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Shopify Tutorial: $200 A Day Without Using Facebook Ads! (Step by Step)

Shopify Tutorial: $200 A Day Without Using Facebook Ads! (Step by Step)

what’s going on guys welcome back to
another video in this video I’m going to show the easiest way to make money with
Shopify if you’re a beginner if you already have a store anywhere I try
something different and doing it without using Facebook I know that a lot of
people use Facebook but there are other methods online where you can get high
converting traffic in fact this traffic is a lot more high converting than
Facebook again it’s a lot easier to do there’s a lot less work and it’s really
really great so I’m going to jump in my computer right now and I’ll show you
exactly what I mean they’ll take you through step by step on how you can do
this so if you want to make more money from your store if you’re a beginner
with Shopify this is the video you want to watch
there’s something in my computer and I’ll show you exactly what I mean
alright guys so first of all I’m gonna tell you some benefits of doing this and
why it’s excellent for beginners second if my face freezes that’s because my
computer’s just jam-packed with stuff right now and it seems to freeze quite a
bit but don’t mind that I’ll just cut myself out if that happens so the guys
the benefits of doing this first of you don’t need to use Facebook you don’t
need to use videos images or any crazy copy crazy copies basically copy of the
advert trying to persuade people to purchase from you you don’t need any of
that stuff that’s why this is perfect for beginners second of all you’re going
to get way higher conversions doing this and you’re going to be getting your
product in front of buyers okay so it’s so much easier for people who are new to
this it’s really really a lot easier now are you going to get rich from this I
don’t know it depends I’ll show you why it depends later on this video but you
can easily make $100 a day profit from this two hundred three hundred a
thousand depending on how you do it the keywords you find and stuff like that
I’m not talking about ranking things in Google don’t worry but it just depends
but you can make a little bit of money or a lot of money just depends it’s the
same with everything everything else really but these are the key benefits
you don’t need to mess with any of this stuff and you’re gonna get higher
conversions and you’re gonna get in front of more buyers it’s really really
critical when you’re trying to sell products now first of all you’re going
to need a product obviously or a couple of products first of all I recommend
just with this just testing with one product because it’s easy to get sales
and a higher ticket item so let’s look at here I’ve kind of put some
down wall art flashlights diffusers flashlights and stuff not really high
ticket but diffusers are so anyway I have videos on all that sort of stuff if
you go through my channel you’ll see some product research videos so this
isn’t about that and also subscribe because I will have more content about
that in the future so hit that subscribe button while you’re here but if you want
to get some more product research videos go into my channel or I’ll leave one up
in the video somewhere now you want to go to Le Express or wish calm this is
where I’ve done the diffuser and find these particular products have to do
your product research but you want to make sure that you can sell them for
kind of like a higher price like a $20 profit 1515 minimum plus 30 40 50 you
want to make sure you have a good profit here because it’s easy to get sales so
it’s easier to make money this way and it’s a lot less work if you’re selling
products at a higher price okay so obviously L Express and wish calm a
great ways where you can go and find products to sell now what we’re going to
be doing guys is using a network called Google Ads there’s kind of two ways we
can do this Google Shopping which we’re not going to be teaching you in this
because you have to get approved and it’s a little bit more advanced and
another way that I’m going to show that’s really really easy you can go
ahead and do that I’m running some ads right now so I am blanking some stuff
out because last time I forgot to blank stuff out a lot to my products got
stolen that’s why we don’t share stuff guys so let’s jump in the first thing
you want to do is your Google AdWords account you’ll need one and it should
look like this if it doesn’t drum the old version you
can just change it by going to the settings it will take you to this
version right here what you want to do guys is go up to
this little thing here the spinner and go to keyword planner and just start to
throw in like a seed keyword from your product so for example diffusers okay
and I’m going to put it into here and I’m going to go to get started and then
I’m going to pick the country so I’m going to sitt to United States and it’s
going to give me the monthly searches per month okay
now sometimes it’s going to be a little bit different so for example I have this
search tool here that I use as well and the numbers well that’s actually a
worldwide if I put that onto USA it should be around about the same
but sometimes they are a little bit different we’ll see if it’s the same yes
so it’s the same so we don’t really need to worry about that you can just use
this free keyword planner talks it extracts it from here anyway sorry guys
my camera froze on me now what I did notice is in the diffuser section there
is essential oil diffuser and my keywords you’ll see I have best
essential oil diffuser because that is a buyer intent keyword so if I go and run
some Google ads that keyword the chances are then purchase purchasing off me are
pretty high okay and we have things like wall art flashlights for example if we
do something like put flashlight into Google here I’ll show you kind of an
example of the ads where are the ads let’s put best flashlights all right
guys I decide to change my locations I wasn’t shown up ads in New Zealand but
you’ll see these these ads here these ones here so we don’t want to go for the
Google shopping we just want to do normal ads now if I put in something
like moonlight lamp as well there’s all of these ads right here so what’s this
here this is a Shopify store no but it’s a landing page so you could
go on I would recommend actually using a software like clickfunnels to actually
create a funnel for something like this it was any content through the steps and
you can actually maximize your conversions as well but anyway um this
is moon lamp this is a great example of a place where they’re running ads now if
you do a search for example in no ads show up that’s not a bad thing because
it means that there’s probably no ads running in your country or in your area
and you might be able to jump in and make some money or they are advertising
in places like America and maybe you’re not in America it just really depends on
where they’re advertising but you can see these lots of stuff for moon lamps
so how do we maximize this the ah there we go that’s a Shopify store right there
I’m sorry if this is your Shopify store yeah that kind of sucks for you but you
can reverse engineer what these guys are doing and make money right this is
another Shopify store so clearly this in this marketplace is good for money
let’s see what kind of search volume we have for moon lamp and see so the search
volume is going to determine whether you make a lot of money or a little bit a
little bit of amount of money 27000 which is pretty good and then
you’ve also got the best moon lamps moon lamp review and stuff like that okay and
you can see the trend so even though the trend has gone down it’s not so bad
because people are still searching for it okay but obviously if you have a
product that this has tried best Gaming Mouse I’m just kind of throwing some
stuff in here to see what you know if we can get some different kind of results
showing up okay so you see best gaming mouse is trending big-time really really
big-time the ceiling is some ads up this is probably see we got some ads here
perfect perfect this is a perfect niche because it’s got everything in it it’s
got its trending okay it’s you know we get some keywords best gaming mouse
gaming mouse review so and you can sell it for you know a bit of a higher price
you’ve got a shop in snapback over here if you want to do that but we’ve got
these ads right here guys everything’s running if this is like primo niche
perfect niche we have we have a under trend upwards so it’s just getting
popular and popular it’s not too expensive to advertising so we’ll kind
of talk about that all right first off competition this is how
competitive that niche is for the ads so obviously the higher it is the worse
it’s going to be for you but these people are you know the person the top
page is paying around about thirty six cents per click at the low range and the
high range is paying around about a dollar fifty two per click so that’s
kind of your bidding range what that means is that’s where you’re going to be
paying per click with you know it’s like Facebook you’re bidding against you’re
bidding to get clicks and conversions and stuff so in this particular one at
the low range you’ll be paying around about three six cents per click at the
high range you’ll be paying around about a dollar fifty two what that means is
this is the low range down here and I’ve you know the low range here might be a
little bit of low range here but these ones at the top are paying a higher
premium these ones at the bottom are paying
a premium and you’ll be able to view that inside your ads when you run them
okay it’s going to give you everything you need to know so get this is an
example of a great niche trending up moon lamp wasn’t really trending however
we had a lot of other Shopify stores in that niche so what that means to us is
people probably making money but anyway so that’s how you go out and find the
keywords right use the keyword the keyword planner so you go find the
product find some keywords some seed keywords and put them in now what you
want to do is start an ad okay and it’s really really simple so inside the
Google AdWords platform you want to click on campaigns and then go to new
campaign here this little plus sign okay and they’ve got a new campaign now
essentially you don’t actually need to have a lot of keywords at this point all
you really need is your seed keyword because Google will do the rest
but it is a good idea to go onto Google planner just to see if there’s any if
there’s any kind of like connect search volume just so you know Google can
extract thousands of keywords for you if you like so we’re gonna go to search
okay reach customers interested in your product or service with text ads text
ads are so easy because you don’t do it you have to print any images of videos
okay so you can go sales leads or website traffic we’re just gonna do
website traffic that you you know you should be tracking sales as well so that
you might want to do sales so you’ll go and put you’re going Google how to put
your Shopify Google pixel into your Shopify store now to just create will
just briefly go to if you want to create a pixel you just go to audience manager
and you’ll be able to create things and it will give you a retargeting pixel
okay and you put that on your site and then you just go up to here you get what
we call the Google tag manager to see if it’s working but Shopify has tutorials
on all of that so we’re gonna get a website traffic and we’re going to go to
be able your website in here we’ll just put one of my sites here my face
my course because you guys know about that deletes com econ elites comm David
of the name own stuff okay we’re gonna go to continue the stroke
it’s real basic for you guys so you’re putting your campaign name and you want
to go so where it says add Display Network you just want to leave that to
know right now you don’t need that then down here you can put in your country’s
so I might put in the United States because that’s usually where everybody
is going to be advertising and you can also exclude countries as well if you go
worldwide really really simple I keep English and too into the
languages now this is going to be your daily budget okay so we’ll leave it
about five bucks for now now the best thing about Google Ads guys if you know
anything about Facebook it’s hard to scale up your price because you know
sometimes it adds me up Google Ads you don’t have that problem you can just
keep scaling scaling scaling if you’re getting sales I’ve never ever ever had
any problem with scaling Google Ads ever and you just want to keep it on standard
do not put it on accelerate it because that’ll spend your money a lot quicker
and depending on what you want to do maximize conversions would be a feature
on it if you’re going to track sales maximize clicks you probably don’t
really want to mess with target CPA it’s kind of like manual bidding or enhanced
CPC or any manual CPC so I would click either maximize conversions if that’s
what you want to do or maximize clicks so I’m just going to maximize clicks in
this particular point now I actually will just go back to here and go to
keyword planner real quickly okay let’s take our moonlight for a second let’s go
back to here this is how you’re going to determine what to pay okay so moonlight
moon lamp let’s say we want to target the moon lamp keyword now of course all
the particular variation is going to be different so it’s not going to matter
too much but let’s say well it’s going to matter but I will explain something
in a second so let’s say to get on the low-low in we’re going to pay $27 to get
on the hi I’m going to pay a dollar forty four so I’m gonna say one dollar
I’m going to pay one dollar per click it’s not that doesn’t mean you’re gonna
pay one dollar it’s going pay up to $1 depending on where they put
you on that particular bid okay so you could pay less or you could pay you well
you won’t pay any more than that okay this is kind of a manual bidding I
suppose and then just leave it like that okay so they tell you to determine what
you should pay if you go lower than 27 it’s not going to work your ad will not
run and if you go higher than a dollar 44 you’re gonna beat everybody but
that’s not necessarily always what you should do because you might just be
paying way too much you kind of got to find a sweet spot and you can change it
so one dollar might be okay but one dollar ten might put me in a sweet spot
where I get where I get cooks for any sense but it puts me up a little bit
higher it’s really about finding that sweet spot and then just leave this like
this start an index just leave that what have you done with that don’t mess with
audiences you don’t need to do anything like that right now you don’t really
need to play with any of this stuff so one thing I do want to recommend is
having your ad rotation on optimize best performing ad because you’ll be doing
your ads differently so it’s kind of like Facebook you have campaign ad
groups and then your ads and with Facebook you have campaign ad sets and
your ads so it’s the same thing anything as ad sips are called ad groups here and
then basically as leave this where it is and then go to save and continue now
this is where you’re gonna do the keyword stuff okay I’m gonna take I’m
going to call this ad group one and you can add new groups but I’m going to go
here and I’m gonna put on my keyword moon lamp okay and it should okay so the
what it’s done is it’s actually put up its got my website here so it’s brought
up all of the keywords from my website so if you actually add in your website
but the moon lamp keywords let’s see if we can find let’s see if maybe I can
find a whoop I’m not going to go and take find someone’s website but what
will happen is it’s going to so first of all we have what we call the broad broad
net so if you just put in your keyword it’s going to be a broad match and what
that means is it’s going to go out into into Google and it’s going to put your
ads or all of these keywords okay on all of
them so basically if you put in a moon lamp it’s going to show your arm keyword
for all of these so if you want to be a bit more specific and go exact so let’s
say I want to advertise some best moon lamps moon lamps I’m gonna put these
symbols at the end here see you’ll see down here it’s got these little symbols
okay that means that it’s for the exact match so if you just want to go an
advertisement based moon lamps you would just put that in there and it would only
advertise for that particular keyword okay but if you want to do broad and you
want to go for all of these keywords and sharpen all of these keywords then you
would take away these and you would you know let’s say for example we put in
this moon lamps and to hear best moon lamps I don’t know what the keyword
search volume is here but we’ll see then it’s you’re gonna basically the same
thing you’re gonna shop for all of these lamps Tiffany lamps bedroom lamps so
that’s probably not going to be the best for you because those are not related
right so what I would recommend is actually doing a list of keywords I know
I said you probably don’t have to do but there’s still a list of keywords and
then make sure you have the exact match tags on the end and then we’ll only go
for those keywords but if you have your website already set up your page put it
into here and it will extract keyword ideas or go and find the competition you
can just put on any website you want look we’ll do it real quick okay all
right so what I just quickly did is Widom found a competitor for moon lamps
and I put them into here and it’s given me all of these keyword ideas so kids
lamp moon lamp we have customized 3d lamp these are all the keywords that are
on their page okay and you can basically just add them so how to make a lamp I
might add that obviously that’s not a buyer intent keyword so by our intent
keywords are things like best moon lamps moon lamp reviews moon lamp discount
moon land coupon whether by moon lamp even though a lot of them might have low
search volume they’re still really really high converting people like you
should be at least a 15 to 20 percent
click-through rate on these ads right that’s a lot higher than Facebook and
you should be converting at least two or three percent of them so it’s a lot more
money a lot more higher conversions and if you want to so that’s how you put the
competitor into here and if you want to you can go to add add new ad group and
you can do a second air group so you can do basically broad keywords up here if
you want and you can do some buyer intent exact match keywords here and you
can see which one’s going to be working best for you okay so that’s kind of how
you just add keywords guys in here really very simple you can go put the
competitors in here and you can just add keyword ideas as you go now if you click
Save and continue it’s going to take you to the add place okay so once again it’s
likely Facebook structure you have the campaign ad group and in the ad mmm
sorry mmm sore throat so I’m gonna go to a new
ad and I’m just gonna put in the competitors URL here final URL that’ll
be the actual product page so it should be actually be a lot longer this and
then you’re hitting fifty percent or fifty nine fifty percent off moon lamps
now one thing you can’t do is do like capitals for all the words and you can’t
do exclamation marks Google doesn’t like that okay we have 50% off moon lamps
sale ins this week I don’t know you obviously have to put your own thing in
here but you’ll see that this is all text and you don’t have to miss with
Facebook sorry like Facebook heads and doing images and videos right you can
preview it on desktop and mobile and you can actually change so you can put a
description in here right you see the dhih dhih dhih dhih dhih and then you
can add some URL options so you can add some tracking URLs if you’re using
something like improve Li which tracks if we think but literally guys it’s so
much easier because you’d like for beginners because you just put in a
headline one headline – and you can just go and basically search this particular
safe moon lamp so you can just go and search and see kind of what everyone
else is doing and what’s working for them it’s really a great way to describe
replicate what other people were doing to make money with Shopify and it just
makes sense because Facebook a lot of people can’t comprehend Facebook how it
works and how they can you know how how did how to do it all because there is a
lot to it but this is so much easier all right so you just go and find the
keywords guys you go and start will obviously find your product go find the
keywords do a little bit of research on your competitors and then basically go
and do these ads with the moon lamps or whatever I’ve got you know the diffusers
was a good one this the central or diffuser you’re going start the campaign
so here’s kind of the structure real quick let me just get this up to kind of
help you understand everything so here’s the camp well that’s massive so here’s
the campaign so slick to campaign will you do like you know some overall
settings and then your ad group will trap before so it’s three stages as well
and then create the ad where we are right now okay these are the three steps
step number one step number two step number three and you can create multiple
ads you can create multiple ad groups just like Facebook so your split testing
based on your Facebook then what you want to do I’m not going to confirm it
on this one but then what you want to do is just go to save and continue and
we’re going to review some settings and then you can just confirm it and then
it’s going to take around about 24 hours sometimes a lot less – for Google to go
through your page and check everything out now you will have to have privacy
policy on your site and Terms and Conditions it’s one of the things that
these guys want just have a little link at the bottom of your site somewhere go
into those pages and that’s really all you do for this particular for this
particular method and it’s so much there’s just so many great benefits to
doing it this way then going out there and struggling with Facebook although
Facebook is a great source of traffic don’t get me wrong but if you are having
trouble with Facebook or your beginner I highly recommend you get yourself an
AdWords account and you try this method because it’s a lot it’s just very very
simple that’s what it is it’s very very simple now guys before we go well that’s
pretty you know pretty simple stuff they how to set all that up if you do guys if
you have any more questions I’m happy to help but also my training
if you guys are looking for a great Shopify training that’s not expensive
right this is cheap so cheap compared to everybody else and if I don’t assist me
why is it so cheap because I don’t rely on this money I have other businesses
that make me my money like Shopify stores affiliate stores I do not need to
charge a thousand dollars for this because I don’t need to but I still give
you the help and you know you get access to a private Facebook group you get the
21 trial 21 day trial discount for the Shopify store special link through me
you get all of the you know the modules are massive you know module number one
sourcing the products that you’ll never find the you’ll never a guarantee
actually you’ll never find a course online that has this much information
and the reason there is so much information is because I actually made
millions of dollars worth Shopify and I take you through everything like there’s
tons of bonuses here on the up here and the Facebook stuff we’ve got one
Facebook method two three four five Facebook methods there some of them I do
need to change but I’m doing that Facebook part two so this hook there’s
two facebook sections then we have Instagram which is not too much in there
one two three four five six there’s only seven videos but it’s still
quite a lot organic traffic is pretty decent search engine optimization the
email marketing stuff is massive then I take you through some business stuff
I cover taxes a little bit but legally I’m not really supposed to so I don’t
really cover the extensive stuff then we have my top secret stuff that I’ve never
shared online before and of course you have weekly updates and stuff like that
so if you’re interested in learning Shopify from someone who’s actually
doing it and not hustling you within thousand dollar course you know and they
don’t help you because that that’s what a lot of people are doing and you
definitely jump into this although the price will be going up soon because I am
going to be doing their combo with my theme and course will be going to like
500 maybe even a thousand but there’ll be a lot of softwares and stuff coming
with it as well so that justifies the price so anyway guys just come and I’ll
leave a link below check this out come and join our you’ll get and you get to
join the private Facebook group sorry the likes of my eyes
missing up my brain and you’ll get to join the private Facebook group I’m
actually active every single day remember to give this a like subscribe
and I’ll leave another video up here we’re gonna check it out okay more
Shopify videos and I’ll see you guys the next video

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  33. Hi Franklin, FB disabled my a few of my Ad accounts due to inactivity, and I also kept getting ad disaprovals from FB. I am so frustrated. I am looking for FB alternative Ads to market my Shopify Store, other than Google Adwords, what other strategies do you teach in the Ecom Elites course to help advertising products for online stores? Thanks.

  34. Hello sir, I just start my Shopify for the first time and didn’t have any experiences. I have spent all of my saving account to the stores but only make 2 sales. Can you please review my store please? commonlover.com

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  36. I just wanted to let everyone know that google has changed from google adwords to just google ads. To setup a campaign as franklin shows in the video, when you first setup your first campaign, you will need to click the little option that says, “experienced with google ads?” This will allow you to choose what type of campaign you want and then enter keywords and such. Hopefully I helped.

  37. hi so u say 20% of people click thru say u spend 10 dollas on clicks 2 of them click thru ?? this would be alot of money

  38. 1 SECRET TO DOMINATE ECOM & BOOST SALES $$$ INSTANTLY! follow @the_foreign_way on instagram
    Dm "GetMoreSales"🌊👈

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  45. I don't use facebook either (well only for retargeting:) ). I use sixads app (https://apps.shopify.com/sixads-net) that drives traffic from other stores and works pretty good for me 😉

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