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Set a Mobile Bid Adjustment – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Set a Mobile Bid Adjustment – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

SPEAKER: Hi, everyone. This is AdWords in
under five minutes. And this video will
teach you everything you need to know about
mobile bid adjustments. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] A mobile bid adjustment is a
percentage increase or decrease you apply to your
cost per click bid when users are searching
for your business on their mobile devices. Although your
current AdWords bids may be successfully reaching
your desktop customers, mobile devices have
smaller screens and therefore, can show
fewer ads for a given search. Setting a mobile
bid adjustment can help you reach those searching
from their mobile devices. So why is mobile and
increasingly important part of online advertising? Our research shows
that more than 38% of our daily media interactions
happen on mobile devices, and mobile devices
have the highest number of user interactions per day. So it’s becoming
increasingly important to opt into the
mobile atmosphere and reach these
potential customers. Let’s take a look at two
different types of customers. Shelly is searching on her
mobile device after work, and Paul is searching on his
desktop computer from home. They’re both
searching for pizza, and your business is
a local pizza parlor. For Paul’s search on
his desktop computer, your ad appears in the third
or fourth position on the page, and he decides to click. But for Shelley, fewer ads
appeared on her mobile device’s screen, and she clicked
on your competitors ad to place an order and pick
it up on the way home. Perhaps if your bid
for mobile devices was increased by
10% or 15%, your ad would have shown on
Shelly’s mobile device, and both users would
have become customers. So now you’re ready to set
up a mobile bid adjustment. Let’s walk through the
quick steps together. In your AdWords account,
click on the Settings tab for your campaign in
the row of gray tabs. Mobile bid adjustments are
only available for all features campaigns. So first check that
your campaign type ends with all features. If not, click Edit and select
all features from the gray box. Then click Save. Next, click on the gray devices
button under the Settings tab. Here you’ll see a row
for desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Here you can enter
the bid adjustment. Remember this is a percentage
increase, not a dollar amount. For example, if my bet is
set at $2 and I add a 15% bid adjustment, then my bid for
users on mobile devices would be $2.30. After entering the number 15
in the white box, click Save. And that’s it– easy. You can give this a try by
clicking on the link right here. Let’s wrap up with a few tips on
monitoring mobile performance. Tip number one– let your
initial bid just runs for a few weeks to collect data
on how your ads are performing on mobile. If you’re unsure of where to
set your initial bid adjustment, consider starting with
a modest 10% or 15% adjustment to see how it
impacts your performance. Tip number two–
monitor how well you’re performing for mobile
clicks and impressions. If you find that your
ads are performing better on mobile devices, consider
increasing your mobile bids to capitalize on your success. Tip number three–
for many businesses like locksmiths
than taxi drivers, mobile users are the primary
source of their customers. If this is the case
for your business, you can set a very low
bid, for example, $0.05 and then place a 100% bet
adjustment on mobile devices so that the vast
majority of your traffic should come from mobile users. In this example,
your final bids would be $0.05 for desktop users
and $5 for mobile users. Don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And if you have any
questions about this video, you can post them in the
comments section below. If you have any further
questions about this topic, you can ask a question
on social media, discuss this in the
AdWords community, chat to an online specialist,
or pick up the phone and give us a call. Thanks for tuning in
and have a great day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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