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Shannon Wertz Supports Manhattan Beach Roundhouse – Viral Publicity Business Networking

Shannon Wertz Supports Manhattan Beach Roundhouse – Viral Publicity Business Networking

i alwaz handlers local business professional sanitation and also has a the very good reason to art l_a_ ala ala sandals lifestyle to know what to
tell us in business and in real estate could you tell us dusty manhattan beach area region what does the roundhouse aquarium meaning and determine what what do people
see it when they come to town people’s email honestly they stay seated here planning it’s hard it’s so you know what you
did during for the restaurant into the sunset it’s beautiful i have a private beautiful
painting in my house and brown houses needed installed to view full
the kids love it kids there from here to turn off from here
and people from the west side exactly my friends
in the west side here whatever its i call it look women handy chin lemon and beats paris justices formulade it some disparity places right now in l_a_
in america whatever that have that feeling and it’s really it’s it’s a staple here’s
a landmark in six volumes another now live yeah telecom people from visa northern part
of los angeles fancy networking disney studios aren’t lending out at work in the city and even if west l_a_ for that matter it would you say that the transplant is very
identifiable and is one of the main reasons why people
identify nellis manhattan beach i mean i think i think the end of the day
uh… people vitae mean-spirited danica obviously so they can you hear about your feet soul
europe each person and with that said the um… explaining to live with them out the kids are gonna have the kids you have
now difference to me for the weekend it’s not
your full-time residents are frightened residents self beats all the slight visits it speaks
volumes i’ve seen height one in there the friend of mine skin-tight petting sting rays on the settlers like this
i haven’t done that you threw them out with you that i think it’s right here in our backyard
instance as it’s gone it’s beautiful and love it i helped helping raise money for inspiration arms that
jessica is down cop how hard is it to raise money and how
much time does it change here would be able to to follow through on and on and an outfit
like this i think it’s really hard case in point icebox fabulous jewelry offices fee shall about this is from falling this
is like off the charts a hundred box you can even get this is like off the charts the point
is people people buying we all need to support
it it’s hard to fundraise but altho all it takes the couple people that really means a lot
to to write a check and it does wonders for thousands of people also to feed so she had what what we just need
an estimated rajeev come on baby records act

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