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Should I Advertise My Business (How To Get Anyone’s Attention)

Should I Advertise My Business (How To Get Anyone’s Attention)

– When it comes to getting
noticed, being heard, and getting someone’s attention, you’ve got a number of different
marketing tools available. But in regards to speed,
control, and efficiency, nothing even comes close to advertising. Which is why in this video, we’re talking about how
to get anyone’s attention and the five best reasons to use advertising in your business. Let’s get to it. (rock music) Hey there, my name is Adam Erhart, Modern Marketing Strategist, and welcome to the Modern Marketing Show, where we help you make
marketing that matters. If you’re interested in
learning about the latest and greatest marketing
strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics, well, you may
wanna consider subscribing. All right, let’s talk advertising. Now, there’s no denying that
advertising is everywhere, and according to the statistics,
we’re now subjected to, on average, around 5,000 ads
each and every single day. That’s a lot of ads. Should your business really
add to the noise, the mess, and the confusion? Well, I happen to think so,
which is why in this video, I’m gonna give you my five best reasons why I think advertising is
a phenomenally valuable tool for helping you to grow your business, your impact, and your reach. Also, keep in mind that the tips that we’re gonna cover here, they apply equally well to offline and to online advertising. It’s all pretty much the same in regards to promoting your message and getting in front
of your target market. Only things that are gonna vary are the tactics and the
exact tools and resources that you’re gonna use later
once you’ve determined whether this is a viable strategy
for your business or not. All right, so, we’re
starting off with number one, which is probably one of
the most important elements of advertising and what
makes it such a viable tool is the fact that is gives
you such incredible control over your message, over the delivery, and over who you’re showing it to. You see, when it comes to
word of mouth marketing and referrals, which are
phenomenally valuable tools, well, you don’t really have direct control over just how many people are gonna be referring your business, which means if you want some new business, it’s really hard to go out there and push other people to
start referring you more. Sure, there’s tools you can use, but you don’t have direct control over it. The same can be said for SEO,
or search engine optimization. Again, you’ve got influence over how your website’s going to appear in the search rankings, but you don’t own Google,
and so, therefore, you can’t go out there and
directly boost your page up the rankings. The same is also true
about social media content and trying to create
something that goes viral. Again, you can influence this by making sure you’re
following best practices, you’re creating educational, informative, and fun content in general,
but whether it hits or misses, well, that’s entirely up to the market. With advertising, on the other hand, you have complete control, which means you can control the message, you can control the targeting, you can control the media on which you’re going to place your ads. You can control pretty much everything, and probably most importantly of all, if things are working really well, well, you can scale it up. More on that in just a second. But if things aren’t working
well, you can pull the plug, and when we’re talking about online media, you can pull the plug really quickly which is gonna minimize your loss and give you another chance at that. The next reason that advertising is such an incredibly powerful tool in order to get someone’s attention is that it allows you to
be maximally efficient, meaning nothing goes to waste here. This is mostly due to the fact about the previous point we
just talked about in control, in that you’re gonna have direct control over the demographic details
of the people you’re targeting, including their age, their
gender, their income, occupation, their titles, their geographic details
like what city or state or province or country they live in, and their psychographic
details like their attitudes, their interests, their beliefs,
opinions, affiliations, organizations, whatever
groups they may be a part of. By having control of
all of these elements, you can ensure that your marketing message is going only directly to your most ideal and perfect target market,
ignoring everybody else. Do you wanna target new
moms who read Forbes, travel frequently, and do yoga? Well, you can do that. Or do you wanna target active seniors who like golf and skiing
and live in California? ‘Cause you can do that too. The key here is having a
really clear understanding of who exactly your
ideal target market is, because the more you know about them, the better and more accurate your targeting is gonna be able to be and the more efficient your
advertising is gonna become. All right, moving right
along to point number three of why you should use
advertising in your business is none other than speed. Time is money, as they say, and then, advertising helps
to kickstart your campaigns by getting in front of people
as quickly as possible. You see, when it comes to marketing and spreading your message, you got a couple different
resources available, namely, time and money, and you can choose which
one you wanna prioritize, depending on where you’re
at in your business and which one’s more
important to you right now. If, for example, you’re in no rush, you’ve got all the time in the world, well, then you can afford
to take things slow and build things up organically. But if, on the other hand, you want to build your business and get it as profitable
as quickly as possible, which is normally the way
things like to go, well then, here, you can afford to
trade a little bit of money in regards to speeding that up and getting in front of more
people a whole lot quicker. The beauty here is there’s pretty much
no lead-up time required except for putting together
the ads, which hopefully, by already having a
really clear understanding of your ideal target market,
shouldn’t take too long to do. The next reason that advertising is such an incredibly valuable tool is that it allows you to
test your ideas quickly and really easily. This means if you have a
new product or a new offer, a new service, or even a new business that you wanna test and get some market research back on, you don’t need to conduct
surveys or focus groups or anything like that. You can simply launch an ad and see how it resonates
with your target market. Are people just ignoring the ad, which kinda shows no interest? Or are they clicking the ad, which at least shows some interest? Or even better, are they actually
buying right from the ad, showing real, tangible, and proven interest in
what you’re offering? Also, when considering
offline or online advertising, well, my advice is to
start with online first because the feedback is near instant and you can find out really quickly, something hits or misses. You can take this knowledge and then you can transfer
it to offline marketing, which typically takes a little bit longer and can be a lot more expensive. The beauty with using
advertising as a testing method is that it doesn’t force you to rely on gut feeling or intuition in order to make really
important business decisions. You already have to spend
thousands and thousands of dollars on expensive focus groups or surveys. Instead, you can get accurate
information in real time directly from your most ideal
and perfect target market. The fifth point and one
I touched on earlier is that advertising is scalable, meaning that when you
find something that works, you can do more of it quickly and easily. And with advertising, you’ve got two different
scaling options available. Horizontal scaling, which
allows you to move onto different platforms and
leverage different audiences, or vertical scaling, where you simply dump more money into the advertising campaign, as long as it’s generating a
positive return on investment. The key, and whether we’re
talking about horizontal scaling or vertical scaling, is to first make sure
that you’ve gone through accurate testing and
have a winning campaign. After all, doesn’t make
any sense to scale a loser, or you’re just gonna lose money faster. The way that I like to approach
scaling with my clients and what I teach my
students to do is to first, we start with vertical scaling by simply putting more
money into the platform that’s already providing results. Once we’ve leveraged
this to the absolute max and we’re no longer getting that same return on investment from it, we’re starting to experience a little bit of diminishing returns, well, it’s time to move
into horizontal scaling by looking at different
advertising platforms your target market is
active and present on. All right, so, there you have it. How to get anyone’s
attention using advertising and the best reasons you
may wanna consider this in your business. Now, if you’re just getting started and you’re not sure the best ones to use and which platforms are gonna deliver the highest return on investment for you, I’ll make sure to link
up a few videos below, as well as in the description so you can check them out right now. All right, so thanks so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed the video. If so, make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, and say hello in the comments below, and I’ll catch ya next time
on the Modern Marketing Show. (rock music)

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