube now we go on live on Facebook I think as well and on
periscope and I even have a sign somewhere on Times Square I think it is
with my face right now so hey Times Square people yeah because I’m outside
of building I’m just kidding with you guys this is a one-on-one conversation
with you and you know I’m really happy to be here I have a couple of
announcements as usual I’m gonna share with you guys some really really cool
stuff that we had that we had during the the Black Friday holiday season that you
know we come up with some of the clients that I’m working with and some of my own
campaigns and I’m gonna be sharing with you guys how we pretty much killed it
okay because we spent around 3:30 grand or nights and we made around a quarter
of a million dollars back in sales and I’m gonna exactly show you how to do
that today ain’t I cool so welcome Facebook people welcome
YouTube people if you’re watching this on the youtubes go ahead and leave me a
comment over there if you’re watching this on
the Facebook’s on the Facebook group I don’t know wherever you’re watching
this there’s a million different ways that you can watch this so go ahead and
leave me a comment and yeah I think that we should be we should be good to go let
me double check though that we are good to go because sometimes you know I don’t
know what’s going on with with YouTube with Facebook right now that it’s not
coming out but anyways doesn’t matter okay because we’re going out on YouTube
and that’s all I’m gonna actually let me let me double check let me double check
yeah for some reason it’s not connecting let me see if this works give me just
one second guys because this is of course this is slide right and when it’s
live it’s live and you know what happens I don’t know
sometimes it’s just like it’s just it is what it is so let’s see if it will
connect now I don’t know for some reason I cannot make it connect on Facebook
let’s see okay so we should be live now hey Facebook people can you guys see me
all right can you guys see me all right we should be going oh yeah we good we
good yeah we’re good all right so welcome Facebook people sorry about that
we had a little bleach and yeah let me discard this oh okay so we’re good we’re
good thank you for your patience and we’re gonna dive in right into the
content again for the Facebook folks that are joining right now leave me
leave me a comment if you’re watching these on the Facebook’s if you’re
watching this on the youtubes go ahead leave me a comment I really really
appreciate you guys coming here and again I’m gonna be sharing with you a
little bit of what happened during Black Friday which was pretty damn amazing
okay so now we got okay now we should be good all right so let me close this so
they don’t get distracted because again there’s a million different things going
on so a couple of announcements before we dive into it I’m doing a live webinar
these Thursday like in two days and people are loving this webinar I’m
tweaking it every week to actually increase the the value of the content
that there is sometimes were just that good
okay so go ahead register now there’s gonna be a link somewhere around here
probably above probably below probably by the side or that side I don’t know
right because I don’t know where you’re watching this but with that said go
ahead register or you can go to our Manny Vasquez comm slash webinar you can
go in join me there it’s gonna be live okay I’m gonna be answering Q&A at the
end it’s gonna be amazing and people are loving it okay people are literally
loving that webinar because there’s a lot of information now another thing
that I really want to thank you guys about is to getting this book a lot of
you guys got a copy of this book and you gay and you guys have given me amazing
feedback so I really appreciate that now for all of you guys that didn’t purchase
this book don’t purchase yet because I’m going to
tell you how you can get free that’s one of the announcements
that I have to make I’m gonna tell you a little bit of above that in a minute so
you’re gonna be able to get this book for free now here’s the thing I pool and
I survey many of you guys during the past two weeks you know and I will keep
on doing it because I want to know what’s exactly it’s on your mind and I
want to know what how can I help you better how can I serve you better how my
stuff can serve you better let me get the mic a little bit closer so there we go
so I want to know how can I help you better and how can I serve you better I
how how can I give it to you for free right so I’ve been serving you and I’ve
been you know doing a lot of service and talking to a lot of people over the past
couple of weeks and I found that there’s this recurring issue with Facebook Ads
you guys want to know the latest trends some Facebook Ads what’s working we’re
gonna dive into that in a minute but I had a really really in-depth course
which I think you’re gonna law which is called a Facebook magic bullet system
you will allow you to go ahead and set up your first Facebook funnel and by
faith Facebook funnel I mean I show you how to set up your first Facebook Ads
campaign and I’ll show you how to actually send content and start growing
your list right off the bat so you set up the campaigns right off the bat the
good way and I’m showing you on that course it’s an over-the-shoulder
step-by-step course that will allow you again to set up your first Facebook
funnel so if you’re if you’re a complete newbie or if you’re a beginner or if
you’re really already making Facebook ads and you want to make them work even
better I’m having a special sale because of the all of the stuff that you guys
have been telling me that you want to have more information about Facebook ads
I’m having a special sale up until Sunday
so today’s Tuesday if you’re watching the replay I’m recording this on a
Tuesday and you should be on my lives by the way but if you’re not able to do it
you have time until Sunday this Sunday midnight EST to get a 60% discount on
the Facebook magic bullet system alright so if you go to our nan Vasquez com /
promo you can get access to course it’s an amazing course one of my
best courses to date and if you join during this promo which is like two
three day or five days rather long I’m also gonna send you a copy of this book
for free I’m gonna send you the digital copy I’m working on the physical copies
fine I’m gonna send you a digital copy so all you need to do is to go ahead
grab your copy and get access to the Facebook magic bullet system during the
next today or do in the next two three days and I’ll send you a copy of this
okay you just drop me a message or just drop me an email to support a tour named
Vasquez calm and I’ll make sure that you get a copy for free okay and I’m also
going to try to set up so that you can download the copy for a limited time
alright so the copy is not included but I’m giving to you I’m giving it to you
for free alright guys so with that said let’s jump right into the good stuff
shall we so here we are on my page and I want to show you some ass and want to
show you a little bit of what’s going on behind the scenes and my campaigns and
what’s working but first let me show you guys some of the results that I’ve been
having and as you can see these are like these are November results okay for for
some for some of the for some of the the clients that I work with okay so this is
this is November results right here you can see that this is not like two years
old this is not from last year this is actual stuff that’s happening right now
okay and I want you to understand this because a lot of people will come and
tell me you know Facebook guys are getting more expensive and Facebook guys
are getting worse and I don’t get those well here’s the thing if you do what I’m
gonna show you right now I’m gonna show to you for free you can get these kind
of results now here’s the thing it took us a long time to figure this out okay
you’re getting it for free but it does take work just a heads up okay it’s not
like throwing some very pixie dust marketing dust lured marketing shit
whatever and you get these kind of results but we got their results here in
November as you can see down there down down below like a
almost at the bottom of the of the screen you can see that we spent 12,000
sync $697 with 79 cents and we made 180 200 thousand with 17 dollars in cell in
cells okay so we pretty much 10x our our or advertising cost and as you can see
there are some campaigns that were you know we spent like 2 grand we made 107
back we spent nine hundred sixty one dollars we made four thousand back and
these are fresh of the oven results okay I’m not even joking I’m not even showing
you like 1-year old campaigns this is stuff that happened five days ago and
I’m gonna share with you guys how to do this for free so hope you guys are
excited because this is exactly what I want to show you so what we have been
doing – in order to prepare for this campaign it’s really important and it’s
really important that you understand what happened before the campaign and
during the campaign of course and after the campaign all right so I’m gonna
share with you guys what exactly with it to get these kind of results so if
you’re already if you are committed if you’re into this go ahead and give me a
one wherever you’re watching this go ahead put it on the Facebook group or
put it on the YouTube channel wherever you’re watching this put me on one so
that I can check it out in a minute alright so let’s go into the good ol
lucidchart what I usually do this so let’s go into the let me move this over
there so we’re good we’re good alright pretty cool so we’re on the good
old Lucy chart right here and what I want to share with you guys is how we
made this happen how you can replicate these kind of results so during the the
past two months meaning we made these a sell in November
so it would be it was September and for September and October okay so over the
past two months our sole purpose of these two months was to collect leads
all right so also our sole purpose sorry from these two months was to collect Lee
how do we do that well really simple we made a really simple funnel or a couple
of funnels so it was an opt-in page remember guys that we talked a little
bit about the ATP’s the 80% marketing funnel okay the funnel I can bring you
80% of the results that’s the kind of fun that we’re developing here and if
you’re not certain to share about that 80% marketing funnel come join my
webinar on Thursday because we’re gonna talk a lot a lot about these 80% funnel
so we had an opt-in day we then we had Thank You page and then immediately we
had sorry then immediately we had a offer okay so we send people into this
opt-in page via facebook ads for the most part so then after that we present
them with an opportunity where we say thank you okay so we offer we offer some
free stuff and then after the Thank You page they have a button to check enough
right now what this offer did was to try to offset the costs of this advertising
right here during October and during September so what we did with this offer
was not to make money because we were building these lists up until November
right because we knew that we’re gonna hit them on that we were going to hit
them hard during November so we built this and we we offer them a product that
was really like let’s say that we were offering a free pdf or a free book then
the Thank You page would say hey do you wanna accelerate your results click here
and then this would be the offer which would be the video course for example or
the audiobook now the offer again would try to offset the cost of these – all
right so October and September were the months that we were collecting a shit
ton of leads a lot of leads all right guys so I want you to have that in mind
because this is not like magic we’ve been working hard for the past three
months now what once you get these leads what you want to do is to start sending
them emails right so you can send them emails warming them up for what’s coming
so you can warn them up for what’s coming meaning you can warm them up via
emails and via guess what yeah whoops apps okay so you can pretty much let me
get rid of this I’m OCD like this all right so you can pretty much warm them
up once you have them on your list with ads and emails okay you will send an
email a week saying hey follow us on our other social media networks hey join
this Facebook group hey don’t forget that we will have our best sell of the
year etc etc etc etc and these works also if you’re doing a Black Friday of
course but this will also work for every major holiday in the in the world pretty
much so if you’re doing like four of July it sells you can do this if you’re
doing a Christmas sell it’s gonna be kind of tight because today is December
the fifth but you can still pull it off so what you want to do is to focus on
this and focus on these software to offset the cost of these leads pretty
much because you’re getting ready to hit them in the head with your marketing on
Black Friday right or of the of the upcoming weeks this also works if you
are launching a new course so you want to generate as many leads as possible
and you want to sell them something for two main reasons
number one to offset the cost but number two to turn these free leads into buyers
because these guys right here will be able to purchase something higher ticket
okay so higher ticket most of them will not purchase but those who do help you
upsetting the the ad cards but it will also help you you can also sell them a
higher ticket right so this was stage one this was like stage one of the
campaign that one day so let me put it here so that I can stage one of campaign
so let me put it here and then I’m gonna upload this to the Facebook group all
right so if you’re not on the Facebook group go ahead and join after we’re done
because this is gonna be pretty cool all right so stage one of campaign I’m
gonna save it I’m gonna download it so that you guys can have it so this is
gonna be stage one now once we do now once we have a lot of leads and we
generated like I don’t know something like I don’t have the numbers right here
guys but we generated around 15,000 leads over two months which is whatever
it’s not a lot it’s not little but it is what it is right so we generated
probably between 15,000 to 20,000 leads in two months so now with that said what
you want to do is once you launch the campaign is to do mainly two things
number one yes hold on let me go back because I don’t want to delete
everything I want to say Stage two of campaign and this is where you make your
money back so what you want to do is once you have that is to go ahead and to
start serving ads to these leads right so you you you serve ads to these leads
and how do you do it well basically now that you have a biggest list you want to
upload this list to Facebook and to create a custom audience all right so
you have a custom audience and you will serve the Matt saying hey the sale is
here coming by right come and purchase and not only
that you also want to send of course emails okay so you want to send emails
and you want to send ads to these custom monies that you just created why do we
do this because during Black Friday reaching cold traffic meaning people
that haven’t heard about you haven’t you know they haven’t gone through your
stuff it’s really really hard or really expensive because everyone is bidding
that’s why you want to be strategic and you want to start building your list
before that hits whatever your market is okay so you want to do that and then you
have your custom audience you’re gonna serve the mats and you’re gonna serve
the Mimas now what made the impact you saw that I should show you guys that we
spent I don’t know two grand on one campaign were made at $110,000 back on
the other campaign on that same campaign right we had like a twenty to one ratio
how do we do that well basically what you want to do is that let’s say that
you have your custom artis which would be the leads that you you know that you
gathered okay so you have your leads that you gather you upload to Facebook
you create a custom audience and then from the ads they’re going to go to the
sales page right and then probably they’re going to go to the order page
pretty straightforward right now from the emails again you send them to the
sales page or you send them to whoops you send them to the order page pretty
straightforward right this is what you’re trying to do so this is where you
make a money and then you have the Thank You page all right now what happens is
that ninety five percent of people that visit these two pages ninety five
percent of people that visit these two pictures right here they will not buy
okay and that’s completely fine that’s completely normal so what you want to do
is to create ads specific to these guys right here so you want to create ad
specific to these guys right here on this case if it was more more like this
you know we’re sending people that visit the page and the order page but then in
purchase we will serve them an ad now this is critical guidance this is where
the money’s at this is where your money is let me put it on green because this
is where your money’s right here on the abandoned cart pages because here’s what
happened okay if you think about it if we backtrack a little bit people were
you know they’ve been on your list for two months they read or didn’t consume
your content doesn’t really matter being on your list so they’ve been on your
list for one or two months now they see an ad because you’re they’re hanging out
on Facebook and they get an email they click on it and they go to the sales
page so maybe you’re on the order page and they don’t part they don’t purchase
these people right here that visit these patients are highly engaged with what
you have to do or what you have to say so this is where the money said I’m
gonna share with you how to create this right now okay
so go ahead and put a 1 whenever you’re watching this if this is something that
you want to do that you think you’re gonna yeah you can use to your brand now
here’s the thing guys it doesn’t matter you don’t have to do this like the way
I’m saying it with stage 1 and stage 2 what you want to do though is this it
doesn’t matter if you have an e-commerce or if you have an info product business
you want to set this up you want to serve ads to those guys that haven’t
purchased your stuff because again it’s it’s your lowest hanging fruit so if
that’s something that you want to do put a 1 in the chat box okay and then for
example you can do some other stuff like for example if they if they abandon the
order page you can send them an email but that’s a little bit more advanced ok
so if they abandoned here you can send them an email that’s a little bit more
advanced so you can send them an email for example okay so let me put it here
so if they don’t purchase at this stage you can send them an email all right but
this is a little bit more advanced and we can dive into it and in other live
streams I definitely go into this in my mastermind but just so you know you can
still do this okay and this is one of the my best converting email campaigns
because again this is your lowest hanging fruit alright guys so let’s
figure this out let’s see how you can go ahead and make this happen for your
brand so I want to show you two main ads for my book funnel so this is the ad for
my book funnel okay and some of you guys are asking where to get the the Facebook
magic bullet system let me put it here look at that fancy little thing you go
to our novice guest calm for / promo and you can get the Facebook magic bullet
system for 67 percent off and I will even send you
my book is a gift so Hernan Vasquez comm / promo you can get it and you get
access to all of these advanced techniques on how to set up your
Facebook funnel okay so let me go back here and this is my Facebook ad copy
okay and this is highly influenced by my Frank are my mentor Frank R which is you
know an amazing guy and really look up to him but basically what you what you
do is to go here you click on it you go to the book page okay and again don’t
buy it get the Facebook magic bullet system and
I send it for free so as you can see this is the long-form copy and you click
on this boom and it’s it shows you the order page right so this is the order
page you go ahead you put your stuff you go to step two boom boom boom you can
get your stuff but guess what some people will visit this page but
they will show us click and exit they will now complete the purchase it
doesn’t mean that they don’t like you it’s just mean that they’re distracted
so what happened is at that point I show them this right here boom so I show them
this ad right here so as you can see it’s pretty similar if you think about
it it’s pretty similar the only thing that changes is this little thing right
here and I also got this from front current so thank you Frank for this so
as you can see the copy is hey I noticed you visit my book sales page but you
didn’t end up getting your copy maybe you’re the doorbell rang on your
phone thing maybe the door you know whatever it’s it’s poorly poorly copy I
need to fix that I just realized but no worries I understand life can be hectic
sometimes the good news is that I got your back you can still get a copy of my
book how to get more clients ba ba ba and guess what boom I send them back to
the or report to the order form right here alright so this is something that
you want to have in mind now how do you set this up well pretty simple let’s go
to the good ol ad campaign I’m going to show you
how to do that so you go here go to all tools and here you want to go to
audiences and you want to create two custom audiences all right you want to
create an audience for people that visit the order page or the sales page and you
want to create an audience what we see that for people that visit the Thank You
page Priester for right so how do you do that you go to create audience you go to
custom audience and here on the custom audience you go to website traffic and
on this case you want to put instead of all website visitors you want to do
people who visit specific web pages in the last 30 days on this example and
here you would put your your order form or your sales page URL so it’s gonna be
sales so domain.com / sales page okay sales page and the main comm slash or a
page boom alright so this is gonna target everyone that visits these two
pages and here’s gonna be something like abandon checkout you’re gonna name it
something that you will remember because we’re gonna use this audience in a
minute so you do that you go ahead you create the abundant checkout now let me
go back and I’m not gonna do because I already have one for that book now we go
to website traffic and here you do the same now you need to create these
campaign these customer needs right here right so you want to go there and you go
to people who visit specific web pages and here you want to do domain.com for
slash thank you boom and that’s gonna be purchasers right so you create this and
what face was gonna do Facebook is going to do sorry is to add people to these
custom audience of people that go ahead that went ahead and and use the the
domain right here and visit this page alright so let me go back for a little
bit boom go back and how do you actually target this well
let me show you so you go to top retargeting and you create an ad set on
your campaign you create a campaign and here on the custom audience what you
gonna do is you get rid of this so you’re gonna be targeting people that
visit at the checkout page remember that we just created that you see how I have
it here so boot checkout page visitors I have it boom and you want to exclude the
Thank You page okay or buyer so whatever name you put it right and here you go
you’re gonna be go you’re gonna be aiming or targeting these guys but
leaving out these guys alright guys so this is pretty straightforward this is
pretty simple you go ahead you set up your custom audiences you target one and
you exclude the next one you exclude the other
and then the copy of that ad should be something like hey or did you go blah
blah blah blah blah blah and the solder is to it so let me recap let me go back
so let me recap real quick number one you need to prepare collecting leads as
many leads as possible number two you want to set up these campaigns and it
doesn’t matter if you’re launching something or you don’t launch something
it doesn’t really matter what you want to do is just target those above those
abandoned cards because that’s worth money alright guys so I hope this helps
and let me see if I have any questions over here I don’t know if I have any
questions if I I don’t know if I can see them actually I don’t know how I can see
them but okay so yeah I have some questions over here so let me see if I
can if I can get them alright so Muhammad what’s up buddy how are you how
and which ads to be served to them I should tell you you go ahead you create
those those ads campaign those custom audiences and then you create a campaign
it can be a conversion campaign for example and you create that campaign and
you target those specific audiences alright you target those audiences one
is gonna be the abandoned checkout and then you
exclude the Thank You page another thing that you can do is to upload the list of
buyers and create a custom audience from that and you also exclude them from the
you also to collude them from the app alright so I hope that helps Mohammed
let me see if I if we have anyone on we see we have anyone on the youtubes which
I don’t know honestly there are so many tabs open so sorry about I’m sorry about
that guys if I’m if I’m missing anything but it is what it is baby I’m working on
getting this getting this a little bit better though so sorry about that
so yeah oh whoa we have a bunch Eric what’s up brother how are you yeah
YouTube is good Sammy was asking what software you using to create those
charts ruined on the screen yeah Eric answer is lucidchart
it’s an amazing app it’s free until you get a little bit complicated on the the
chart but it’s pretty straightforward okay
it’s lucid chart it’s completely free it’s called lucid chart calm all right
so I think we should be good guys so I don’t see any more questions I’m gonna
leave it like I don’t know two three more minutes and then we’re gonna wrap
it up let’s see we’re yeah we’re live here too that’s pretty cool so yeah I’m
gonna wrap it up and again if you want to get the Facebook magic bullet system
I’m gonna be running at specific this come because again lots and lots of you
guys have been asking for Facebook formation and Facebook ads courses that
doesn’t suck which is pretty cool and really appreciate you guys taking the
time to answer the survey and you can get it for 67 off if you go to or
Nebraska’s comm / promo it’s gonna be up until Sunday but don’t delay if you
wanna and I’m also gonna send you a copy of this book completely for free okay
it’s gonna be for you just as a way of saying thank you for joining me doing
this promotion alright so let’s see if I have everything yeah I think I got
everything covered pretty cool right so pretty cool okay guys thank you
again for watching I hope you go ahead swipe and deploy again I’m having a live
webinar on Thursday I hope you guys be there because it’s gonna be pretty cool
and if you want more stuff like this just go ahead comment and you can come
and join the Facebook group which is completely free there’s gonna be a link
somewhere around here it’s our nambas cast comm slash Facebook you can come
hang out it’s completely free it’s gonna be pretty damn cool and again go ahead
and grab your Facebook magical the system now that it’s with a big discount
alright guys so I think it was a gift for watching and I hope to see you guys
on the next livestream next week bye bye

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