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Setup Google Adsense and Get a WordPress Blog Accepted – 2017

Setup Google Adsense and Get a WordPress Blog Accepted – 2017

All right so now we’re going to move on
to Adsense pretty similar process you can just Google Adsense and all right so
we’ll do it in incognito show you what it looks like when your new user of
course so you’ll just look up this link google.com slash ads and flush start all
right that we could look at her video about like phones and you know cheese
and and the link I want you to actually go to in fact is just Google ads and
sign up I think it’s slightly different to sign up right here so I’ll leave you
these in the comments below of course in the video notes and the beauty here is
that there’s only three things you need and you know exactly what you need so
you just need to sign into your Google account that’s the first step and then
it’s going to ask about your website so you need to have some sort of website up
you know Google understands that there are restrictions on free web sites like
WordPress common tumblr for where you can put ads so they don’t want to mess
with that they just want you to have your own WordPress website I mean that’s
the definition of a real website these days having WordPress and they want you
to have a little bit of content so it doesn’t look like you’re going to be
phony or just like duplicate websites your website has to look authentic so
what you need to do is follow the steps to make a wordpress website or blog and
then right I would say one to three blog posts and populate it with some nice
content and then you’ll go ahead and submit your website right here in the
welcome to adsense window alright after that you enter your new basic
information and they approve or disapprove use so at that point I got to
say good luck and I’m happy to help you at any point in the comments below get
accepted to Adsense little bit harder nowadays I’ve heard
there is a line then when I signed up like you know so many years ago but you
can do it I’m here to help just don’t delay because it can take some time to
get approved alright so inserting adsense on to your
blogger website and putting an ad up is just as easy as putting Google Analytics
in may be even easier just go to this Adsense site google.com slash Adsense
now sign in once you’re approved it’ll hopefully look something like this so
this is the new modern dashboard and yeah alright so we want to click on my
ads and you’re going to want to click new ad unit I already have some we can
use they’re already active so it won’t take any time for them to appear let’s
try this one Gregg line.com sidebar from one of our past amazing tutorials you
just need to copy the code asynchronous is recommended and then come back to
your blog and then easiest is to hover over the menu and click widgets and I’ll
take you right to this sidebar area so what I like doing is using a text widget
add widget and then just pasting in that code and make sure to click Save
otherwise it won’t work and so this is another way of viewing our main sidebar
and it’s the old-fashioned way of seeing widgets the newer way is click and
customize and then you can get to widgets from there like we added our you
know Facebook box now we can X out and see our blog and hopefully we’ll have a
nice add somewhere but we don’t and that’s because I actually run ad blocker
to click that and upper right and approve all pages on this domain exclude
so now we have our very first Google ad working and it knows that I like Virgin
Australia because we just want to Australia it’s a pretty smart program
it’ll generate your blog or your website revenue and type of ads is show up will
depend on the content around it and the cool thing
is that depending on your niche those ads can earn you anywhere from one to
about $20 per click because you know obviously when someone clicks it that
person’s going to spend more if it’s like stock market advice or a finance
book as opposed to just like you know cat toys or something I spend a lot on
cat toys but so then you’re going to earn money and there’s no reason that
you can’t make you know anywhere from one hundred to five hundred dollars
maybe even a thousand after a few months of work it’s definitely difficult but if
you blog every day and publish every week regularly you’ll be amazed how
people come and enjoy your content and will get to know you and even help you
you know by using your advertisements and your products and for a lot of
bloggers I’ve talked to you and heard about putting that first Adelman blog is
the first step to earning a full-time income there’s no limit on it through
blogging alright so now you know how to do that first step that a lot of people
can’t even figure out

24 thoughts on “Setup Google Adsense and Get a WordPress Blog Accepted – 2017

  1. Hi there, thanks for your video!
    I have a question as I am new to all this.
    I have seen that AdSense is going to be deprecated in May 2017 and whoever has that need to disable all the ad otherwise they will not be able to be changed. This is what I understood and, considering I do not understand much of it my question is…:
    is it still worth using it?

  2. Hi Greg, thank you. I just added and ad after watching your video. I have one question though. I tried to add page level ads and looks like it is only valid for mobil phones because it doesn't show. Google had it for desktops computers too now that figure is removed unless I am wrong. I just created it and can't use it. Do you have any videos about how to add page level ads for desktop PCs? Thank you again for great and quality videos.

  3. This is great thank you, but I'm stuck on the step 3 of the google adsense sign up. I have the code, but I don't where to past it within the wordpress. Can you please provide instructions on where to find <head> tag so I can paste the code? If it helps I'm using the redwood theme from solo pine. Thanks!

  4. Before they aprove your adsense account you have to insert an HTML in your WordPress, I'm stuck there. Where do I put it. I have the "twenty sixteen" theme

  5. Can you show us how to create an ad on ad sense please? First time user here! Just started my blog a day ago thanks to your tutorial!

  6. I have already a youtube chennel with google adsense host account how to add my website with same host adsense account?

  7. i want to promote adsense site with paid traffic, not important which niche, how i choose the best domain to get max profit?

  8. I am a wordpress Website customizer, I have been doing this for years now and i have good customer reviews.Most
    people may probably want to add premium customizations to their website, just head over an order

  9. Okay, so before moving forward (After we sign up, post the code between the open and closing header tags, updating our names, address, and phone number, and clicking done) should we wait until we get approved? my site is: ForAChanceToWinToday.com or For A Chance To Win Today DOT Com, and it's an internet marketing blog. For thos confused by the second name, remove the spaces and replace the DOT with a period.

  10. My site only shows the html code I pasted in from adsense – I don't know how to rectify the problem. It's hugely frustrating because there is no clear-cut way to contact adsense. So, I'm stuk with this ugly html code on my website and no ad.

  11. HELP! I didn't even know I was finally approved for adsense (I am assuming that's what it is) I applied months ago. I go into my site today and there are ads ALL OVER. It's only a couple, but they are all over the place. It has totally messed up the layout of my site. Where do I need to go to fix this, either by turning it off or by allocated a widget space for the ads? TIA

  12. How longer it will take to get approved? I applied for them 15 days ago and still did not get a response

  13. Brother, i have a doubt. unfortunatly yesterday my adsense account was disabled due to invalid click. but domain is not banned by google. so can i use another adsense on same wordpress blog? i mean in same domain? please reply

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