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Setting Up Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads Manager the First time

Setting Up Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads Manager the First time

Good morning everyone. Today we’re going
to be talking about Facebook advertising and how to set this up from scratch if
you’ve never done it before. Now what I’m talking about here is not boosted posts
so I understand some of you have a personal profile you’ve been using and
then you’ve used boosted posts to actually run your advertisements and
that’s an OK strategy to start with, but at this point in the game we really need
to get a bit more serious about it and do a few more things and have a lot more
functionality so we are going to go and create a Facebook Ads manager
account, a Facebook Business Page and I’m going to show you how to do that in this
video so I’m just gonna share my screen with you and you’re gonna see here that
we have – this is actually my husband’s personal account – so we’re gonna actually
create a business page for him and then create his Facebook Ads manager
account as well. I hope that makes sense. So let’s just talk quickly (if I just
come back here, let me just unshare my screen), right, let’s just talk to
talk quickly about the benefits of a Facebook Business page and the benefits
of a Facebook Ads Manager. So, one of the big benefits is that you can actually assign
other people or add other people whether that’s an employee or a marketing agency
or a social media agency you can assign them to work on your advertising and you
have different levels of authority that you can give them. The other thing is
like you can switch accounts so if you have more than one account like you have
a personal account and you have a business account you can advertise on
both pages it doesn’t just have to be one or the other and you might want to
play around with that and just people kind of reach your high results you’re
getting on each of those pages it also allows you to do that without giving
access to anyone. Like your personal page and your Business Page you can give
access to who you want, so you can kind of control that process. If you’re going
through an ads agency you might not want to give them access to your personal
Facebook page and give them the opportunity to delete that, but with the
Business Page and the Business Adverts you’re giving them access only
so they can create the investments for you and same for an employee: imagine if
they accidentally deleted your Facebook page you’d probably be pretty cranky
with them. So yeah, and you can send and add to any page that you have in your
ads managers so that is also the great news so, as an Agency
Manager, I have a bunch of clients and they’ve all given me access to their
Facebook pages and so I can create and put ads on their accounts on their
behalf. So, let’s just go through the process now so I can show you how this
is going to look so the first thing if you guys can see here this is my, as I
said before, my husband’s Facebook page, we’re just gonna
click on the down arrow here, yep, and you can see here “Create Ads” and click on
“Create Ads”. and it’s just gonna come up so if I wanted to, just gonna click “OK”
guys, so if I wanted to create an ad here you can see here I select this
drop-down this is the only ads account I have which is the “Ashley Arkit” ads
account and the Ads Manager for Ashley Arkit. Does that make sense? So I don’t
really want to do that so what I’m gonna do is go and set up a business account.
So I’m just gonna go to business.facebook.com yeah and it will bring
me to the Business Manager Page. I’m going to click on “Create account” ok and
the business name, I’m going to call this Futureproof Videos, yeah, and you can
call it whatever you like, and I’m gonna click “Continue”
and then we’re going to put the email address in, I’ll just put his email
address because that will make life easier, okay, you know what,
yeah finally, finally – it just takes a little while sometimes – right I’m just
gonna click “Remind me later”about the security. And from here what you want to
do is, you basically want to create a new account so you’re gonna create a new
page and then create a new ad account right, so I’m just gonna add a page so I
can either add a page that I own, so I could add my Futureproof Marketing page
for example, or I could add someone else’s page, so say for example I’m an
employee of the business, and they’ve said oh create some ads for me, then I would
request access to the main page of someone else if I already knew there was
a Facebook page on there. Also as an agency, I’m not gonna go create a page
from scratch for them unless they don’t have one so if they did have a
Facebook page then I could go in and add their page, so request access to their
page, and then they’re gonna grant me access. Or alternatively in this case we’re
going to create a new page. I’m going to click on “Create page” and it’s gonna come
up with a list of options for me so I’m gonna actually call this one a brand or
product but I could go local business as well. So let’s do brand your
product, and I’m gonna call the page is going to be called “Futureproof Videos”
and the category is gonna be probably “Marketing” so we just go down to where we find yeah let’s just put it as “Brand” yeah and
just gonna “Create page”so you can choose your category, and this is nice work it’s
being created and added to this Business Manager Account so I’m just gonna close
that now and so now we can see we actually have a page and it’s added. Does
that make sense guys? So that’s all done what we’re gonna do is like, we can
actually from here we could go to our page but what I’m gonna do right now is
(if we have a look it’s come up with a little notification here in activity) so I can
actually put changes and put role changes and stuff like that in). But what
I want to do now is ad an Ad Account. So I’m gonna add in that account
yeah and if I already have an ad account than
that’s fine, so I could add on that account that I owned or I could create a new ad
account, yeah? So I’m going to create a new ad account
and we’re gonna call it – you can’t call it the same name as your page – so I’m
just going to call it Futureproof Videos Ads – yeah – and let’s change the time to just scroll down to whatever – it’s not
loving me today it’s slow – sorry – you can just keep scrolling down and through
until we find Australia which is always at the end isn’t it.
Usually. Usually it’s at the end, what have we got here), there we go right at the
end anyway you guys get the drift, but I want to get this right because if we do
use this in the future it needs to be right. So Australia, Sydney, it’s actually
Australia Broken Hill is the one that we’re in, because we’re in Adelaide. Okay
so I’m gonna select that, the currency is gonna be Australian dollars and as you
can see I haven’t set up the payment method yet I haven’t set up credit cards.
I’m going to click on “Create Add Account” and it just is taking a few minutes and
it’s asking me if I want to add any people so with your Business Page just make
sure that you do go into your business page and actually optimize it and make
sure that everything on there is done and the reason why I say that is because
if it’s optimized you’re gonna actually be able to compete with the competition
a lot better, so optimizing your page means that Facebook is gonna show yours first it does improve the Facebook algorithm yes, and make sure once you
have set your Business Page up that you do go back and you actually go in and
change it about it and add everything that’s Facebook’s suggesting you do. Alright so it’s saying add people, I’m just gonna search, just a little bit slow for
some reason, so let’s just skip this process for now, right, so this is being
created and added to the Business Manager Account yeah? So then we can go
to payment methods and we click on payment methods and then we’re gonna add in our payment details yep now today obviously yep so there we go future
proof videos does not have any payment methods yet just go and we add that in
and then we’re gonna add obviously our credit card details security code and
click on continue. Today I’m not putting my details in there so I’m just gonna click
on cancel, because we can go and I’ll set that up a little bit later once I start
advertising on this page. So back to the “F” anytime you’re in doubt just go back
to the “F” and that’s gonna see here is our page, so we can actually go we can
actually see now that we have ( if I just scroll down here for you) you can
actually see down the bottom of the screen we’ve got the Futureproof Videos Ads here. Does that make sense? I hope this is clear, there’s a few places to
look, I just want to show you because I know sometimes Ads Manager and Pages can definitely get very tricky right so there’s a couple of places to look. First
of all if you click on the “F” yeah that’s gonna show you all the bits
and pieces, and if you click on this drop-down here, the Business Manager, look at
this. So this is where we’re gonna find all kinds of different things that we
need for our ads, now just to talk you briefly through Business Manager is
where we set up our admin rights and access and payment and all the details
we need for our ads account. The Ads Manager is where we manage our access and payment don’t worry too much about these because we’re not going to use them the other
area that we do use is like, so Ads Reporting you can actually see what’s
going on with your ads, and Analytics is also another great area, and then the
Events Manager is where we can actually see how to set up
our pixels see what our pixel is, check out the offline events, custom
conversions all of that kind of thing. So there’s a bunch of different things that
we can do – oh, and billing also there’s another area that you may need to use. So
there’s lots of different things in here I’m not going to concern
you too much with that right now but what we are going to do is go to Ads
Manager so I can show you that, so just take a little while to load Ads
Manager – it’s saying there’s some changes coming, so I’m like that’s fine, right so
you can see right here – I can see I’m in the right ads account guys this is so, so
important, so if I click on the dropdown here we’ve got Ashley Arkit and we’ve
got Futureproof Videos Ads right, so now I have two ads accounts. Now this is my
personal account so I’m probably not gonna be advertising on this personal
account, and this is my business account so this is the page that I’m gonna be
advertising on. Really hope that makes sense, yep?
So from here this is gonna be where we’re gonna set up all of our ads so
I’ll do that in the next video but I just want you to understand the
difference between these two because if we have this selected by accident then
we’re going to go create ads on our Personal account which we don’t ideally
want to do so make sure that your Business Page is selected guys that is
super super important. What else do I need to tell you, yeah, just make sure
that you do go to your Payment Settings so if we come back here, make sure you go
to your billing and your payment settings and set all of that stuff up, just takes a little yep so it says I
have no goals but if I go to my payment settings then you can see this is where
I set up all the bits and pieces yeah, so I can add my payment methods here and
also super important guys make sure you set an account spending limit, yeah,
so what I like to do is each month I will come back here and then click to
refresh and refresh that back to zero, or reset my account spending limit
so that I know exactly how much money I have spent every month on the ad
campaigns. Does that make sense? Because the Facebook billing process is a little
tricky to wrap your head around, so you have two options really, you can either
run your ads just month-to-month like from the 1st of the 30th of the month, or
you can come back here at the end of each month and then reset your accounts
spending limit so that you know you haven’t gone over your account spending limit
for the month. I really hope that that makes sense,
um one other thing that I did want to show you is how to set up a pixel, this
is super important too guys, so under once again, under our little three little
bars, here we go to “Settings” and we click on down here in the second column “Pixels” and it’s just taking a little while to
load of course, refresh it. Sometimes Ads Manager can run a little slow guys
and that’s okay, so just you know be patient with it, yeah. Just gonna close that and now here under
pixels we’ve got a bunch of things going on here, so we’ve got Facebook pixel
track website activities, measure offline events, measure app events and that’s it.
So we’re not running an app yet guys, we probably don’t need that one, the
offline events we can actually look at putting in if you’re more of like
a bricks and mortar business, but for now we’re just gonna look at the
Facebook pixel in tracking website activities, and in tracking landing page
activities. So I’m just going to click here on get started yeah, and we’re just gonna call it Futureproof Videos ad pixel, I’m just going to take out, I’ll just add a pixel yeah, and
“Create” and as big tick so that means it has
been created, and I can actually go and I can install it using some code, okay. So
that’s the point we need to get to yes so there we go, so that’s the point we
need to get to in the next video I will show you how to do this, because what
we’re going to now do is basically we’re going to send ourselves a code, and we’re
going to use those codes to set up our Clickfunnels page, our website, everything
else yeah. So I hope that makes sense, if you want to email yourself the pixel
instructions too, just so you know don’t stress about this, because you can
actually email this whole thing to you yeah
and so all you need to do is down the bottom it says email instructions so
click on “email instructions” and that’s gonna email it to you or to whomever. I’m
just gonna send it to myself so that I have a copy, yeah,
and so from here if I just show you briefly we can actually, we’ve got the
Facebook pixel ID, that’s it there in the blue, and this is our code which we’re
going to end up copying and pasting and then you can also install events
codes which we’ll talk about in a further video. And so I’m just going to
send myself the pixel and that’s it, and so that will have gone to my email
address now so I hope that makes sense, if you guys have any questions about the
basic setup of your Business Page or your Ads Manager please feel free to
contact me. It’s not too tricky but sometimes there are a few little niggly
issues that happen, so just reach out please and give me a message or an email
so that I can help you with it. Hope that makes sense, have a great day
guys, enjoy whatever it is you’re doing working on your Facebook ads, and I’ll
talk to you soon.

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