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Set Up Website Call Conversions – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Set Up Website Call Conversions – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

SPEAKER: Hi, everyone. This is AdWords in
Under Five Minutes, and this video will
teach you everything you need to know to set up
website call conversions. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] Website call
conversions allow you to track the number
of phone calls you receive from
customers who found your business through AdWords,
then clicked on your website, and then placed a
call as a result. With website call
conversions, you can actually track the
number of these calls that are a direct result
of a click on your ad. This is particularly
valuable since many customers won’t place a call
until after they’ve read more about a
business on the website. So how does this work? You’ll add a small
snippet of code on your website that dynamically
inserts a Google forwarding number where your current
phone number is displayed in text on your website. The call will be routed
to your business as usual, and AdWords will
attribute that call as a conversion in your account
so that you can more accurately track your return on investment
and optimize your account based on valuable call data. To get started, click the Tools
tab from the top navigation bar and select conversions
from the dropdown menu. Click the red plus conversion
button in select phone calls option on the next screen. Select calls to a
Google forwarding number on your website
from the options listed. Here you’ll enter the name
of the phone call conversion you’d like to track. This will help you
recognize this action later when it shows up in
a conversion report. An example might be flower
phone orders or booking calls. Next, click values– you can
enter a value for each call or select don’t assign
a value if you’d prefer not to assign
a value to each call you receive from the website. Then click Done. Next, click call length so you
can enter the minimum length in seconds that a
phone car need to last to be counted as a conversion. For example, if you set the
call length to 60 seconds, then a 30-second call would
not be counted as a conversion. So really think
about the call length that a valuable call would
have at the very minimum. Click Done once you’ve
entered that value. Next, click Count and
select whether to count all or unique conversions. All is best for sales whereas
unique is best for leads. Next on the list select
a conversion window. This is how long after an
ad click or ad impression you want to track conversions
for this conversion action. The window can be as short as
one week or as long as 90 days. For example, if a user
clicked on an ad today, how long after today’s
click would you still want to
attribute their call as a conversion from AdWords? Once you’ve done that,
go ahead and click Done. Lastly, select the
category that best applies to your conversion,
click into the optimization section next so that you can
add data from this conversion action to your conversions
parentheses optimization columns in your AdWords account. This will let you
optimize your campaigns based on this valuable
conversion data. It allows you to optimize bids
for this conversion action when using automated bid
strategies such as target return on ad spend, enhance
cost per click, or conversion optimizer. On the next page, you’ll find
the snippet of code you’ll need to add to your website. Underneath the code,
you can actually email directly to
your web developer or just yourself if you’re
going to add it to the website. And that’s it– easy. Once you click Done on
the bottom of the page, you may be prompted with
a pop-up window that reads to enable this
conversion action, you need to configure
your call extensions. If so, click the blue go
to call extensions button and create a call extension
with a Google forwarding number. If you’d like any
help creating it, check out this video right here
for step by step instructions. You can find reporting
details for your website call conversions in two places. First, click Tools in the top
navigation bar of your account and select
conversions, and you’ll see key metrics in the table. Second, you can view
details about the caused by clicking
on the Dimensions tab in the row of gray
tabs and selecting call details from the view dropdown. Don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And if you have
any questions, you can post them in the
comments section below. If you have any other
questions about this topic, you can ask a question
on social media, discuss this on the
AdWords community, chat to an online specialist,
or just pick up the phone and give us a call. Thanks, everybody, for tuning
in, and have a great day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

32 thoughts on “Set Up Website Call Conversions – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

  1. sorry if this is not related to website call conversion, but can i ask about gmail ads? i found it on ad gallery. is it different with GSP? if yes, whats the different?
    whats the advantage of gmail ads, if many people just ignored it on promotion tab gmail?
    looking forward to hear the answer. thank you

  2. How do we get the Google click id from website call conversions ? I would like to track who makes a purchase and who doesn't by utilizing the "import offline conversions" optin. Its easy with contact form fills because the form captures the Google click id in the hidden form but how do i do that with a call generated from the website using Adword's website call conversion or calls made right from the ads for that matter ?

    Thank you

  3. In the report can we see the caller phone number ? It would be important because we could merge our offline sales by phone numbers. Is it possible ?

  4. HI,

    Can I place conversion code as it is generated by Google? or need to modify & add anything else in this code?

    Where i can paste this code on my website? Ie. <head> or <body>??

    Waiting for a quick reply.

  5. As i setup call conversions and suppose it shows 9 call conversions then if check the call details through dimensions tab then its shows details of 11 calls. Why?
    Also my call conversions durations is all set and those calls whose not tracked is supposed to be count as conversion because call duration is correct according to conversions setup threshold value for each call.
    Please provide the reason .

  6. Hi,

    When we do search something on google search bar then we receive lots of resultes but on the first page there are some featured ads on first page. Could you please guide me the rates/price of these ads to place or the URL for specific department.


  7. Hi thanks for the explanation. What if I need to track call conversions for a site in a country where there isnt google forwarding numbers? More precisely Argentina. I mean I add muy own phone number at the Landing page and then how would I track conversions coming from that number? Thanks for your help

  8. Does the Google forwarding number replace the number on the website or does it just track on how many people called from the Google forwarding number?

  9. If my business phone number is 888-444-555, what phone number visitors will see on call-only ads and on my website after I enabled tracking?

    Will they see a google forwarding number or my own number? I am always confused about it.

  10. holy cow I don't think I can hear anything after trying to listen to this. music was way too loud, would have loved to actually get information from this but could barely hear him.

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