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Shopify Dropshipping: 3 Winning Products To Sell And Make $100,000 Today Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Shopify Dropshipping: 3 Winning Products To Sell And Make $100,000 Today Shopify Dropshipping 2019

on today’s video I’m gonna be revealing
three winning products that can make you a hundred thousand dollars this festive
season let’s go hi my name is Ricky Hayes and welcome to the channel if you
haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe for more weekly value make
sure you smash that like button comment crush it down below it’s going the
chance to win a 30 minute call and that’s in the next video with me there’s
been a lot of fun without further ado let’s get straight into it here we got
our first product being our Facebook link this here is a new product that is
only starting to trend up as you can see here got plenty of likes and comments
and it’s a cool funny item this isn’t necessarily a need item however it is
definitely a winning item because it is funny a lot of people have cats it’s
very specific and it’s definitely got good margins if we go back here we’re
gonna have a look at the store link now we can see that you’re actually going to
see throughout this that this is also a bit of a theme this looks to be a new
theme I don’t personally know what this theme is called final I presume is what
it’s called and we can see that it’s selling for a very low price obviously
that’s an AUD in USD I believe that’s about 49 $13.99 something like that so
it is a lower margin please make sure that you are making sure to convert as
many people as possible this will require a lot of average order value
techniques to be able to be profitable especially if they’re marketing to mold
big countries I use the filter option for a big spy sorry drop point pad me
and this is definitely to American traffic if we go back to the actual ad
the reason this is also winning pract is ordered one for my cat hopefully he will
love it we’ve seen the comments of ordered two of these I brought these
love these you know love the toy so that’s definition of a winning item
we can see it’s two winning American traffic okay or Western traffic so high
conversion rate people love their cats as we can sort of see here I’ve got a
picture of it right there so they’re targeting the right people and they’re
getting conversions so I can tell these people definitely gonna be scaling this
up although it’s just going to be somewhat difficult for them okay but we
can see that they’ve done good job overall the landing page – and
as I said I’m pretty sure this is a paid theme as an educated guess based on the
layout it’s quite nicely set up now if we move on I would not sell this at 14
or 13 99 I really need a good margin because the product cost 559 to buy on
Aliexpress so I’d consider selling it at minimum at $19.99 it’s so hard to be
profitable now on 1499 unless you just got an item that I wouldn’t lower than
that that’s gonna get a lot of average order value by multiple of it with this
type of cat item yeah maybe but it just doesn’t give me that immediate
impression that people buy multiple of it it’s a one-off type purchase that’s
gonna sit in the corner of their bedroom or whatever so it’s got a profit margin
about $15 which is where you need to pretty much sit in order to be
profitable now for a purchase on an average basis okay an average cost per
purchase is around $15 and that will continue to increase hence for the
importance of this I skipped over it but I recommend the sources that you should
get this promise EP roller or you drop e if you haven’t seen those videos they’re
in my channel just go down and and watch them 100% free I would suggest that you
go you drop it’s really good all my private agent and you’ll see my private
agent is linked at the end of this video plus other skilled individuals if you
need help with any of that okay so use this as a resource material I would mark
this to the big five because again we can get a lot of untapped potential for
this type of product it translates everyone loves cats in every country the
same so there’s always cat lovers so the Big Five and Mac’s I would go to be
would be to the European region Germany Italy in France are actual good
countries as well if you do want to go to those countries I recommend that you
get lambda phi la ng ify to translate your store into their language and also
use Shopify payments where feasible so they can check out in their in their
currency obviously we got a market this mail into women and just is it’s pretty
strongly related to women to people that love cats cat lovers crazy cat lady I’ve
marketed cat I myself and trust me cat lovers and crazy
cat lady interests work really really well
cat magazines animal magazines animal TV shows pets pet brands pet insurance
companies famous cats okay so you got plenty of interest there again
everything but desktop I just find desktops just too difficult up front and
it really derails the age is 25 plus now I’ll be honest I was I’m actually
starting to consider 35 plus 20 18 to 34 is becoming increasingly hard unless
it’s fashion or or beach like you know those types of things 18 to 34 very
pretty hard especially 18 to 24 they’re near impossible they’ll click your link
like nothing but they’ll hardly buy they just derail everything so anyway so the
marketing angle that I would use for this would be just a fun cat item as
they’ve done just a cat playing with it someone laughing all right those are
some of the best videos because people resonate with that they love that the
feeling of laughter and it makes them feel good about themselves and their
family so what budget again 50 dollars a day 10 odd sets 2 to 10 mil easy to
achieve with multiple countries especially you’ll probably actually
exceed that with a lot of broad interests so don’t be too worried by
that and and that’s pretty much it okay and there’s the Aliexpress link there
I’ve got too hard to link it sorry but that’s that’s pretty much all I would do
and it’s definitely a great item like easy to ship as well okay
self-explanatory a lot of fun okay and coming into Christmas you know people
will buy this for someone else because they’ve got a cat and stuff and it’s
funny everyone the whole family can love it and then so it’s a really self
selling item really not much to it okay so moving on BRAC number two is this
item here so sorry well that loads okay some of you may have seen this item some
of you may have not obviously and again another item obviously great coming up
into Christmas is you know kids education you know education as well as
entertainment so this is a perfect item coming to Christmas have guaranteed that
parents and grandparents will buy this for their grandchildren and stuff
because I’ll absolutely love it you know a huge amount of entertainment
they get to be intellectually stimulated they get to be entertained and for a
parent that’s huge because then they can sleep well at night I’m sure there’s a
number of your parents in this channel I’m not right now and I’m not expecting
any time soon for those wondering so I didn’t have a look at you know I got
this and the kids love it big hit love it
you know what ages and again while I look at these as well is you can get an
a an idea of the age okay people make the mistake of not looking at these if
we have a look you know you’re gonna see a lot of these images and I don’t mean
to be crude but if you have a look you can see that that’s like a grandparent
you can see that this is an you know likely to be a mom again what we’re
seeing is we’re seeing women so we know it’s two women and we know it’s two old
women based on this that are buying it for grandkids okay so that where is why
I’m saying that 25 and up would be minimum and women I’ll be tempted to say
that this is going to be 35 and 45 and up I’m seeing a lot of women around the
age of 30 and up at minimum with our interest in this product okay so that’s
just a little tip trick hack for you because the more you can target properly
in the beginning the higher the chance you have of sales okay it’s just that
simple all right so I found this one on sale
sauce okay there’s a link there I’m sorry I didn’t update this either
sources the sources you can get from is our Express Private agent EP Rolo we are
and obviously you drop e you drop he is very good sources I’d get it from his EP
roller you drop e or again my private agent just get this and you got the
length they’re fantastic speak to bernard is very helpful and the price I
would sell it is $44.99 now I believe they’re selling it for $34.99 which they
are and funnily enough these people are using the exact same theme so clearly
this has some good conversion elements in it unless it’s the same people I have
no idea but it’s very obviously the same thing
so the reason that I would sell it for this price as opposed to theirs is
because it cost $20 they’re still working on $15 margin I want to work on
a higher margin where feasible and this item gives me that impression that I can
work on a higher margin I’d work on a $25.00 margin gives you a real room to
breathe real room to scale without having to worry about but going belly-up
in five seconds that happens on Facebook so please keep that in mind
compare that price is always two times at least the actual price so sorry that
should be 1/8 so $89.99 Big Five again two European countries you can do that
as well purchase CBO women we already know that
in fact we know that it’s highly likely to be 35 and up women just from what
I’ve shown you their kids TV shows movies famous actors with children and
Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt I actually don’t know famous people unless I have
to google their name otherwise I’d legitimately don’t
remember it theme parks playgrounds kindergarten famous kids books Harry
Potter for instance things like all of that kids love that stuff you know
famous kids movies and stuff like that and education related interest if
there’s like a large famous school and education channel things like that I
don’t explicitly know all that I have to do more research I was going live by
what my gut feeling taught me okay everything again but desktop I know it
is an older demographic but still take out desktop you’ll get plenty of sales
through mobile okay you can always target desktop down the line
I didn’t update as well the marketing angle I keep forgetting to do that sorry
so obviously the marketing angle that I would use for this would be the same way
that they’ve done it a really highly education you know in terms of the
product being used the cute like actual kids using it you know seeing how it’s
safe it’s sound it’s educational it’s entertaining it’s a like affordable it’s
portable okay really focus on I would have really nice background music of
nice kid related music with that a nice little good vibe to it show kids using
the product and and you know just have captions of what the benefits of this
product is and as you can see it’s working quite well for them okay so
that’s all I would do there I will update this when you get the slides but
you get the point there’s not much to it again it’s the exact same approach
always this is how I start that prac will help you get started really strong
okay so perfect item coming into Christmas coming into the buying frenzy
and lastly here’s product three this is a bit of a different one so let’s go and
actually have a look at the Facebook post but it’s a similar one that I had
seen to another product that I had done and then I know a number of students and
done well with is instead of it going around your toes it’s actually an insole
and again they’re using nearly the exact same video and basically just using it
as more an insole okay – really you know amplify about how this can help with
walking for someone like me that has flat feet this is a very very good item
I see I do see that the comments you know like this one wasn’t someone’s not
their happy as soon as the better but we can see quite a number of comments and I
just feel that as long as you have decent shipping and this is an easy item
to ship then you’re not really going to have much of a problem we can see here
they’re just using I believe this is is this Brooklyn I keep forgetting at times
but anyway debuted sorry in 1999 and you know they have a nice landing page set
up for it okay and they’re trying to do bulk order discounts to try and you know
get people to buy more so it’s definitely done them well and definitely
a winning item okay it’s just a matter of making you unique creative similar to
what they’ve done and resonating with those people who I would that I would
charge $19.99 as well and the cost of dollar nine and nine so you know you
have a good profit margin with this you know you have about seventy million
dollar so it’s still really good margin and I compare that $39.99 to the big
five and then easy this would actually be one hour definitely market outside
the big five because it’s so easy to ship and it’s a highly universal
everyone has feet and they’re all mostly the same same CBO purchase but to market
to men and women you know men have flat feet as much as
women men will bias because it’s a good health-related item that’s going to help
benefit their daily lives and it’s universal so make sure that how I would
market it I’m sorry would be how I would market it would be just how it can help
correct your feet and correct your whole body posture so that whether you’re at
work whether you’re going for a jog whether you’re going to gym whether you
know whatever you’re doing in any situation it works in an issue
universally it’s very comfortable you don’t know it’s there and it helps
improve your quality of life by not getting aching and sore feet all right
so just make sure when you’re thinking that and then make sure that your some
your captions translate to that you know introducing the universal soul lift up
or foot lift or whatever and you know don’t do it the old way with standard
standard insoles our new one is going is universal with all shoes it’s easy to
put in it’s super comfortable you don’t even know it’s there and it’s been
critically acclaimed from all these people that have reviewed the product
from our customers that absolutely love it okay I would try and do that because
people will be like ah does it work for them just work for them bla bla because
it’s definitely one of those types of items and again just $50 a day I did say
here as well that this would be to 18 plus because again it’s a cheaper item I
would actually try 18 plus as well as it’s an item that’s like something
that’s really going to help impact their life when I was 18 you know that was
when I really started to get orthotics and it really helped me I know a lot of
people will pay good money for stuff like that and it’s very cheap compared
to getting custom orthotics so I can tell you from experience that that’s
definitely a massive bonus and again just to 2 to 10 million with a broad
audience okay guys so that’s all there is to it now those are three winning
products for you guys that can make a hundred thousand dollars is coming
Christmas these are perfect items like I would as you can see you know you’ve got
tons of people showing up with their shoes
and so it’s absolutely perfect for that so make sure that you keep that in mind
as well that’ll really really help okay and make sure you just use their
landing page as reference make your own and make sure that you can scale very
aggressive coming into Christmas you should be able to get a good number of
sales selling this type of product and I’m very confident in this product doing
very very well and again I found this one in this case via sour sauce as as
well okay that was all there is to it so those are the three hundred thousand
dollar winning products for you today and that concludes today’s video I hope
you did enjoy today’s content if you did and you haven’t already make sure you
subscribe make sure you like today’s video I want to hit a hundred likes and
also comment crush it down below to going the chance to all win nearly 850
comments to go and buy that there are the socks from the last video okay guys
so once they get 50 I will be going ahead with that it’ll be a good amount
of of fun okay now there’s a number of other links many of you already know
make sure you check them out if you haven’t already there’s my prior
research tools free cheat sheet free webinar my premium course if you are
interested in that and some playlists designed to help you whether it’s
Facebook Ads Google Ads or also YouTube ads okay guys so you get a lot of value
make sure you check them out it’s only gonna help you to grow your knowledge
and grow your business again as I said in the last video I’m trying to grow the
noticeboard so make sure that if you do want to be a part of my notice board
make sure you email Ricky at Ricky hey Zuko and I will be discussing with you
privately about your skills to try and help with that as well ok so you have a
number of links there for store creation SEO graphic design web design
fulfillment at sourcing agent customer service and again I’m working on product
research viral thumbnails copywriting contact center social media management
blog creation is one thing to add as well I’ve got plenty of skilled
individuals that I’m planning to add here so that you guys don’t have to so
this is a win-win for everyone so it really would mean a lot for people if
you do want to grow your own freelancing or
agency in your own regard this is a perfect opportunity okay there’s no
nothing for this in me this is purely to try and help the community grow as a
whole which i think is really really really important so that concludes
today’s video guys I hope you did enjoy it I hope you have a lovely day I hope
you take care and good bye

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