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Setting Up a Facebook Ads Funnel – Webinar Replay – Organik Digital

Setting Up a Facebook Ads Funnel – Webinar Replay – Organik Digital

hello there folks down here I’m gonna
make myself across the whole screen here welcome I hope you’re enjoying the
smooth sounds of Bruno Mars out and I was just in a bruno mood this morning
I’ve had even going most of the morning and what a better way to start a
Wednesday morning and headed into the afternoon I really appreciate you
joining me today lunchtime and taking his hour to learn about more about
Facebook advertising and taking some time to learn a little bit more about
your business and how Facebook can help grow and scale it my name is Dan from
organic digital obviously at organic we help small and medium businesses both
many share ads as well as train and educate them like we’re doing for the
next hour and today’s topic is on Facebook advertising files which you may
have heard of before or heard mentioned or just heard sales funnels in general
and may be intrigued as to how Facebook can help drive for sales funnels or
customer journey whatever term you want to call we’re covering that today oh
quickly in a sec I’ll take my head off the screen and actually get into the
content but obviously and there’s a couple of housekeeping issues as the
comments here I’m hope I’m pointing in the right direction feel free to leave
questions throughout the webinar I’ll probably come back to those questions at
the end of the webinar so the training will go for approximately 40 to 45
minutes and leave enough time for questions with the questions just try to
be as descriptive as possible because if I miss some throw out and don’t
potentially know the context of all your questions about then it makes me hard um
and I’ll be asking you once we get to that question so just try and make these
details possible but yeah we’ll cover any questions at
the end if there’s any that I don’t get to or something that you’re not sure
about all make sure I follow up with you afterwards as well by email and also in
a comments off post a link to a worksheet that can help you create your
Facebook advertising funnel and put it into practice what we’re going to teach
today you’ll also get access to their slides
in any links mentioned throughout the webinar as well
so they’ll all be in PDF version emailed to you they would have already been
emailed fever they’ll be flood up in it the webinar as well if you missed that
one we don’t need to use a worksheet now you can come back and you can stop and
start me as much as you like after the fact you’ll have a rate access to a
replay as well so let’s get into it I’m going to go half and half a little
bit and then once we get into the main content I’ll forego it to the full
presentation but obviously goes without saying but for the next hour you’ve made
time to try and learn more about Facebook advertising so you owe it to
yourself just to try and keep it as distraction free as possible on earth
it’s really difficult particularly if this is your lunch hour about turn off
any notifications from Facebook ironically even though we’re talking
about it email etc just try and shut down for the next hour I’m and this
communal attention because I’ve attended a lot of webinars and trained a lot of
webinars in my time and I know that you get the most out of them when you follow
along and feel free to take notes if you like like I said you’ve got access to
these files I do need anything keeping me um whether they is education I don’t
be able to single questions yeah Bruce’s post before so Facebook notification
both use the money behind it but it’s many sometimes earthmister posts if
worked like hey but most probably haven’t or maybe not quite sure what to
put in your facebook ads as in what the content should be and another one we
always get is I can never tell yes okay I’m looking
and then you’re in the right spot because today we’re going to be telling
more about what’s working with how to find out understand training so any
advertising training is I get around the Facebook advertising is helps a sexy on
the strength of Facebook ads the capabilities of it why people are
talking more about Facebook advertising and also why I think it’s different than
any other online advertising meeting so I’m going to set the scene first and
then we’ll get into the specific details around the Facebook advertising funnel
but this is a really variable information and it gives you a better
understanding and the capabilities and hey put them into place so Facebook
advertising it’s no surprise that it’s really hot probably at the moment I’ve
seen my own business and just in the conversations happening online and
purely also the amount of clients that we manage now would you just facebook
over twice and clients and that’s purely just because it’s the advertisers
themselves on Facebook are growing exponentially and these stats are
actually from April of this year and so that ticked over 5 million advertisers
in April of this year and I think it was September October of last year that are
at 4 million so I’m expecting is that I hope this continued that they’re
probably not far off taking over 6 million advertisers around the world
interestingly 75% of them from outside of the USA as well so this is really a
worldwide business and Instagram is growing a lot as well as we don’t know
Facebook own Instagram and you can see at Instagram you need by Facebook but
they there’s a lot of people advertising on Instagram as well and I have no doubt
that that is grow that has grown a lot in the last six months but as potential
especially rather with the capabilities and the ad units and the growth of
Instagram itself but obviously with popularity becomes competition it’s just
a supply and demand thing so what Facebook were actually really struggling
with is finding enough and units to enough space to cope with the influx of
advertisers coming through so I want to cover that in more detail in a sec but
really the reason why a lot of people are coming to Facebook to advertise
their business is the power of its community they’re they’ve kicked over 2
billion users worldwide this is in July of this year as well so they’re the kind
of consistent monthly active users of over a billion dollars as well so that
are a really active and returning Bunch what people don’t realize the power of
some of their other apps as well so their messaging apps are incredibly
powerful and they have two of the four largest messaging apps around the world
they have over 700 million users on Instagram which is now overtaking any
other social media channel obviously other than Facebook but it’s really left
Twitter snapchat linked in any of those he sort of here in the same sentence
it’s really overtaking as well and truly so Facebook and Facebook really control
the true major social media channels around the world and that’s that’s the
strength where Facebook lies in its user base and the people that as effectively and the great thing about
Facebook is that their algorithm which basically determines what you see on
your newsfeed so every time you log in there’s an algorithm that is determined
by thousands of different data points on each user so on your profile they
combine all of those and they also combine them with some external data
companies so there’s actually some third-party data suppliers that a more
offline behavior so things like on credit card spending behaviors if your
home loan a mortgage car line whatever it is I’m face Berger actually really
good at combining their user data so their names and email addresses and
locations etc with details from external companies as well so they’re now
combining those and they’re getting more data than they’ve ever had on its user
its user base and they can retarget based on the behaviors that they perform
as well so the algorithm is Advent is as advanced as ever be and it’s only
getting better and basically the whole the whole power of Facebook advertising
it has an ability to find users that are most likely perform the your campaign
objectives so what I mean by that is when you first up a campaign and you’ve
got different objectives from for instance video views engagement
clicks to website conversions for instance there are different people that
perform different behaviors that there are different people that watch more
videos and so if your objective is video views for instance and you’ve got a data
pool of a million people there will be a percentage of people within that 1
million people that watch a lot of videos on Facebook so they’re most
likely to see ads if your objective is video views also if there’d be another
data set within that 1 million people that click on a lot of links and go to
external websites off Facebook so if your objective is website clicks then
they’re most likely to see your ads from those
because they’re most likely that performed the objective of your campaign
so they know the behaviors that people perform as well as the actual interests
and details around the user itself on what they do on a day to day basis both
on Facebook but also off of Facebook as well one of the big trends we’re seeing
in facebook at the moment I’m sure you’ve probably seen in the news feeds
is that they’re prioritizing video over any other sort and really the basis of
that is because video maintains people’s attention it keeps them on the newsfeed
for longer it it allows them to watch and consume more and more videos so kind
of like when you jump on YouTube and you find yourself watching three or four or
five videos after you’ve watch that one that you’ve gone you just wanted to
spend a couple of minutes watching Facebook you’re getting much better at
that so they know the the power for them lies in video and they’re all about
keeping people on their news day because they want to keep people within their
platform obviously consuming more sponsored content making them more money
it’s a business decision basically some other capabilities are tactics so like I
said it can be more people within the platform and they’re doing it very well
through mobile an emphasis on mobile and trying to be engaged people buy them or
they know that’s the future really that more and more people are consuming their
content across my god so that’s where they’re putting a much more emphasis on
people and their mobile apps not just the Facebook Norman’s Facebook mobile
app but the messenger Facebook Messenger and showing ads to that they’ve got an
audience network which is similar to kind of like your Google Adsense Network
where you’ll go to different web sites and there’s they’ve got placements with
Google ads well Facebook has its own little network they’re usually they’re
actually on mobile apps and mobile sites and they allow people to put ads within
those sites as well but with all of these tactics and yes they continuously
evolve but the principles remain the same and that’s what I want to cover
today around look at familes and that’s really that
you need to approach it you need to have a different approach to Facebook as you
do to any other online meeting because at the end of the day you’re
interrupting their browsing experience the user has a power and they have the
decision on whether they’re going to keep on scrolling past your advert on so
you need to treat that with respect and know that not only is the user going not
going to pay much attention to your advert that if it isn’t relevant through
them but they’re there to do other behaviors and they’re not there to
consume your later sale or promotion so you need to put yourself into the users
shoes as well and also Facebook themselves will always take the side of
its user backs because I know that’s where its strength lies and they know
that if they alienate their user base and they’ll leave the platform so they
always trying to make the best browsing experience for the user base so if your
ads aren’t relevant to them they simply won’t show them and I’ve actually seen
that before if you’re trying to put up ads they’re targeting through the wrong
audience or the ads isn’t structured properly it’s going through to a website
that isn’t isn’t designed properly or potentially post content policies really
cracking down on the quality of advertising it can enhance it so you
wouldn’t be able money actually one packet because they’ll always sense like
this use of us say name to respect that platform and really meaning to be able
to work on building a relationship with your audience and that takes time like
anything and that’s really the basis behind a facebook advertising funnel and
I like this quote I can’t remember who it was from
but this is I think what really wraps up Facebook I’m user base and really social
media in a nutshell is their staffer connection not attention so they can get
as much attention poo and get as much attention as I want but at the end of
the day they still want a connection with human beings with brands they still
want to feel like they there’s an actual real person on the other end of who
they’re talking to and you need to talk to them that way as well so
you need to be able to build trust build Authority and you do that through an
advertising funnel by showing them the ads at the right time that are relevant
to them so really what I try and relate it to is
if you’ve got a bricks and mortar store for instance when someone walks into a
retail store and they walk through the door the first thing you don’t do is
grab whatever’s off the sale rack and shove it in front of them and go here
buy this so I don’t understand if we don’t do that in person why do people
try to sell to people straight up for their first advertisement and I kind of
relate it to those big floppy things easier front of car dealerships and
vacuum stores jump around and just kind of try to grab
people’s attention all the time they that’s a lot of people’s approach to
Facebook advertising so you need to try and drive a deeper connection with them
as opposed to just trying to shout at them and try to grab their attention
away from it exactly what they’re doing because at the end of the day we’re
bombarded with so much media every day there’s different studies out there but
they say that every single person is hit with over two million pieces of media
every single day and the steps that people take to purchase is as long as
it’s ever been used to be that all kind of during the now 10 days of university
brands three times a 40-acre the student mark whether to investigate more words
there are different studies out there that say it’s up to six to seven times
and other studies after 17 months just purely because of the saturation in the
media that you’ve people are taking longer than make a decision and they’re
investigating more and I’ve got so much more resources at their fingertips that
they can investigate your brand and your products and compare your products to
other businesses out there as easy as it’s ever been
so the decision-making process as long as it’s ever been actually want to show
you a story around a purchasing decision that I made recently that I’ve just
documented I kind of started and then went back and
thought I wonder how long it makes me it takes me to make this decision so I
recently bought a new pair of shoes and this is the process that I went from the
first time that I thought I need a pair of shoes through the purse through the
time that I actually gave over my credit card details and purchase so day one I
was actually leaving the gym so that were kind of like a kind of a cross
trainer type pair of shoes and Melbourne winters was slippery on the trials at
the front walked hat and slipped a little bit thinking just it was just the
wet tiles but then I actually looked at them and realized probably thinking back
on clearly probably worn out my runners a little bit too much and had them for a
couple years – too long so I looked at the bottom of the soles and out
completely water so I was like okay well I need to look
at getting a new pair of shoes so for me and this path the purchase is my own
individual one and we need to remember that every single person will enter the
purchasing process in a different way but for me I jumped on Instagram and I
searched the hashtag sneaker head just to see what when the latest sneakers out
there the latest styles I know that a lot of big brands are coming out with
some really cool runners and cross trainers and stuff like that lately so I
jumped on the Instagram searched a hashtag followed a few accounts that was
really day one sitting on the couch did that kind of forgot about it about five
days later so day six was browsing through Instagram again and got served
it wasn’t actually never Tizen was just a post from a brand themselves that went
in and had a cool pair of shoes and that they were profiling and I could click
the link to find out more thought that’s cool jumped onto the weekend that buyer
went through to the website they had a youtube video there
I actually subscribe to people on YouTube I think only probably myself and
people between 6 to 10 years old subscribe to foodon flu on YouTube that
I do so I subscribe to their YouTube user on their website so they had that
YouTube video embedded on their website and again I left or what should I was
fine with everyone to be honest but then on Facebook a couple of days later after
shopping because I become my email previously because I’ve gone through and
abandoned a shopping cart I got an advertisement to say
come back and complete your purchase here’s your discount code again don’t
forget to use that it hit me on the right while I was on my desktop I went
back and grabbed that discount from the email back in step six or seven or
whatever it was and jumped onto their website completed my purchase and I got
the confirmation email that was the next day after that so that was from day one
through true actually completing my purchase and handing over my credit card
detailed with 17 days and that $100 pair of shoes so you need to I guess think
about a number of different things obviously it isn’t a linear process
people will come in at any different stages along this customer journey and
people also do more or less investigation as well some people will
skip straight through and will just go straight to the website and I probably
will do that from future now in there I’ve got these shoes I’m happy with them
and next time I know their game I’ll probably just go straight back to the
website and purchase them again but again that’s also because um I may have
been serving at in maybe a year’s time when my shoes started right now but
maybe I’ll get served a different type of product as well but all of these
decisions and steps that I take along the way are all critical and the way if
you envisage a Facebook sales funnel is that you need to basically start from
the end and work backwards in the potential decision points that I may
make along the way and or you can aim to do is be front of mind because like I
said everyone individual will be person will be in with your French brother
there isn’t a consistent journey through from first step and being exposed to the
brand through actually converting so there’s no silver bullet you just need
to be and to be front of to be front of mind and take those key decision points
and think about what content you can offer to move them further along to the
next step so how can you build more trust how can you get more details from
them then you can serve a more relevant ad
next time and really this was got sort of an unconscious type decisions I was
making with some of these without even realizing it until I thought back on it
and actually thought about what I’d been served when and clearly I’m looking this
an analytical perspective but the average consumer doesn’t do this they
just make decisions based on what’s in front of them so and these were
strategic ads placed in front of me at the right time because I knew what I was
posted a purchasing this is a really good diagram of how I went from content
through to building a closer relationship with following different
accounts to offering some value through a discount through to offering a product
advertisement that was relevant to me and then again something that could
build a bit more trust to help me get over the line because I knew that I was
really close so this messaging in this advertisement was much different to this
advertisement on day 10 it was it was much more come back and complete your
purchase and it was a bit more sales but they knew that because they’ve already
built that relationship over the course of two weeks and they could talk to me
like that way to get me over the line they knew that it was only one more step
and that was it so the what I want to go through is I guess relate the Facebook
advertising funnel when I refer to different terminology and Facebook
advertising funnel um Facebook actually tell you this when you first set up your
campaign objectives so when you actually go and set up a campaign objective
you’ve got these three columns and you’re presented with these and the
headings how I structure Facebook advertising funnel awareness
consideration and conversion so they actually want you to think of your
overall strategy strategy as a Facebook funnel and Facebook say that you should
be having different campaigns running at the same time that have different
objectives to be able to push them closer to the point of conversion they
know that showing ads straight here to a cold audience probably won’t work or
won’t work assistant Li over a long period of time
so you know they know that you need to spend some money on the awareness and
consideration levels to be able to build that relation to be able to relationship
to be able to serve them the conversion it so you choose I guess when you set up
your objective your choosing aware at what point these people are in your
overall Facebook advertising funnel so if you like I’ve got the worksheet that
I’ve put sent through in your emails also linked over in the comments as well
if you want a copy and paste that link but you’re more than happy to follow
along complete this worksheet as we go we’re actually going to work sort of
from the bottom up so no it doesn’t make much sense but so yeah there is a
recording available the webinar by the way sadly so you can jump on afterwards
you’ll get a you get a record any automated email afterwards it’ll let you
through to come back and watch it so the first first point with the with the
worksheet itself you honestly need to know who you’re wanting to target and
where they start from so last week’s webinar which if you haven’t gone back
and watch there’s some replays on I’ll put the link in the comments in a second
but it’s at organic future allcom go to you for such webinar where you signed up
for this one actually but that’s poke about who it is you’re trying to target
and how you can find and the people that you want to target so if you want to
come go back and watch that webinar and complete the audience worksheet there at
then at least you know who you’re going to target so then yes so then you can go
through this Facebook Ads funnel worksheet now so
we’re gonna work our way backwards and the reason I do that is really to think
about what do I need to get them to that final step as opposed to what do I need
to focus on straight up so and really you need to know what that final goal is
but the conversion stage that last stage of these people have an existing
relationship with you and with each of these stages I’m going to go through
what offers are the best what ad types are the best
them the objectives that you want to use via campaign and different examples of
how you talk to them differently compared to the other stages of the
sales funnel so you want to be pretty honest with these people and like I said
in that last my purchasing journey the language that they used in that
advertisement as opposed to how they were kind of non salesy and
non-committal in that first advertisement was very different so
whether it’s something that you can be honest with them and help them take that
final step and and ask yourself what other additional benefits can you offer
them make them feel more comfortable and comfortable to make purchase or
conversion or whatever your conversion point is so some of the different office
that offers the canoes so very buggy Nizhny oneness and these might be
covered in last week’s webinar and you can talk about how people form different
behaviors but in cracking really Facebook gets and sells one so
retargeting based on relaxed browsers boot hugging based on a visa form like I
said in my heart and also I often answer any questions
that I have and one of the party news for that is facebook Messenger at so
like I said at the start of this webinar around setting the scene with Facebook
and their messaging apps they’re actually know that this is as much of a
sales channel and facebook Messenger as much of a sales funnel is as anything
else and the ability for people to contact brands and have a direct
conversation with them and with a real person is a reason why there are now
facebook Messenger ads and I’ve seen ads work and I’ve interacted with them and
they run them as well where maybe someone just needs that last little
tipping point to come through and purchase and something that they’re not
sure about maybe your product is you know I’m really difficult to explain
through Facebook ads or there are a lot of other objections or questions that
people might have and that they need to get an answer to
make that commitment so a simple advertisement type can be like and he
means to say hey can I answer any questions or ask me whatever questions
you want we’re here to help so that ad types that you can use for that a
facebook messenger ads there are also different type of ad types which product
can loggers econ ministers are incredibly powerful and even retailer
they’re all fully automated and lay a retailer based on facts of those
browsers and they show those products as well as the other similar products as
well and Facebook know that based on the categories that you set up in your store
and I know what’s most irrelevant to them as well again it’s the power of the
algorithm and their data that they know what what products are most likely to
purchase and then in got you simple retargeting ads which are basically just
like any other link post video okay so you can set up you can put whatever
creative you want in there but they’re retargeting people based on the
behaviors that they’ve performed so for instance you can retarget people that
have performed behaviors on facebook such as watching a certain percentage of
a video even just engaging with any literally a page or and if heisman post
as well any nation being a lot or a comment or a chair you can reach out in
people honking that’s on one Facebook pixel in classic seminars I’m sure that
other special people in last week’s but not and whereas people on you on your
website and track them around the website you know what phases are here
and when they hit how long they spend they whatever you think is relevant it’s
actually important to take a step back and think about well what is the final
step that I want people to take and what is the goal of this actual campaigning
and it’s that whole customer journey we want the by but you’re going to want
them to watch a video or you want to for that um that would make more sense would
be whatever it is the first behavior you want them to perform whether it be
website clicks or watching a video which we’ll cover in the next couple of steps
as well and clearly also the examples of how you talk to people and the language
that you might use is very different why did you forget something come back and
complete your purchase speaking specifically to what behaviors they
performed and triggering and again being a front of mind perhaps they’ve browsed
a bunch of products not sure what product is right for you browse our
other similar products here you can use a product reach the product catalog ads
rather for those and they’ll automatically show a different range of
products that are similar to that as well so again
age and when you’re completing this worksheet you need to think about what
are the offer that I’m going to put in front of them according to where they so as in what cut point it is what’s the
offer or the call to action you want them to get and then what the campaign
objective is so that’s conversion stage working backwards then the middle stage
is actually the consideration stage I think is probably the most important
part of the customer journey yes obviously getting the money from them at
the last is really important but I find most of my ads are actually in this
middle stage of the funnel here where and and they often have the biggest
drop-off rate because here is where people that have been exposed to your
brand already so they’ve generally either engage with a video they might
have visited your website they may follow you on Instagram or Facebook and
now you’re trying to answer their objectives and solve their problems and
build trust in your authority to help get them closer to that point where
they’re ready to convert and this is a really important stage and often one
that people gloss over and don’t think about thoroughly because they need to
put stuff out there that isn’t necessarily asking for a conversion then
there it’s more actually trying to I guess
build that trust with them and build that relationship with them so that
offers you’re not putting in front of them a content that answers questions
that they’ve been wondering about and if you put yourself in your customers shoes
you need to think about what things stop them
from converting and how can I answer them best and sometimes it’s really
interesting exercise just to ask your customers because we’re all their
businesses every single day and we sometimes don’t put ourselves into our
customers shoes so putting content in front of them that answers potential
questions thoughts are having about the product itself showing them why your
product or your business is different to the others out there so what the
benefits of your business business are and allows them to connect
with your business is a huge singing business these days
like I said where we’re bombarded with so much media that our radars
particularly in Australia and Australians think their radars go off
faster than other countries around it we’re a bit more skin
country’s so building that trust is really important people want to have a
connection and buy into that go impact on that scene and start people on star
for attention their staffer connection and their city of business is just
talking to them like a number so you never talk to them like a person and
have that conversation with so whether that connection is pieces of you know in
their life you can enjoy some of the other edge for someone we use a lot at
what corn and canvas ads or other canvas answer basically these mini mobile
websites and they’re really just limited by creativity because what they allow
you to do is if an element into a mobile site and immediately like so it’s all
hosted on Facebook and he can look like you’re your main website itself and have
all the different color schemes and everything like that and but you can put
different videos and text and images and carousels and wherever you like in and
different buttons and people to take action but if you’ve got a brand that
potentially these are really popular for bigger brands that I guess need to show
that overall better so their product but I think they’re
probably not valued medium to be honest and I think maybe small businesses don’t
use them because they’re quite overwhelming and they’ve got to think
creatively about it but sometimes it’s really really important to yeah think
about the type of creative you can put in front of people and yes so the
selection of images Marissa just answering your question there I said a
question on the selection of still images move as a carousel count as the
video yes it does yeah so if you wanted to retarget people that have the
slideshow capabilities and so you can target people so moving images just
grabs people’s attention because if you’re thinking of either mobile I guess
environment when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram something
that moves make this stop so moving images certainly really valuable and the
objectives for this consideration stage generally you want to get them to that
next point to investigate your product more so sometimes conversions will work
sometimes if you’ve got a really powerful piece of content and creative
that people will like you take my money so conversions will sometimes work for
those people again if you’re taking that data set of a million people they’ll be
people they’re most likely to convert and compared to people that are most
likely just to click on it but it may not convert so different behaviour for
different people yes you want to try and get conversions but those people that
actually click through to the website don’t undervalue them because if they’re
clicking through the website then again you can get through to that they’re at
that attention level where you can then show them a conversion advertisement and
that’s a very targeted advertisement because they’ve gone to visited your
website so yes it’s another another step that they may actually be more valuable
as a customer and that’s what a lot of people don’t realize that they just go
for the conversions all the time the could be scaling your business much
larger if you actually think about a broad audience you could target as well
some different types of examples and languages that you might use you might
put a blog out there that for instance probably isn’t one of my strong points
but 10 tips to stay on fashion trends for spring or something
off of that offers value that I guess I need to know that because I want to have
that information and that knowledge another one might be like you know
you’ll never have to worry about wriggling out the contract again so
offering that benefit and that emotional connection with people that have gone
through whatever product or service that you’ve often we’ve all been there I’m
surely tied your contract and you can get out of it so having that feeling and
I guess trying to get that emotional connection with them or maybe is the
benefit of the actual product itself and something that they need to make that
decision and comfortable and and purchase more products like free
shipping on all overs all orders over $50 or whatever it is again its
advantages and benefits of the product as well so different types and languages
that you are trying to offer value to that people to get them come and take
that next that next step and then if we go to the top of the funnel through to
the awareness stage where these are the people that you’re trying to get into
that consideration level so if we think about that funnel itself and and where
they’re at you’ve got the point where they’re close to purchasing then a
middle level is they’ve had an interaction with the brand and whether
it be you need to get some sort of data from them whether it be a website is
that an email address a watching a video interacting with a piece of content and
the goal of the awareness stages or what campaign objective can I use to get them
into that consideration level so you need to think about how you can grab the
attention of a completely cold audience again that message is going to be very
very different to someone that’s a war or Halloweens if your corner so you need
offer value first just and the other news that’s really critical for this
awareness stage you sort of the a lot of people think we’ll what happens can I
kind of use that and maybe people don’t post as much from their game page
anymore so have as much features they once had but a lot of people don’t like
jump on their Facebook page every day and put offers up there
every second day so because I guess I don’t wanna alienate their followers and
like that I’ve got them their existing page so if you’re thinking about what
content you use on a day-to-day basis it has actually a really good mind frame
beginning to what can I put in front of a cold audience so again think about
that human interaction when they first walk into a store what can you offer
there what can you offer them they will just pick their attention whether it be
the start in conversation with them about your industry your product itself
the things that they’ve gone through so content that delights and entertains
them and gets a bit of an emotional reaction and again it’s not going to be
a purchase straight up it just simply won’t work on Facebook a won’t work in
the long term so you need to be able to build that relationship with people you
need to talk about the viewer and their problems and not about your business not
yet anyway so some of the ad types of work in this stage videos are fantastic
because I help you a really quality message straight up again it can combine
with so many different visual mediums that people will consumer and human
nature says people are looking for human interaction equally if it’s got people
in the video they’re always wanting that human connection images if you don’t
have a video or fine I’m using to make sure they’re really quality images and I
guess that they when people take a first glance on it that also saying repeaters
2,000 words you wanted to say Lisa and the object is that you can use for this
again not conversions or website clicks or getting them close to that point of
conversion it’s really what data can I get from them to be able to show them
content into the consideration level so the objectives would be something like
video views getting retarget people that watch the certain length of your video
views you can also retarget people based on engagements that I have with your
posts as well so again if you’re looking at that pool of overall people of a
million people like I said and I kept harping on it but there
people that are more likely to watch videos as opposed to people that are
more likely to perform certain engagements like comment and like and
share on the ads as well so again examples of how you will talk to them is
you know how can you yeah how can you get an emotional reaction from people
straight up and one of the best ways to do it ask a question and get them
thinking about potentially oh yeah I haven’t gone through that before so you
know ever thought about what goes into X Y Zed whatever your product is wonder no
more check it out so a really simple formula
for copy is you know get that connection qualify them and give them a solution
and a call to action so things you never hear people say about X why is that so
kind of that funny humorous type thing and get that connection build a trust
that way you can also do things like you know tag that friend you can always rely
on too and again this is a pure engagement play and it’s getting people
be doing performing behaviors that they used to on Facebook like tagging their
friends and commenting with their friends and interacting with their
friends and family so again not pushing that business message straight up but
offering value and offering the opportunity to engage and have some fun
with their family friends that’s at the awareness level there so then I just
want to recap on I guess the three levels and the the principles around
Facebook advertising self and the principles around Facebook advertising
funnels so you always want to put the user first when thinking about your
over-tighten funnel you need to map out the potential touch points you have with
your customers and then when when they’re at those touch points
what compelling offers can you put in front of them get it to get them to
action and get them further along the way the closer to take that conversion
so that’s really the basis of a facebook advertising funnel and again I encourage
you to use that worksheet and the like I said at the start of the webinar I want
to give you some to take straight up after this webinar
so know what to focus on first I know it’s quite overwhelming with a lot of
information so I said try and complete that Facebook advertising funnel
worksheet and go through that process and whether you use that worksheet or
whether you just use a whiteboard and a piece of paper
think about that journey that customers have Wycoff Matt Guf here and think
about the journey that you have in purchasing something in general like
last time you purchase something online or last time you made a big decision
like you know if you don’t offer $100 pair of shoes which I’m sure a lot of
people do but you know what what service can you think about we’ve had to make a
big life decision and the decision process that you went through and the
research that you did and potentially or where if you were that brand trying to
get you over the line what could they have put in front of you that would have
built more trust and got you to take more actions and more behaviors not
necessarily faster but just I guess offering value that you knew that when
it came to the point came for the time of making their decision and you’ve
remembered and recognized that bread is can canvas had to be shared on other
social media platforms I’m not a can’t I’m Instagram sorry there can be and so
advertised canvas ads can work on Instagram as well as some of the like
the components in the canvas themselves won’t work on Instagram 360 degree video
and stuff like that but they won’t be able to be shared to anything other than
what Facebook owns they said we don’t want to come on get you sharing links
off of a discipline so anyone works on mobile just remember that as well in a
sense so the one after that yeah what to do next after you’ve
completed that process um I said we’ve got this but these Facebook advertising
webinar series running in every Wednesday next week’s topic is creating
Facebook Ads to convert so if you think about the process and I’ve structure
them this way that you start with the audience to feel I’m gonna target
and you’re going to map that audience out and how you can get them from a cool
cold or cool to a warm audience to a hot audience and that’s with Facebook
advertising funnels and then next week we’re going to talk about the ads that
actually work and how you can structure them properly to get them to take action
set and head to that URL that we’re going digital common values or slash
webinar and you can register for that one so I encourage you to register for
next week’s webinar it’s going to be really interesting one talking about the
different ad units themselves showing some examples from Maria
learn any questions on how you can I guess they also make sure the start Keith got
me a bonus Facebook ad performance session so one make sure I give you some
details and how to actually claim that so what I’m doing is I just in the
comments this comments and you attended a webinar
recognize your email anyway and then send your links to put the time that
suits you when we can catch up on the phones like whatever works this path now
and chat through whatever you like I’m talking of training sessions obviously
something that we do by the webinars but if you’re looking for a more intensive
and a more detailed training session we do offer an individual or group options
as well we run them generally a course of a half
a day in person or online or really whatever schedule works for you it can
break it up for you but basically our training sessions walk through every
step we take to set up campaigns so if we were to manage the campaigning for
you and picking through balloons and curses
I mean what do any decision is obviously there are two options first one because
the individual business Anita’s really into the strategy today resolve any
issues you facing who needs daily business and Haken
I guess attract a more broader audience and how you can bring them into that
advertising funnel we also made in favor of attentions as it creates that will
help you convert customers I mean how we can put stuff in front of them that’s
working on Facebook I’m using a preferable with about friends or work
friends where they from other businesses as well if you’re an individual bonus
individual business owner and you’ve got a few friends would like to attend the
gravity of your friends together or actually offering deal where the
organizer comes free if you can get up to five friends so we do a maximum of
six people per session so basically the other five people will pay 250 you will
come for free if you can’t get five and you can I get four than the process
scales from there so as a group obviously we still give you
individualized attention there is some more attention paid to I guess a
troubleshooting issues and talking about what creative would resonate with you or
your customer base as well as well as talking about some different tactics and
the sales funnel facials businesses as well so there’s that group training
offer there as well like I said we’re offering and the organizer comes free if
that’s interested interest of you as well so it’s tricky details that go for
such training and organize funklicks feel like civilian person or online via
Skype or never works see you there as well um but that is it
basically for today’s webinar and got a few more minutes there’s any more
questions that you may have if you think of something after the fact here in my
tea tiles if you want to start a facebook
messenger chat obviously I spend a fair bit of time on Facebook so organic
digital con delay you for slash chat will just take you and open up a
messenger conversation that’s my email address or if you want to talk to me in
person I also enjoy human interaction that’s my phone number and I’m on skype
all the time as well but the boogie free training session head to that URL it is
actually also in the button underneath this window as well where the comments
and that are and there’s button there to register here and take a Ranger three
free 30-minute session but hope you all enjoy today like I said would love you
see you on next week’s webinar and we’re going to be running these ongoing from
from every Wednesday from now on and a range of different topics so topics will
be decided by you so if you’ve got any feedback on them as well good bad or
otherwise or if you’ll like me to cover any topics in particular then I’d love
to love to hear what you’re struggling with what challenges you face with your
Facebook ads and I found that into a webinar topic and will run that so hope
you enjoyed that thanks again Sally in this Marissa for joining pleasure to
have you on board like I said there’ll be a replay after
the fact but reach out if you need anything else at all but have a
fantastic day and I enjoy the rescuer Wednesday appreciate trauma check too

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