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September – December 2019 Cue Card | Describe an advertisement that you remember | Best 8 Band Ideas

September – December 2019 Cue Card | Describe an advertisement that you remember | Best 8 Band Ideas

hi guys Today I will describe a cue card that is describe
an advertisement that you remember. This cue card will come from September December 2019 and I would like to
show you how this can be described in an easy and effective manner. Let’s check out all the questions which will come in this the first question is what it is you have to
describe about the main idea Actually its introduction of your cue
card the second question is when and where you saw it; the place the time and the third question is what happens in it? details of the whole advertisement. One question which can arise in your mind and that is how to prepare the cue card?
what is the best method to prepare it? Well, I have a video on that which you can watch it and above
I button and I’ll also put a link in the description which you can find it below
and it is a very easy technique and I use it by dividing all of the
questions into three separate sections so let’s move on to the first question.
The first question is what it is the product what is the product for what it is what
the hybridized man is about and I’ll describe out a mobile phone and it is
OnePlus 7 pro from the company from the parent company OnePlus and I
can all I will also tell that it has recently been launched about four months
ago these are the ideas for your first
question. So, the second question is when and where you saw it? I would say that I saw it about 2 months ago when I was preparing for an
assignment and I was watching YouTube for various ideas which I can put it the
assignment while browsing the YouTube I clicked on a video and then an
advertisement showed up it was a bit more interesting than regular ads and
other ads. I felt the curiosity to know more about it and so I went for it and I
thought that I should go for it. I should see that video what it is about?
So, the third question what happens in it I would say that contain a detailed
comparison of OnePlus 7 Pro with iPhone X and I can I would say about
more details like the processor speed was described as two times faster
than the iPhone and camera was triple camera whereas in iPhone, there is a double camera setup and also the RAM or Random Access Memory was 8gb described in that video which is about more than
twice than that of iPhone X and the internal storage is massive 512GB worth of data you
can store in it and the performance was very high and it was much higher than the iPhone. Also the colors in it the colors offered of more range, there are more colors than any other form which is now even now
available in the market and it’s cost was really lower than the iPhone and the
iPhone X cost about 60,000 this One Plus 7 pro cost just 32k or 32 thousand rupees
and the last you can describe a line that I am planning to buy this phone and I have
started saving my pocket money I think that within 6 months, I’ll buy this phone that’s all for today New Videos of Cue cards will be uploaded soon. If you like this video hit the like button, comment make your ideas or doubts you
have and share it with your friends and for regular updates follow
me on Facebook and Instagram @NewEasyIELTS you’re free to comment your free to
message and that’s it. THANK YOU!!

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