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Setting Your Budget on AdWords Express

Setting Your Budget on AdWords Express

So you’ve created your ad, and now you need to set your budget. Here’s how to get started. Google recommends a budget based on your product
or service and location. However, you’re free to adjust
up or down as needed. The higher your budget, the more potential customers
you can reach. Simply decide how much
you want to spend every month, and we’ll optimize your ad to reach as many potential
customers as possible within your budget. So how does it work? Even though you set
a monthly budget, you won’t be charged
that amount upfront. Instead, you’ll accrue costs only when someone clicks your ad. The total cost will never
exceed your monthly budget, and you can change it
or pause your ad at any time. When you advertise on Google, you only pay for results. If a customer sees your ad
but decides not to interact with it, then there’s no charge. In other words, you only pay when it works, and you’re always in control.

5 thoughts on “Setting Your Budget on AdWords Express

  1. I just used adwords for my channel. I put a budget of 1.79 per day and put 20 dollars in credits. The next day the video I promoted had 16,000 views and a charge of 89 dollars. Am I doing something wrong here?

  2. I hate the setup for both versions of AdWords. There’s no way to set an exact budget for an exact period of time. Very difficult for me as a marketer!

  3. Google all describes that everything is so simple and easy. But the rules are described so blurred that your account can be blocked at any time and you will not be explained for whatever reason you are blocked. You will simply be blocked and no one will talk to you. A support service will mock you and even dare.

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