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Should You Be Using FaceBook or YouTube Ads? (EP 9.1)

Should You Be Using FaceBook or YouTube Ads? (EP 9.1)

– OK, so in this video
we’re gonna talk about why YouTube ads, are actually or can be more superior than Facebook ads. Again we’re here with John Crestani, master marketer, performance
marketer, affiliate marketer. (upbeat music) So John, I mean, we
were talking about this a little earlier: why are some people going to YouTube, instead of Facebook ads? Everyone talks about
Facebook ads all the time. – Dude, if you guys are
considering Facebook ads, well, YouTube ads are
just the place to be. I’ll name a couple reasons. One, the trustability factor, that you get from being on video in front of people, showing your product, or your service, or your
company, or yourself, it just goes through the roof. You know, I even found
that people who are buyers from Facebook versus YouTube, they’re just much more stoked. They’re much more excited about
your product and everything, if they engage with you on YouTube. And I just, I feel it’s
such a better chance. You know, I’m a personal,
I do a lot of online coaching and teaching and the
ability for me to transfer my personality, my, you know, whatever, it goes a lot farther on YouTube. Also, it’s way cheaper. So, we’re seeing, we’re seeing about for a good conversion on our website, you know not the lead ads on Facebook, we’re seeing, like, $8 on
Facebook, versus $3 on YouTube. – This is for an email, for example. – This is, yeah yeah,
this is to an opt-in. Yeah, for an email, name and email. Facebook is a little crazy, in terms of, I think they just change
things up every single week. – Do you think it’s also
because the news feed, there’s so much limited inventory, that your competing with
the regular other ads too? – It’s expensive, and it’s saturated too. I think Facebook is so saturated, it doesn’t really matter
what product you’re selling. There’s 50 other people
selling a similar product and I think just people are getting more you know, more blindness to it. And you know, if you try
to be too click-baity, or if you try to be too,
if you try to pump people up about your product too much, Facebook doesn’t like you pumping people up about your product. So, Facebook doesn’t allow you to be as much of a marketer as
I feel like is our job, so they really have, and they’re just changing their policies every week. It’s just, I find YouTube
to be far superior in reaching people, and I love it, so. – Final question to this, I
mean when you’re running ads for YouTube, are you spending like, we’ve had Ezra Firestone
on the podcast before. He spends 80% on branding
and 20% on conversion. Are you spending most
of your budget towards conversion or, what are you doing? – Oh, that’s a great question. This is something I’ve actually
learned about very recently and this is something
if you are not doing, highly suggest you start doing. First off, all of my budget
is pure direct response. Okay, pure direct response. Right now, what I just started
doing actually last week, is spend some budget on remarketing to your current audience. You want your current audience, you know in my case I
have 60,000 subscribers. Generally speaking, as a YouTuber, your retention videos, your average video, your community videos,
your retention videos, are gonna reach I don’t know, 10% of your audience, you know, 5% to 10%. Remarket those to everyone. You want to keep your subscribers engaged as much as possible, because your subscribers will
buy anything you put out. Keep them engaged. So, I’d set aside a little
bit of the budget to remarket. – With the same video? – To remarket your retention videos, or whatever you’re doing. It doesn’t need to be your ad. I have an that’s built to
move people through my funnel. But, I’m also starting to
spend, lets say 20% of my budget on remarketing just my vlogs,
or just my daily stuff. – Got it, OK, just new stuff
you’re putting out too. – Exactly. – Got it. – And its really cheap. I mean, you’re thinking,
you’re talking like, one, two cents a view, it’s cheap as heck. – Really cheap. – And that keeps your engagement high, and your subscribers are
gonna get your watch time up. They’re going to watch
your current videos. And it’s just gonna really
help grow your channel. That helps channel growth. That helps the algorithm
and all that stuff. – Fantastic, well if
you enjoyed this video, make sure you leave a comment. Let us know what you’re
actually gonna do about this, what actions your gonna take. Make sure you hit
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Crestani’s channel as well. Catch you in the next video.

5 thoughts on “Should You Be Using FaceBook or YouTube Ads? (EP 9.1)

  1. Could we use our SEO company name as our own name or how did you came up with a name? (Name is impossible bcoz people should be able to remember that!)

  2. That's awesome — makes perfect sense to market to your own audience, otherwise they will get siphoned off into someone else's world.

  3. An insight we don't get otherwise- thanks. I find it hard but not impossible to get coverage at decent rates on facebook for my clients but will certainly look more to youtube. Also the visual is much bigger on youtube.

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