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Secrets to Multiply YouTube Ad Revenue by 10!

Secrets to Multiply YouTube Ad Revenue by 10!

Would you like to see an incredible formula for 10x ad revenue on YouTube this secret formula I’ve never seen mentioned before and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it now along with clear proof that I’ve already tested it over the last year several different ways on my channel I’ll show you exactly what works to earn ten times as much revenue Doing one video versus another would you please leave a like on this video if you find this helpful And if you’d like me to do more of these because that’s how I know That these are worth doing in because that will help more people like you find it and because you might feel good Giving a like on this video. I feel good leaving likes on other people’s videos Wow, this is so exciting. I’ll show it to you right now without any more build-up or anticipation Ten times the a drummer. This is my youtube channel Gerry Banfield. I am grateful today over 200,000 subscribers I Have videos that are earning tens of thousands of views per month Here’s how ten times as much ad revenue from one versus another let’s compare video number one Destiny gameplay Xbox one hunter blah blah blah. This is the typical kind of video? I used to make in getting my channel started and Learning how to do better after several years After three years of putting videos up this is essentially what I was up to an hour and 32 minute long video on release day for a hot new video game Which as you can see is in the last year? Has got six thousand six hundred and eighty two views now if we look at the data for this that is $6.24 in ad revenue 6.24 cents That means one dollar Approximately per thousand if you need me to whip the calculator out to make this clear. Let’s just do that I’ll just tab over and we will divide 624 divided by six point six There that is 94 cents for every Thousand people that watch the video. I will show you a different way to do this so whether you can get ten times as much ad Revenue first what I need to show you is the key step to take now? You’ll notice after three years on YouTube. I was such a noob, but I did not put any multiple ad breaks into this video Look at that the whole hour I didn’t even put one I didn’t even put one more ad you could watch one ad before the video And that’s it so what I’ll do right now is show you a key step to get more ad revenue you can put ads in in every eight minutes or so if you want to really just Advertise the heck out of everyone watching the video ten minutes can work good You can put them in five minutes. You can do whatever you want. It’s your YouTube channel I like to do about every 10 ish minutes or so because that’s just enough to really annoy the heck out of someone not using an ad blocker and to earn a good amount of ad revenue and Sometimes viewers want to give back by watching ads there. That’s plenty to give back now what I just did Will help a lot to increase the ad revenue on this video But for the last year I did not do that I was simply too lazy You can put multiple ad breaks into a video now That’s the only going to increase the income about twice as much though what I’m showing you Here is the combination of steps that when all of them are worked together You can increase your ad revenue ten times any of these individually will not do it Insert ad brakes Critical part to get more views now you have to notice to begin with this hour-and-a-half video So you obviously? need longer videos to do this to putting a tad breaks in your 10 minute long videos probably not going to do the same as putting a tad breaks into an hour and a half long video longer videos that people spend more I’m watching rank longer on YouTube especially because a lot of us are lazy We start watching a video we get up and go to the bathroom we go drive and pick up our wife or family or a Girlfriend or whoever you’re going to pick up and then we come back oops that hour and a half long YouTube video is still playing That’s an important secret for ranking extra make longer videos and put ad breaks in them However that by itself will not do this as you can see this video Did not have multiple ad breaks, but the next one. I’m about to show you Did have multiple ad breaks, but it only earned twice as much Let’s do the math on this one This is a video can a pro coach help me get out of bronze in League of Legends I? Didn’t I just threw this up there Thought nothing of it and it went viral all on its own Hundreds of thousands of views two hundred and fifty three thousand views this year even though. I don’t even play League of Legends anymore five hundred dollars in ad revenue Now let’s see how much that adds up to five hundred divided by 253 and 0.9 in there, that’s a dollar 96 per thousand now That’s twice as good as the last one and the only key difference on this is that I inserted Multiple ad breaks, so if I open the video over here, and I click Edit video What you’ll see when I click monetization is that I did in fact? insert multiple ad breaks into this video starting at six minutes 13 7 21 here you can see that’s a total I put 6 ad breaks in this video and now that all Other things are were approximately equal on these videos now Yes, this one got more views But the difference in inserting those ad breaks by themselves is only about twice as much you can see average view duration Significantly longer on this as well so the audience is likely to get through two ads instead of just one But still on both of these I haven’t showed you anything that’s going to get a 10x increase by itself You need to know these first steps in order to work up to the next one now I’ll show you a big part of the next one. Are you ready? Whoops. That’s the that’s the best part for last. Let’s save that one for a minute now. Let’s look at another video I just did this is called eight Cryptocurrency exchanges for buying and selling Fiat like US dollars to Bitcoin and aetherium. I what what does that mean? now this video 23,500 just put the whole thing in there I like to be precise divided by 23.5 That is earning three dollars and sixty four cents per thousand now see even though on this video I Was too lazy to put any ad breaks at all in this video which is 35 minutes long I didn’t even put any ad breaks in this video this video is six minutes average view times six minutes and 50 seconds here So it has a longer average view time than the first video just by a little bit, but notice the difference in revenue Sixty six hundred or six thousand six hundred eighty two views on this video then Twenty three thousand on this one huge difference in ad revenue now the key with this video is who’s Watching this video how valuable is this audience in? Google AdWords for video, which is where advertisers are paying the money to advertise videos just like me. I’m advertising videos Jerry Why do you talk so loud all the time because I’m excited this is exciting I do this full-time I can do whatever I want every day This is a very exciting subject especially if you’re stuck doing something you don’t like you can do stuff you love it like I do every single day if you understand this very simple 10x revenue formula Wow what I’ve given here 23,000 views for $85 all videos are not created equal on YouTube. I will show you a quick difference here now look See the title of this one. What is this one about your I don’t know. What is the cryptocurrency fee Bitcoin. What does all that? These are topics that are very new and exciting in the technology world cryptocurrencies are digital currencies They’re like money managed by users and communities and servers online instead of by governments Bitcoin of the theorem are two of the most Valuable ones I will tell you for the thousand time about the one I’m most excited about at the end Now that is a technical and scientific Tutorial on something that people are really excited to need information about now. This is a video game tutorial and This video here is less of a tutorial and more of me. Just talking about how I found God while I play destiny Therefore exactly what is in the video is? Critical to how long it gets watched. It’s also critical to how much ad revenue It’s worth you see every audience is not created equal The users watching this video the eight crypto currency exchanges video the users watching this video are way more valuable in terms of competition for advertising dollars Then the users watching gaming videos gaming videos are one of the very worst lowest paying niches you can work on YouTube if you’re trying to make a full time income on YouTube you need a disgusting amount of views on video game videos while you need a relatively modest amount of views on things like this for example to make eighty five dollars on a gaming video if I show you this first one I would have to get all a 60 I would have to get over sixty thousand views on this video to make eighty dollars on This video with two hundred and fifty three thousand views I made five hundred dollars on this video fired 10 times as many views I’d make over eight hundred dollars, and that’s with no ad breaks in this video matter of fact I’m going to put some ad breaks in this video right now the average view six minutes Let’s put an ad break-in at five and then we’ll put We’ll put some more ad breaks in here so this earned more money without even using multiple ad breaks So I didn’t even put all these strategies together the audience here is so valuable in terms of competition That this earned more than these longer videos with this one having a bunch more ad breaks and this one the longest video and having the least valuable audience Now if you put all of this together into something that people absolutely love Are you ready? Yes, jury after eleven minutes. Please God show me the TEDx example here It is now. This is my baby. My baby. Don’t mess and I know Around the case went nah a hundred and fifty two thousand views Mm not two thousand seven hundred and fifty nine dollars Crushing it with the ad revenue here, let’s do the math on this one. Are you ready to? 57 Mm. I do you this lesson maybe two thousand seven hundred and fifty and put the 53 cents in there two divided by one thousand five five one Hundred thousand one hundred and fifty two thousand 879 that is Oh-oh-oh What is that even correct that is? Ridiculous look look look. I’m gonna put this back in time divided by 150 to joint and it’s per thousand so Oh $18 I should have said 18x ad revenue on the title $18 per thousand on this video Yes, that means that is 18 times better then This first video I showed that Means even this video, which is went viral which is gone of thousands of views. It is and it has multiple ad breaks It’s 9 times better Than this one which is one of my better videos and this one It’s even about six ish times better than this one now. I’ll show you the magic. This is called best Facebook marketing tutorial ever for 2017 epic hype I know I’ll show you exactly how I was able to get this done 1.5 million minutes watched average view of almost 10 minutes very valuable audience thousands of shares thousands of likes a few hundred dislikes hundreds of comments thousands of additions to playlist global audience suggested videos all over YouTube here this video if You want to do full time on YouTube? This is the type of videos you want to do complete really helpful Tutorial videos now it helps to also do a combination To do different kinds of vlog type videos to do shorter and longer tutorials, but this is the gold Standard right here this video if you just make one video like this Every month you’re looking at making 2,000 plus dollars on average Per video if you pump one of those out every month you’re looking at earning of enough to do YouTube Part-time or full-time depending on where you’re at Wow now let’s take a look at this video and see what I did first I did Do the multiple ad breaks on this video? And you’ll notice that means people are often going through at least two if not three Or four ads on this video now this is Facebook Marketing. This is a competitive topic for advertisers This is a big dollar Item the advertisers really want to get people who are learning about Facebook Marketing to come find their products because if you’re learning about Facebook marketing you likely have some disposable Income you likely can be sold a lot of business services You can be sold all kinds of services on YouTube through ads that advertisers are trying to promote Therefore this is one of those videos insanely competitive audience from the point of view of the amount of people watching Versus the amount of ad dollars you see the problem with things like League of Legends videos. There’s very few ad dollars relative to the amount of viewers There’s tons of viewers and a modest amount of ad dollars meanwhile There’s lots of ad dollars on this topic and then there’s relatively small amounts of viewers This is the top Facebook marketing video last I’ve seen Hundred and some thousand views meanwhile this League of Legends one is just another League of Legends video with hundreds of thousands of views there’s tons of them There’s tons of them you see being at the top of something is Likely to pay a whole lot better also than being just another one in a big pile Therefore the topic you choose is huge on YouTube when you combine that with Adding in each of these ad breaks when you combine that with repeatedly doing tutorials on the same subject When you combine that with making something? timely What the help to this is that I made this in November 2016? I made a tutorial that I hoped would be good for all of 2017 I made a tutorial that helped people SEOs more updated than all the other ones and That helps it stand out from the competition by comparison this League of Legends video is way outdated now But you can’t tell that in the title right away. It was done in March 30 2016 it’s over a year and a half later League of Legends is way different by now But you can’t tell that in the title on this video You will be able to tell it’s outdated soon, and what I will do is make the best Facebook marketing tutorial ever for 2018 Relatively soon I’ve been doing tutorials now on Facebook for years and what often? Happens is when you’ve been watching the same person for years You will intentionally Look for their tutorials in the search results you will be much more likely to click on tutorials Therefore if you want to get the 10x ad revenue you need to pick a subject that Has a low amount of views and a high amount of ad dollars these tend to be marketing subjects Advertising subjects business boring technical subjects and I say business boring because this is all I used to think of these But this is what I find fun now This is what’s exciting now, and the key is to just follow your passion I started making Facebook tutorials because I looked around and said the tutorials that are up on YouTube are terrible I’m doing things that are way ahead of What these guys on YouTube are showing and now? The YouTube tutorials are awesome because when I started doing my Facebook tutorials there were almost no good ones up I Showed the very cutting edge the very best of what I was doing and that brought the competition Up other people were inspired then to show the very best of what they were doing and now there’s really good facebook tutorials Along with mine there’s other ones showing lots of things that are very effective What I’ll show you though is a big difference in this video versus a lot of my other ones In a lot of my other videos. I’ve gotten more views and a lot less ad revenue welcome to one thing I’ll show you I do in this video is I’m not selling I think I’m my patreon page up But I don’t make a point of selling a bunch in this video so on some of my other videos I’ve made a big point of selling all these courses. I’ve essentially used the video to try and make sales on this one I just gave away tons of free coupons I showed exactly what I was doing and that tends to get a lot better Response out of users so one of the things that will reduce the amount of ad revenue Is doing things like trying to sell something in the middle or the beginning of a video if you give away? Something generous also like for example you put in the beginning of the video hey, I’ll give you a free Consulting call if you go to this page on my website. If you put up something that people really appreciate Here’s free coupons – all my courses. That’s what I did in this video I gave out free coupons to all of my courses if you just click on the link up there you get free coupons what after all of my Coolest anywhere you can now that to me that is a crazy offer I made and that helped me rank a whole lot better You see I’m putting all of these things together allows for 10x ad revenue Therefore to summarize after 20 minutes to summarize you want to insert ad breaks in bulk But you also want to think about the topic You’re going to do in the relative competition for the audience if you have the ability to do gaming videos But you also have the ability to do different types of tutorials you might want to go for the ones that like a Facebook marketing one like a cryptocurrency tutorial you might want to go for these ones that have more valuable audiences if you’re looking to actually earn enough money like I do today to do YouTube full time I do YouTube full time and This helps me a lot With having a life that I love and enjoy I get to do whatever I want all the time It’s like being a child and that’s why I’m so excited. I want to help you do this same things with it I’ll dissect this video a little bit more for you so on this video what I also did I put a ton of? all I put a full length description here including pretty much a transcript for what I did in the video I also have lots of related links in here including some that are outdated I also put lots of one-word tags to help this show up all over the place I also put a very Kolia thumbnail so if you’ve ever seen my videos before you recognize My face that makes it easy if you’ve seen my videos once to pick me out watch this video again It also makes it so that if you see more of my suggested videos After watching this it’s easier to get you to watch another one also very simple and as the Facebook logo and marketing 2017 it’s not all fancy simple thumbnail easy to make easy to recognize very effective at continuously getting a lot of views So I took the time to put in lots of tags. I took the time to write out a long description I took the time to think of a title that I would click on and then very concisely and effectively Communicates it yes. I also hyped the title up, but that was my goal as well My goal was to make this the very best Facebook marketing tutorial ever I watch some other Facebook marketing tutorials that I’m amazed at What garbage they are they show things that stink that don’t work that are? Useless that waste time the show services and products you don’t need in my video I showed all stuff you can do for free I showed things. I was actually Doing and that’s the keys to show stuff. That’s really good to really help someone out I hope this videos really helped you out because I’ve watched a lot of how-to YouTube stuff. That’s been crap. That’s just been useless Put up do all these little cheap tricks and strategies these these are gold standard best practices these are things to do Really, well. They’re they’re not cheap little tricks that try and trick your audience and this is Giving a whole lot of value communicating that value and doing it repeatedly before I got this video to be The one of if not the top Facebook marketing tutorial which is paid out a ton in ad revenue Guess what? What I also did was make Facebook tutorials for 3 years 2 or 3 3 at least 3 years before this and That all those people watched the earlier ones helped work up to it Now if to reward you for watching all the way And I will show you what actually is working even better than YouTube today This is working way better than YouTube and it works in perfect as the symbiotic Relationship with YouTube so my entire youtube channel earns about two thousand dollars a month almost all on tutorial videos And then a little bit on my new blog post if you’ll notice this is Steam it dot-com slash a jury being filled if you’ll do the math. I’m earning two or three hundred a day Making blog posts on Steam in which if you do that math is six to ten thousand dollars a month? I make a steam it and I just started my steam it blog In May 2017 it is October 2017 now. I started my youtube channel in 2011 Steam it calm is the blogging solution I’ve been looking for the ideal scenario This is what I’m doing now with most of all these new videos including this one I Make my videos first because as you can tell it’s very easy for me to just stop talking there blah blah Blah, it’s very easy for me to just talk talk talk. It comes naturally. I’ve got thirty three years or so of practice talking It’s much easier than writing which by comparison. I have much less Practice and time doing there for talking comes naturally. It’s very easy for me to just pull my screen up I actually know about this stuff, so I don’t need to sit there and make a PowerPoint out and try and Pretend like I know it I know this stuff so I can Literally just pull the windows up and tell it to you off the top of my head like you’re my mother watching over my shoulder And saying well, what are you doing? How do you do this and I could just literally sit here and show you and describe it. It’s really ridiculously easy I used Wirecast I don’t even have to I’m not editing this you should I won’t I will not edit this at all I Will put this up. I mean imagine you went through school did the teachers sit there, and oh I need to edit this lecture I’m giving you in ninth grade science No, that’s not natural all this editing and fake stuff is weird It’s fun to watch someone live To tell stuff that they know straight from their heart without editing it and cutting out all the life then So I literally just talk pull the screen up show various things takes like five or ten minutes to prepare and then guess what I get a transcription of The video I have a friend edit it and put it into a blog post in now here We go look at this one this was a video. I just did what’s an initial coin offering look at this beautiful blog post it’s a beautiful blog post I Mean look how long this thing is and this has a good chance to rank in Google search this is very shareable on Twitter on Facebook, I already made a video and then 159 dollars in 13 Hours this works way better Than using YouTube by itself because what happens with this if you really want a 10x your income This is a positive reinforcement loop, so let me show you what happens with this. Let’s say someone does some googling You’re googling and you’re looking around and you’re trying to find something and let’s say you come across this post I just made you’re googling about what’s an initial coin offering and you find this post I made and then guess what? You find this post I made, and then you realize oh This guy has videos as well you get to the end of the post you realize wow there’s a video on here, too Then you go over to YouTube and start watching on YouTube it works The opposite way as well as you can see if you’ve watched this on YouTube oh he he makes videos Andy’s got a blog you see I actually don’t watch other people’s videos that often I Mostly still read blog posts blog posts are still the standard for communicating teaching online Therefore if you combine making videos with an outstanding blog that has built-in monetization how am I getting money and this is on Steam it I’ve made a bunch of posts about this the basic idea is This is a cryptocurrency a digital currency similar to Bitcoin except steam will be number one There’s no reason to use Bitcoin aetherium or any other currency as long as steam is around steam is 10 times better Instant transactions 3 seconds every time unless a blocks missed by witness, then it’s 6 seconds, no fees Yes bitcoin nasty fees can take 20 30 plus minutes sometimes to confirm Splitting all over aetherium network has all these problems They take a fee litecoin takes fees – takes fees enough transactions are not any faster than a theorem or light coin Guess what steam 3 second transactions, no fees easy account name built-in monetization on a cryptocurrency And even if you don’t make any money at all Steam has a way higher PageRank than I will ever get on my own blog allowing me to rank very high not only that here’s a good example a hundred and eighty to a hundred and eighty five comments on this post that’s more than I get on most of my YouTube videos within the first 24 hours the Comments help it rank even higher when you put all of this together I’m grateful. I make 10 plus thousand dollars a month doing videos on whatever I want to do mostly tutorials as much as I can you can see I do videos on all different things and I started off from not knowing what I was doing I started off doing almost everything he could do wrong and guess what I’m Giving you the best of what I’ve learned in 6 years You’ve got it in 30 minutes here in 30 minutes what I hope is after this in now 30 minute video I’ve given you a clear formula to 10x your ad revenue And then on top of that to double again If not triple or 10x again the amount you’re earning on YouTube by converting these videos to blog posts Steamer I hope I’ve given you fantastic Value here, baby because I know if I help you you will help me if I do something really helpful for you I know you’ll leave a like on the video There’s no question if this video blows you away inspires you and shows you some amazing things. I’m certain You’ll leave a like on it. I don’t even need to ask what hey, I’ll ask anyway would you please leave a like on this video if you loved it because You’ll feel good about leaving the like and giving something back Wow if you love this and want more Would you please subscribe? Because that makes it easier to see new videos on YouTube and to remember next time you see me in search result so I did Want to watch this again? I hope this has been useful for you I show up everyday and try and give you the very best help I can I try and share the things that I’ve learned and I hope will be the very most helpful for you This is what I came up with today on Sunday October 8th 2017 I love you you were awesome, thank you for watching all the way to the end And I will see you. I will hope to see you again on YouTube or on Steam

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