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Setting Up Your Facebook Business Manager And Creating A Facebook Ad Account | V11_P2

Setting Up Your Facebook Business Manager And Creating A Facebook Ad Account | V11_P2

if you have a business page on Facebook
that you used to spread the word about who you are and what you do or you
advertise on Facebook Facebook recommends setting up a
facebook business manager as good business practice that aids in adding to
the legitimacy of your business in this video we’ll go over why you might want
to set up a business manager account how to actually get one set up and get
around inside it how to bring your business page in to your business
manager and create an ad account let’s do this welcome to how to set up your
facebook business manager and create a Facebook ad account this video didn’t
really fit in with the last video video 11 how to set up key social media
profiles for your business so I thought I’d make a standalone video and consider
it part 2 of video 11 this video is part of a video series titled how to easily
create a web presence for your business even if you have zero technical skills
I’m Kevin Striker with Tru Lift Digital Marketing let’s get right at it in the
last video we created social profiles pages and a channel for your business in
facebook twitter youtube and google+ staying within the Facebook platform for
this video what I wanted to highlight from the last video was that I showed
you how to create a personal Facebook profile for those that might not already
have one because it is a prerequisite for creating a Facebook page for your
business which we did in that video together having a personal profile is
also a prerequisite for what we’re going to be doing in this video creating a
facebook business manager account so if you didn’t get a chance to watch part 1
of video 11 I suggest you go back and check that video out first while you can
create a business page directly inside a facebook business manager I will not be
covering that here in part 2 as I already covered it in part 1 facebook
business manager is a central hub where you can manage your advertising accounts
your business pages and access of various people within your business or
outside your business relating to business activities within Facebook it
is not something that you necessarily need to set up in order to advertise or
have a business page so to explain who does need or should set up a Facebook
business manager account let’s jump to the live screen to do that I’ll start
off inside fresh new tab with the Google search
screen open I’m just gonna directly enter the URL that I want which is
business dot facebook.com and click enter which brings me to the Facebook
for business page now I already have a business manager setup so I won’t create
a new one but rather put my Tru Lift Digital Marketing page inside of that
existing business manager but I’ll show you how to set yours up first if you are
wondering why you would even want to set one up just scroll below if your
business is one where you require more than one ad account or if perhaps you
want the business manager to handle more than one business that is a good reason
if you run an agency or have an agency that works for you and you want to give
access to your account to them the business manager can help you do that if
you have a staff or at least more than one person who you are going to give
access to your Facebook account but you want to control permissions to your
pages or add accounts that is another solid reason maybe you’ve got someone
who handles your advertising and a social media manager that handles the
content on your pages or if you just have a business partner etc and while it
doesn’t say so on this page I’ve seen it elsewhere inside of Facebook support
pages that creating a business manager account is good business practice and
aids and adding to the legitimacy of your business if you have even more
questions you can check out this section like why should I use business manager
if I already have an account on Facebook and so forth
and if you do want to go forward click on create account then just log into
your personal account with email our phone number and password and click
login this little profile pic up here
indicates that I am logged in to my personal account now that you’re logged
in just click on create account again enter your business name for me that’s
tru lift digital marketing and click continue
since you’re logged in it will pre-populate your first name and last
name just enter your business email address
and click on finish at the bottom right like I said I already have a business
manager account so I’ll stop here get into mine and then pick things up from
there I’ll just hit back and cancel to get out of this particular operation and
just go inside of my personal account by entering facebook.com/ in the URL field
I’ll just click on the drop down arrow on the right side of the blue navigation
bar now in the last video video 11 setting up social profiles we went down
here and created a business page which is now up here tru lift digital
marketing what I want to do now and show you how to do is place that page inside
of a business manager like I have created here since I already have a
business manager to show you where you will end up once you have created yours
I’ll just go inside of the one that I have created for this business
autoresponders review.com by clicking on it Here I am instead of
my business manager account in here I’ve got an ad account for autoresponders review and my autoresponders review page in the next few minutes we’ll set up these
two accounts for you as well inside of your business manager when you created
your business manager account you likely arrived inside of the business settings
section so I’ll click on that now to load that up now like I’ve said many
times in this video series Facebook changes the layout of their interface
almost weekly so your actual screen is likely already different than the one
you see here but by following along you will be able to figure out how to make
this work for you I’m just going to click on this setup guide button at the
top right so that you can see some more information on what you can accomplish
inside of here and what options are available to you and how to manage those
options and settings feel free to look around in here to give you a better
sense of what is in here I’m just going to hit the back button to go back to the
business settings section in the people section you have your current assets in
this case my page and add account for this business I don’t have a product
catalog assigned if you do want to add people to your business manager to give
them access to your business manager you can do that with this button up
we’re in the people and assets section right now which is where I spend the
majority of my time when I am in here but you also have access to various
projects partners a payment section business info preferences and requests
feel free to look inside each of those then within each of those top sections
you have menu items down the side and then hovering over the I inside the
circle will give you information on what is contained inside of that item the
most used for me are people pages add accounts and then one will use in the
next video to set up your Facebook retargeting pixels if we click inside of
the pages menu items you can see that I currently only have one page but what I
want to do is bring in my tru lift digital marketing page so I’ll click on
the add new pages button and then since we already created that page in the last
video I want to claim that page by clicking on the first option as it says
here to be able to claim a page I need to be the admin which is the highest
level access which I am so I’ll just type in my tru lift page URL which is
facebook.com slash truliftdigital and the search functionality pops up my page
so I’ll just click on it to confirm that that is the one that I’m talking about
check out the Facebook terms and page terms and once you are cool with those
click on the claim page button since I’m the page admin I get automatic
approval I’ll just close that by clicking okay now what I want to do is
create an ad account for tru lift that is separate from my other ad account but
since I now have two pages here inside of the business manager to be able to do
that I have to have tru lift digital as my primary page as opposed to
autoresponders review.com which is the primary right now now if you’re just
starting out the page that you just claimed will be the only page that you
have and therefore by default will be your primary page so you will not have
to complete this step but just in case you end up adding more than one account
either now or in the future I’ll just quickly show you how to change the
primary business page just click on the business info link in the top navigation
area here then click on edit on the right side and then click the drop down
beside autorespondersreview.com and I’ll select Tru Lift Digital Marketing
which automatically changed the image for me then I’ll just change the name to
Tru Lift Digital Marketing to accurately reflect the page and then
click on save to save the changes now I can create the ad account for Tru Lift by clicking on people and assets I’ll just click on pages to verify that
Tru Lift is in fact now the primary page which it is so I’ll click on add
accounts in the side menu and then click on add new add accounts and down to
create a new add account in this pop up beside add account name I’ll just call
it something wildly original like Tru Lift Ad Acct the rest of it looks
good you can check the Facebook terms again but otherwise click create add
account if you want to add people to that
account so that they have access you can for me I’ll just click on skip for now
and the ad account has been created in order to actually use the account you
have to let Facebook know how you are going to pay for those ads so I’ll do
that now to get it out of the way by clicking on the payment methods link
and then click on the add payment method button relevant information and click continue
and there you go payment method added now if you are curious where you do your
advertising from or if you just want to jump right into advertising right away
I’ll quickly show you that just go back to the people and assets section and
then down to ad accounts and click on that there are two areas of Facebook
where you can create ads from when is your ads manager and the other is the
power editor if you are just starting out you will likely start out first
using the ads manager but before I click on that link I’ll just make sure I am in
the correct ad account first I’m actually in the wrong account so I’ll
just switch to the one that I want the Tru Lift Ad Acct and then click on
View ad account in ads manager this is where you will create your
advertising campaign ad set and ads I’ll go through that with you in another
video just check out the Tru Lift Digital Marketing Channel if you’re
interested in that and that is all we’re gonna cover for this video in this video
we talked about who the Facebook business manager is best for and why you
would want to set it up then we did an actual set up or at least I went through
the steps that you would take to set things up we looked around inside the
manager to see all that you have in there at your disposal we claimed a page
which just means that we moved an existing business page inside of the
facebook business manager I showed you how to create an ad account and then I
showed you where you create your Facebook ads from let me know if you’re
liking these videos that I’ve been putting out by clicking the like button
and sharing them with your friends or fellow business owners by hitting the
old share button below the video in the last video in this how to easily create
a web presence for your business even if you have zero technical skills video
series will cover some really cool stuff that can take an OK business and put
some gasoline on it by figuring out what your customers and prospects want by the
actions they take using various analytics tracking methods and tools and
then setting you up with the ability to get back in front of those particular
prospects that have already shown interest in what you are doing but
didn’t go the full distance on completing an action that you hoped they
would the proverbial second chance and third chance etc that would otherwise
just be another lost prospect incredibly powerful stuff
utilizing retargeting and remarketing for your website your videos and your
ads video 12 is chock-full of content to help move your business forward faster
and round out this video series I really hope you’ll join me for the last video
in this series keep moving your business forward and I’ll see you over there
click the link on your screen or in the description area to go to that video now you

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  1. I added all the pages I manage and I am unable to create a separate ad account or change the primary business page. Might you know why this is the case? BTW, thanks for the video. 🙂

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