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Should I invest in Content or Advertising? | Truly Social with Tara

Should I invest in Content or Advertising? | Truly Social with Tara

– Several times over the
past couple of months, I’ve encountered
conversations with current and potential clients where
they bring up a false dichotomy. I keep hearing things like,
we don’t have the budget to spend on content, it’s all
ear-marked for Facebook ads, or I’m trying to figure out
whether we should spend our marketing budget on content or
advertising, to which I reply – Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis? – You’re spending your entire
budget on Facebook ads? What’s in those ads and,
what are the results? The worst part is that
the answer to my question about results ranges from
well, not really sure yet to enormous cost per acquisition. Digging deeper I find out
that at some point they were also this bill of goods from
an ad agency that said they would get x amount results from
y amount of spend, and that they wouldn’t need to pay for
strategy or content at all. – I’m sorry what? – So I’m here to tell
you that you’ve been sold a false dichotomy, spending
y amount won’t result in x results automatically, paid
and content with a strategy can actually help you spend
less of y to achieve more of x. – Put um together and what do
you got, Biddidi-Bobbidi-Boo x plus y equals y. – Let me tell you how, my name is Tara and this is Truly Social. (upbeat music) – I think that the best way
to explain this is to present a case study where names
and a few other details have been changed in order
to protect the anonymity of a client but I reassure
you that the data is real. – I believe you too, see the
quotations I’m making with my claw hand, it means
I don’t believe you. – As per my opening, I had a
conversation with this client where they told me that they
were spending pretty much all of their social media
budget on Facebook ads it was a pretty healthy budget too for
their market size, they were spending around $75,000 per
month on Facebook ads alone. The “content” of these
ads, a video that they had professionally produced,
now it was a lovely video and had a great clear
message but that was it. One video with five different
messages introducing it. So at first they got lots
of click-throughs and Facebook even recorded a
pretty decent number of “conversions” which was
equivalent to someone filling in a form for more information
on their website. – More preaching to the converted. – Their cost per conversion
was around $400 which may sound high but I calculate
that their customer lifetime value is around $50,000 so
it’s actually pretty good. The question though that I had was, are those qualified leads,
are the people that filled out the form actually
gonna become customers? Now deeper investigations
into the results show that the answer to that question was no. – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! – There were three qualified
leads as a result of three months of running
this campaign which made the actual cost of acquisition
$75,000 per person. – Yikes. – Meanwhile, less expensive
tactics, traditional ones like one to one and sales teams
and going to conferences well they were bringing in fewer
leads but more qualified leads. Now meanwhile, this ad agency
they hired was reporting amazing results and not
really taking responsibility for the fact that their
leads well they weren’t qualified or actually converting. They actually said we did
our job, we can drive a horse to water but we can’t make them drink. – I could drink. – That’s horse *beep*,
this is where a strategy and better content come into play. Nobody even asked if Facebook
was the right platform. – Spoiler alert, they do not add up. – So, we researched the
audience, created a content strategy that was
relevant to that audience, found the right platforms
and the right means to pay, which actually included search. Then we made sure we
worked with our clients to track in-ad metrics so we could hone and tweet the mix until we got it right. At the end of the day, they
took $15,000 of that $75,000 spend and put it into strategy
content and active listening which created better results
for a smaller paid budget. – Wow, it’s much better
than finding a nickel. – In another case, we
were working independently from an ad agency where we
worked on a content strategy where we boosted each post
for about $200 across multiple platforms to increase
the reach of those posts. And they created a pure ad
strategy, so there wasn’t the dichotomy there but we
weren’t exactly working together. – I need to stop being a frenemy. – However, an analysis
about four months into our publishing strategy,
showed that our content was converting 70 percent better than the ads. So our content which
was just meant to create relationships and trust and grow brand was actually driving more
leads in the ads itself. – Have a gold star. – So the point of all of
this is that, you should not be asking whether you should
be spending your money on content or advertising,
instead you should be asking how they can work really
effectively together. – So instead we should settle
our differences and live together in harmony for
the rest of our days. – With the right content
targeted at the right audience and the right platforms mixed
with the smart ads strategy that goes way beyond
Facebook, seriously what is it about Facebook that makes
everybody froth at the mouth at this moment, there is more to
the internet than Facebook. – Who would deliberately use Facebook in such a horribly reckless way? – It is a false dichotomy
to pit content against advertising, any one of
these without the other will result in an inefficient
spend of your money. Without great content, your
ads will cost you way more than they should, without
ads, your content may not find its way in front
of the right audience. But together they make the other great. – Working together in harmony. – So you think you can’t afford
content, well think again, I can almost guarantee you that
the combination of the two, content and ads will cost you
no more than just advertising on its own and well, most likely less. My name is Tara and this
has been Truly Social. (upbeat music)

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  1. Exuesme i have a question,Is publishing content that is not proprietary but owned by another company illegal, affecting profit, or reviewing the channel even if it does not receive copyright?

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