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Shot List Tutorial + FREE Shot List Template

Shot List Tutorial + FREE Shot List Template

Today I wanted to talk about using a shot list to stay more focused and organized on your next shoot And stick around until the end of the video because I’ve created a free Shot list template that I’m going to share with you guys and that’s coming up right now Hey guys Ryan camp with the Piedmont Motion Picture Company, thank you so much for joining me today first off I just wanted to really apologize for this week’s video being late. I’m really trying to get more consistent with my uploads This is one of the reasons the video is late this week because we got a new puppy Named baby meat baby. This is our three month old golden doodle if you’ve ever had a new puppy you know that it takes a lot of work to get them settled in and Not peeing and pooping everywhere, but we’re making some progress and hopefully after these first few weeks She’ll settle in and be a part of the family and won’t be so much work anymore, but right now She is a handful apart from the new puppy. I’ve been working on an in-depth tutorial for the smooth mobile Mobile phone stabilizer so be on the lookout for that it’s gonna be a really long video And it’s really detailed so it’s been eating up a lot of my time and hopefully that’ll be done in the next week or so My ultimate goal of course is to make youtube videos for you guys full-time and and Make films and teach you guys about everything that I’m learning if you guys want to help support this channel and help support me Into realizing that goal and being able to produce more consistent content. Please head over to our patreon page We’re going to be offering a ton of cool rewards and some exclusive filmmaker Resources just like the shot list and I’m gonna share with you guys today I plan on producing a whole bunch of stuff like that That’s going to be exclusive to our patrons for $1 a month you become a patron and get access to the community their Exclusive post and last but not least early access to our films and the behind the scenes footage that goes along with them which brings Us to why we’re here we’re talking about using a shot list for your next project I think shot lists are an invaluable tool when you’re creating a new project whether it’s a film project Or just doing a video like this Make bullet points of the things you want to talk about it makes the flow so much easier like I didn’t make one for today and I’m having a really hard time remembering what I want to talk about there are tons of different ways to create a shot list I Used to do a just a bullet list of everything that I was going to be doing that day I was until we started our new project fever dream, which if you haven’t heard as my next short film? Psychological horror film I never wrote a script or a screenplay for the short-film. There’s really not that much dialogue and Scripts, and the screenplays are great. Don’t get me wrong But I like having as much information as possible about every aspect of the shot that I can and I found that writing out a bullet list it got a little bit messy so I made a Table inside of pages and I’m gonna share that with you guys at the end of the video So let’s head over to the computer and take a look at the shot list that I made for this next Project and I’ll walk you guys through it and show you the best way to create and fill this thing out, okay? Guys so after you download my free shot list templates you pull them up, this is basically similar to what you’re going to be seeing except for I have my Image for a fever dream down here at the top. You’ll see the title shot list for fever dream Copyright information here, you can write your name written by and probably the date. I’ll add the date in there And I added this here You know if you’re showing your project to someone who has no idea what the project is about and you kind of want to give them a little taste of You know the scope the vision the mood you get it put an image here And this is all part of a pitch book that I’m putting together for fever dream. I have You know the storyboards and all that stuff in there, and we’ll cover a pitch book and another video You have the draft number this is the second time that I’ve edited this you have shot number location shot type camera angle camera movement audio notes dialogue and scene descriptions And those are the columns there at the top Shot number is pretty self-explanatory. This is the number of shots every time you move your camera That’s going to be a new shot. You’re gonna want to write the number down to keep up with it You can use that when you’re sliding While you’re filming Help keep up with everything in a nice cohesive manner Over here in pages. This is where you add the rows and columns You see this is a pretty lengthy Document I’ve got sixty two shots here It’s a lot more than you think once you start writing this stuff down How many different shots and takes you’re gonna have okay? Then we got you know shot number, and then we got location here says exterior ext that’s what that stands for Interior would be int of course. That’s a script lingo. This is my backyard I’m we filming in my backyard so I have that written down here, so I don’t forget Shot type this is where you would put like wide medium close Pretty self-explanatory For camera angle here, I’ll usually put like eye level low near the ground Or if you’re gonna be looking down on your subject or because I’m over the shoulder shot you can write stuff like that here Camera movement you know you could put a panning tilting is the camera operator you’re going to be spinning in places you’re gonna be using a stabilizer Audio notes is a new one I added. I have not filled this out yet for this project, but here you could put down various sound effects like footsteps Wind blowing through the trees birds calling that sort of thing usually stuff that you know is not going to be captured in camera Maybe some some ideas you have you don’t want to forget or just to set the tone when you’re filming You know you know in this scene. I’m gonna have some wind blowing so you wouldn’t want forget that dialogue You wouldn’t have to fill out every bit of dialogue here You know you can use your script for that kind of stuff you wrote a script to go along with the shot list But here you get even write down. You know just yes Is it going to be dialogue in this scene, so you don’t forget that there’s going to be there? Yes or no, or you could ride out every bit of dialogue in this box if you like Same description this is where I get as detailed as possible about what’s gonna be happening in the scene This is how I write a shot list for my projects. I think they’re an invaluable tool. They save you a lot of time I guarantee if you sit down and take the time to write out a shot list do storyboards write a script You’re gonna get this you’re gonna get to the set you’re going to be a lot more confident And you’re gonna be a lot less stressed out knowing exactly what needs to be done And you’ve already going on it gone over it in your head, and you have everything laid out like this. It’s really gonna Help you help you out on the day of the shoot I Hope you guys will go check out the patreon page and download these free templates and remember we’re gonna have a lot more stuff like This coming to our patrons, but this one is available to everyone for free And while you’re there please take a minute to Vote in the poll that I posted about what you would like to see more of on the channel that would be very beneficial To me and I’ll let you guys help shape the future content that we’ve got coming up Question of the day do you prefer shot lists strips or both? Let me know in the comments and let me know why for fer one or the other okay guys I hope this video has been very helpful to you. Please give this video a like please subscribe if you haven’t already Check out our digital store for awesome filmmaking resources head over to our patreon page and download this shot list template pack for free It’s available to everyone you do not have to be a patron to get it and that does it for today guys Please let me up on Twitter and Instagram @ pd my motion I am Ryan camp, and I will see you guys on the next piemonte motion picture show You

17 thoughts on “Shot List Tutorial + FREE Shot List Template

  1. I haven't tried getting this granular yet – I write down a scene list+location and approx run time for each scene – I then try different shots and make sure I have more than enough to footage to trim down in post. I also select my music prior to shooting, as a find that really helps me to define the narrative, shot type and tempo for each scene… will give the shot chart a go next time and post some feedback. Thanks for quality content.

  2. Great video. I like the idea a lot.

    While I deal with more photography than video (www.youtube.com/PhotographyIn123?sub_confirmation=1), I find this is a great tool to employ.

    Having a set plan of what you want to get out of shoot will help make your vision a reality.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you for the video. Can't find where on your website to download the template for the shotlist?

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