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Sextuplets | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sextuplets | Official Trailer | Netflix

My whole life, 
I always wondered what my birth family was like. Open it. My mama had six babies
at the same time! We’re sextuplets! Maybe one of them
changed their name to Idris Elba. You know, we do have strikingly similar 
bone structure. You’re my brother, Russell!
Come here! This is awkward. All right, shush. Hey. Stranger danger!
Stranger danger! I decided to join you
to find our siblings. Good night, Alan. Hey, man, you naked! The buck is beautiful. Boy, if you don’t 
put some damn clothes on. So, you’re a stripper? What the hell? A stripper and exotic dancer
are different. See this? Plié, relevé, 
ass on face. Please, don’t do that. Ethan? You smell like money. No, you got… you got 
Republican money, huh? Hey! You know I’m a Bernie Bro. You shop at Whole Foods. I am free! I was about to 
El Chapo this bitch. What in the
Real Housewives of Atlanta is this? Thank you, brother! Baby Pete is in the hospital. Alan! It’s not every day that
a long-lost family member appears out of thin air to donate a kidney. You said what? Why my kidney? Why don’t you take 
one of theirs? Don’t look at me, ’cause I sniffed 
way too much laptop cleaner and I popped a molly yesterday. I want some molly. Just gotta find 
the rest of ’em. Hood slide! I always wanted to do that. These past few days
have been the greatest -of my life.
-My doe. Since we hit the road together, I’ve done things
I’ve only seen on television. Pillow fight! Now that’s… how you pillow fight!

100 thoughts on “Sextuplets | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Oh snap Marlon and yvette finally getting along 🤣 if you watch Marlon on Netflix you know wat I’m talm bout

  2. I hope there’s a sequel! On the next one the plot could be that all the sextuplets go looking for their biological father!!!

  3. For the love of God don't watch this movie. I'm come from the future to tell you that you won't laugh even once during this movie unless you are at gunpoint.

  4. Lmfao I love their style of comedy with making people fly across rooms.. fly when hit by a car.. fly when getting ejaculated on.. lmfao funny as hell

  5. Commenting from South Africa. Thought Marlon was going to be OTT as usual but this movie was funny AF. Laughed through out. Loved every character.

  6. I’ve already seen the movie but some of these comments gotta go… y’all hating on this dude but I know you still watched it and laughed 💀 stop hating on this man, he’s always been funny.. nobody asked for your hateful comments anyway 🤡

  7. This guy is corny, we've seen this shit a thousand times already, thanks to the greats like Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence!!

  8. Six siblings + the mom all played by Marlon Wayans! Can't wait for the sequel!!!! 7 characters in one movie!! What's the record for single actor with the most characters in one movie?

  9. If you thought Jack and Jill was the greatest comedy of all time, then you’re gonna love Marlon Mayan’s first movie in 50 years 3 times as much, Sectuplets. Rated PG-13

  10. I watch all marlins shyt. I watch this twice in a row bout to watch it again lol. I like the pimp and the sick dude they full of game

  11. My lord this may be the worst attempt at comedy I have ever seen. Put all the corny shit and lame acting into one show with trash 1 liners. If you watch this and think its funny I feel bad for you

  12. marlon Wayans been in a time capsule for the last 20 years so you guys are going to have to forgive him if his style of comedy is a little

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