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Sharpie – Start with Sharpie – Draftfcb | YouTube Advertisers

Sharpie – Start with Sharpie – Draftfcb | YouTube Advertisers

I grew up in Malaysia on a bird farm. I was
just not a very good student. I was terrible in math, I was terrible in English. I’m still
terrible in English. If you are terrible at math in Malaysia you automatically go into
art. So that kind of worked out for me because that was what I’ve always wanted to do. So
I came to study animation in the states. I got lucky I guess and I landed my job at a
game company. I was at a coffee shop and I needed something to write ideas down on. I
didn’t have a paper so the best next thing was a cup because its also white you know
it’s kind of like canvas. I wrote some ideas down on it and I also drew some things on
the side. I started drawing on a few cups later on. When my friends saw the cups they asked me
what I was going to do with it and I said some of them are kind of nice maybe I can
sell it. One of them just said, “No one’s is going to buy that crap.” I wanted to just
prove him wrong and I think I could’ve done so by selling the cup for like 20 cents. I’m
sure someone would buy the cup for 20 cents. I didn’t want to stop it there I wanted to
make it much bigger. The process takes anywhere from a couple hours to a couple of months.
I don’t sketch on the cups, I just draw directly with a Sharpie. I would look at a cup for
a long time and wonder if this stroke is going to make or break the cup. There are times
where I got up to 95%-98% done and I would draw something that would ruin the entire
piece. I think the challenge was addicting and ever since I drew on the first cup that’s
all I wanted to draw on. When I was a kid I read the book “Around the
World in 80 Days” and its always fascinated me. I’ve worked as an animator for about 12
years now and I have decided to take a break from it and see the world. People say they
want to see the world one day but none of them really ever do it and I decided if any
time was a good time to do it this is the right time. I am going to take Route 66 to
Chicago and then I don’t know where the hell I’m going after that. For the first time in
my life I do not have a back up plan. I don’t know what’s in store. There will be nothing
familiar to me except my cups and the car. Just go along with whatever comes my way.
The difference between a dream and reality is just doing it so if you want to get something
done or if you have a dream, don’t wait, just go for it. My name is Boey, I’m an artist.
Now what are you going to start?

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