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Secrets Of Facebook Audience Targeting

Secrets Of Facebook Audience Targeting

secrets to audience insights on Facebook
Ads Facebook Ads audience insights secrets ok one know how to target how to
target how to find audiences how to find insights interests interest in Facebook
ads that other people aren’t targeting right you want to find new interests so
how do you do that well I’m going to stick to the end because I’m going to
show you the biggest secret think that no one is doing no one is talking about
it and I was doing it and it’s gonna Mitch you down it’s gonna target narrow
down target like sniper target your niche ok stick to the end in the
meantime in the middle of the video there’s a bunch of regular how-to how to
do the ABC method in searching and you know different ways on searching
audience insights and figuring it out ok but stick to the end stick to the whole
thing because it’s gonna blow your mind ok it’s gonna really blow your mind you
know especially if you ever been a stalker if you have to stalk people on
Facebook you can love this method okay stick to the end and let’s see what goes
on alright everybody wants to use Facebook ads for
affiliate marketing cpa marketing strap shipping you name it whatever it is but
you know you tell you to do is $5 a ad sets and you know different interests
and you put out so many ads and you find when it works and everything but after
you exhausted the obvious it sets are the obvious interests like whatever your
keywords are for your niche you know how do you how do you dig deeper how do you
find you know more interest how do you find deeper niche down in your own niche
how you zero in and and and get in figure out all the interests you know
there’s different ways you can use Google Trends Google Trends you can you
know find out what’s trending if you have a list of words to test and you
know you can go through it like that without a doubt but if you’re using
Facebook Ads you can use the Facebook Ads manager you can use audience
insights you can use Facebook itself you can use well the ABC method is something
that what it is we’ll get into that a second okay
so stay to the end because it’s gonna be a couple of tricks that you probably
never heard of and what’s hit go first we need an offer
right you need to know offer so we of course wasn’t gonna code up max bounty
next bounty is not the greatest but it’s you know the one everybody does videos
on so I’m not gonna tell you all the other you know places where you can get
CPA offers you know you there you know search them on Google when they’re there
and find one that you like the max bounty you know personally I think they
they shave a lot of your leads they don’t pay for every leader you get and
can get other frustrating when you’re testing ads and and you’re trying to get
an accurate number so you can scale and their shape and their shape and a few
leads so any that’s that’s a personal problem that I have them that you know
don’t let that stop you it’s a value thing okay so you got to get you got to
drive a lot of traffic to them of course they’re always cost money you right
you’re paying for traffic here you’re paying for traffic
cost money okay so we’re looking at this over here okay I you know Starbucks on
the dollar gift card okay so it’s a female submit submit your email is for a
couple questions and you know you’re gonna make a 240 per lead right no new
you know YouTube traffic over here but everything else is pretty much okay
there’s 300 axes per day so you know 300 times 240 that’s what you can make or
tape or for this one in the United States okay and it’s mobile like
optimize the Cape so it’s got all the things going for it that you want you
get your tracking link which I already did and of course you know that you
can’t drive your affiliate link can’t direct link your link can’t direct think
your affiliate link to Facebook from Facebook to your affiliated from 3 to
your affiliate page right they don’t want to go from Facebook directly to
your link so you have to go we have to get a landing page so you have to build
a landing page which means you need software which means you have to pay
some money to have some stuff in your business you want to start a business
online it’s gonna cost a little bit of money nothing because it’s for free cuz
you can go free ads you go free Facebook groups first don’t don’t pay for paid
edge you can call it a free traffic method you can go to the SEO method and
that takes time and patience and a lot of work okay you can coach Facebook Ads
you can go solo ads you can go Instagram edge you can go any or any of the social
media ads YouTube ads you know even you know pinging in Google you know they
have their own ads as well but continue the landing page okay you can’t sort of
engineer software like I said so you need a software in your landing page
there’s all kinds of different software’s out there I use build the
roll will go I’ll show you some things about build or builder roll has a
complete platform has a lot of different apps and a lot of different tools plus
bill website builders email cup email lists email capture software
autoresponders they have social proof apps is that there’s there so many
different apps so many different tools to build your business if you’re looking
to an online business make money online still they’re all it’s probably the best
way you can get for the money because it’s about seventy dollars a month for
everything and you won’t have to get anything else every tool you need is in
billable but I’m not enough of that not for that so you need a landing page so
this is a landing page to put together okay now a couple of things about the
landing page scarcity limited supply get it now
only a few left okay very simple right out in your face okay both pitchers are
links okay you can you can you can click both of these and they’ll take you to
the affiliate page you can click the get it now button and you can put in code
the affiliate page you could make this a lead capture form you can make this a
lead capture that way you would get you would keep their email but on the next
page for the CPA offer they’re gonna give their email so I don’t want to do
it twice but you can’t do it and if it’s not a CPA offer let’s say it’s an
affiliate offer that you run and a regular affiliate offer a regular drop
shipping offer then you would capture their email here and start an email what
a responding sequence to retarget them okay which builder will has all that
stuff all wrapped up into one price and the $70 that way if you get all the
software’s you’re gonna have to get $50 here $90 there $30 here $50 there get
all these different apps and tools you know if you’re looking to do drop
shipping and you have Shopify stores okay um for the $70 you can have
unlimited Shopify stores well they’re not Shopify stores but unlimited
e-commerce stores okay what Magneto and you know drop shipping stores but single
count single product stores or multiple stores multiple products stores you know
either one they have it they have some templates that you can turn them on and
download when you’re building that and they have a course way to collect the
money you have all of that stuff for the $70 so you don’t have to buy other apps
you’re not to buy other tools you don’t buy anything else everything is there
you could also be running cpa offers with websites who could be running
affiliate officer websites you may run a drop shipping would websites you could
be doing all kinds of stuff it’s still with the $70 from built a role and all
all the tools were there ok enough out of me with that but here’s your landing
page right so now what are you gonna do next you got a drive traffic and we said
we’re gonna teach you some secrets okay so we’re gonna go to the aids manager
okay I’m gonna go to edge manager up here in
the left corner you know what before we do that before we do that a lot of run
the bottom the videos you see those they’ll go to create over here right and
they’ll show you how to set up the ad right which you probably already know
how to set up the able we’ll run it to it quick okay you’re gonna pick one of
these right let’s pick traffic I’m gonna go down here now of course you could
pick what anything anything you want brand awareness or what are you trying
to get catalog sales conversions store traffic Atmos tools video views video
view is a good regeneration this different animal regeneration if you
tryna if you do a local SEO SS MMA ok leach animation they used to be doing
that okay so we’re hitting the traffic okay and we’re gonna go down here daily
budget of course we’re gonna do the five dollars right and continue okay so it’s that name you’re gonna put
your uh your interests up here to keep track of it writing you name whatever
you want to give a crap wait you’re naming okay you look you go for website
traffic right now we go down to the audience we don’t have a custom audience
right now what we’re gonna do in this case its United States because
that was new offer you remember if I go back to the mountain Mex bounty page it
was the United States to offer okay now we can play with this and break it down
into different sets you know but some some of the offers say that they only
accept traffic you know that’s twenty four years old and all their so you can
change this to twenty four and let’s say you think sixty-five is too old for
Starbucks people you can make it forty five fifty whatever you think you know
how old people are can go to Starbucks you know you can split tests between men
and women you guys all know this okay languages you’re gonna go English
because we’re in the United States all right now demographics here is where
they would tell you most videos start with finding interests right and you
would turn around and you would narrow it down by Starbucks Starbucks interests
okay let me move over here okay so Starbucks interests
okay 154 million big big big big audience okay and you would narrow it
down you know you would pick different things like single women a single
mothers whatever right whatever you would think and you would now the ABC
method would be Starbucks hey right so it’d be Starbucks in a relationship
Starbucks and mobile devices right so if death didn’t work Starbucks beat
you would go look and you would say okay now Starbucks Brazil no Starbucks across
mobile devices frequent travellers okay there’s one okay and then you would do
each letter of the alphabet right and you would find interests right
Frappuccino okay fans of Starbucks okay scroll down
it is so many right then you would go ahead with each letter in the alphabet
and you would just keep going alright now you could put love Starbucks and then put the letter C if it changes
anything right let’s see if it changes anything right
hotmail users okay J right birthdays in January
whatever this is how they would teach us the ABC method to cut you know cut it
make it a quick condensed right so you go through your keyword and use the ABC
method to find their interest and that’s all like one trick that everybody
teaches to do okay so now we’ve done that we can go to audience insights go
up here it’s manager audience insights okay check this out you have unsaved
changes I don’t care okay so we’re gonna pick everybody on
Facebook right no I’m gonna go over here no all right interests over here so we
gonna put Starbucks now do I have to remind you your niche your keywords not
nuts don’t put Starbucks okay all right you’d
be surprised all right so what do you got here we’ve
got Starbucks demographics 67% of women now the age group like I says 25 to 34
19% goes up to 44 then and then it kind of tapers off okay men are only 33% okay
but you know you can decide to target only women you could say ah they’re only
men but now you’re gonna keep the age groups 25 to 34 is one ad group and
another area group could be this on 35 to 44 in this course there could
be what a group could be men when you get grouped could be women right that’s
all that right then you go down here relationship status married 48% so
they’re married so that could be in another demographic where married women
or you know married people or whatever my single is only 30 percent but you can
talk your single people is a different and said okay this is how you view this
is how you’re trying to find out different age sets with different
insights right until you find one that starts making money and then you can
throw all your money back and for him to that one to scale it right that’s what
that’s what we’re trying to do it but the thing is how hard this is okay how
hard this is you have to have the right interests the right demographics the
right audience right that’s one thing you have to write the right edge which
is the right image right the right the right image the right creative right
that catches attention you have that a good headline to catch detention and you
have to have the body of the ad also has to catch the attention then you have the
landing page that they could be all things wrong with the landing page all
these things all of these little parts that could be parts wrong with it you
have to keep testing testing testing some people you’re gonna see on failure
on YouTube their videos but they made money they put $5 and they made the book
that was a you know a shot in the dark that was a lucky a Lucky Strike okay
because this takes testing it takes takes time and an effort okay if you put
the time and it works you’re gonna find one that works
finally one that makes money throw some money behind you’re gonna make you money
back okay but I don’t want to like tell you this is like pie in the sky you’re
gonna make money gonna spend a five dollar day ahead and you’re gonna make
money you might you’re very well might but the odds are you’re not gonna that’s
all you’re gonna take time you’re gonna learn you’re gonna put time and you’re
gonna put money in you’re gonna test insights you can attest audiences you’re
gonna keep going you can attest headlines you’re gonna test images you
can attest landing pages you’re gonna test buttons you can attest colors
you’re gonna test everything okay that’s what you got to do all right
so let’s continue down here that give you jobs these are all different edge
that’s okay so sixteen percent right 32 percent comparable so that food and
restaurants that’s food and restaurant workers as one a had said people that do
with sales is another race look at that 30 percent administrative services
that’s another as health care medical system the headset you keep breaking it
down until until smaller small add sets people who like Starbucks and work in
Administrative Services people who like Starbucks and are in sales people who
like Starbucks in or work in food and restaurants and that’s how you break
down your insights okay that’s how you break it down and you just keep keep
keep going on right then this with this video is about finding insights finding
targeting finding finding audiences right we’re gonna go into other videos
that are gonna talk and you know images okay creatives how to get creatives how
to get high-quality images well you know is it worth putting text on the images
too because if you don’t know too much text on the images that they get flagged
and they don’t get approved okay so I’m like what is the what is the line there
and is it worth putting text on the images I’ve even seen people put links
in the images can you do that maybe you can probably the more links more options
you put in for people a hit link the better it is for you okay so what else builder all right you need software so I
don’t you know there’s no way to do this for free gonna get a free website you
can do this you can a do that you know get in your head you’re gonna spend some
money you could have put some time in but it’s gonna work because it works any
order if you don’t quit okay it’ll work but you’re gonna you’re gonna quit
mostly you’re gonna quit most Iranian gonna try but the ones that do try gonna
give up after a couple of times they the ones that keep going okay they’re gonna
learn they’re gonna put things together and they’re gonna figure it out and then
when they hit they got to know what they did right what they did wrong and they
do placate it that’s the most important thing now so now once you get one in
in sight that’s working and you’re making money then you just keep testing
other ones and you keep throwing stuff out there okay so what else we want to
talk about let me just show you build a roll builder roll has all of these
things okay the pixel-perfect builder is
building all kinds of websites landing pages okay email captures all kind you
name it building all kinds of stuff the mailing boss autoresponder is the email
autoresponder and you can set up 30 emails to go out we think they put out a
landing page they put their email in the automatically or in the email sequence
and every day they get an email from you to sell it whatever it is or in order to
show them whatever offer you’re doing or whatever it is and you don’t have to do
nothing that’s a money-making thing and it just goes on and on and on forever
share locker is kept some videos on the share locker it’s very good stuff where
you post something on social media that’s very very very viral then people
want to see it but then when it comes time they push the button to see it a
blocker comes up like this and it says please like and share on Facebook in
order to see this contents and they like and share it and they get to see it and
they’ve liked and shared it and that’s how it goes viral because everybody that
wants to see it has to like it share it’s very very powerful okay ecommerce
like I told you with the drop shipping and e-commerce they get the other one
setting up stores and setting up payment methods and everything is very easy
social proof like I told you over here okay social proof I got down here social
proof okay I told you know I got we got got scarcity over here limited supply
okay get it now only a few left and then we got social proof okay I’m so happy
when I got mine okay you want social proof okay so over here we got social
proof app video tag in life in my video if I wanted to do a video ad for
Facebook which is very powerful if you’re doing there’s certain certain
products you can do video as well this is a CPA product so I’m not doing a
video ad but if you’re doing a video and you could put a tag in the ad in the
video such that when people are watching it in on
in the ad they can actually push the video and click the button in the video
that’s another place where they can click the button the Builder wall canvas
is is it lays out everything so you can see it in one place you know
the landing pages Thank You pages the emails the email sequence it lays it all
out on on like a billboard you can see everything like you know in the old days
you had billboard you had pins and you pinned everything and you connected
everything like you’ll detect the movies when they put every connected all the
dots well that’s like the canvas it shows you that where everything goes and
how it goes and that’s very easy to understand and how to build it makes it
very easy and I mean it videos and I signed them into videos to come again
you can make animated videos rather than make characters and stuff and these are
only a couple of tools that I’m using this dist is this I think 30 tools it in
build the role okay um and of course there’s an affiliate program to build oh
they’ll be a link for build a role w7 they try and build a role really you
don’t have to get builder well-to-do to do this you can do it with anyone but
you know you probably already have maybe you have clickfunnels maybe you have
what up leadpages or whatever if you have you know maybe you’re happy with it
but you know check about how much money you spend in a month on software about
how much money you’re spending on tools and apps okay and and and is it more
than seventy dollars and is it tough to keep track of all these different apps
and tools from all these different places wouldn’t it be nice to have it
all in one place okay builder wall is the way to go it’s
waived future like and subscribe oh yeah the bonus the secret the secret
method that I promised at the beginning okay the secret method I call it the
stalker method okay the stalker method I found it
some people do this whole time on Facebook they stalk people on Facebook I
mean they call it stalking right but so you go to your Facebook you go up to the
search bar now we were searching Starbucks okay so let’s put Starbucks up
here enter okay so what you do is you find a post in your keyword to put your
keyword up there okay done put Starbucks okay you can put whatever you keep word
is up your complete love dogs loves cats loves dogs loves loves elephants flips
owls you know whatever your deal is right you’re gonna go down and you’re
gonna look for a post okay now here we have the Starbucks official page I’m
gonna go over there and you’re gonna look at a post and you’re gonna find a
post with a lot of engagement right doo-doo-doo-doo so of course Starbucks
it’s fall at the time of this video so there are obviously pumpkin spices crazy
all right I don’t find pumpkin spice in the least bit exciting ok and you go
down and you find somebody in down in here
that and you can don’t go to the first couple of comments you know there was
thousands of comments on this policy you know you can look for if it would click
alright so this Becky listen he says on the most circumstances which she order
pumpkin spice so we don’t need to she’s not someone who not talking alright well
let’s do let’s use Becky let’s stop Becky all right so you which talk Becky
and you would say uh what she’s got on here she’s got a Airlines flight flight
attendant okay so flight attendant is a job right you can target flight
attendants okay 911 okay 911 responders you could target
911 foundations there’s all kinds of stuff okay you would see what she’s
interested in she’s also interested in Starbucks but you’re trying to find out
what other interests they’re interested in there right and so you scroll through
just a lot of profile pictures beaches okay people like beaches people who go
to the beach right you know so and we can go back we’ve got a couple interest
off of that one so we go back to post it takes time to do this right so then go
back to comments all right so let’s try this one here
we’re gonna try this one though see what Cynthia’s liking so this dystopian
method can you stalk you people you looking at what they like you call it
through their Facebook feed okay she updated a cover photo of rivers
I don’t know where that is okay fireworks people enjoy fireworks that looks like premature babies I’ll
tell you my Internet’s really drive me nuts wherever that is
looks like Garland maybe beaches again traveling traveling do I run runners
there you go another one runners okay people who love to run waterfalls people
who love waterfalls okay I mean this is how you find interests okay they they’ve
made a comment on Starbucks so you know they like coffee go through what else
they like you write them down you go through five ten fifteen of them a day
you find all these different interests okay it takes time to go through their
Facebook feeds because they got all kinds of pictures the family and all
kinds of stuff so you got to look at them okay you got to dig deeper
so that’s your bonus that’s what no one else is still when they don’t this is
how you dig deep you get in deep Rico’s deep deep down okay you’ve gotta focus
okay so you just don’t sit at the top with Starbucks you go who loves
Starbucks and you can water it down and you find out what what they like what
else they’re doing and you can you target that too okay so I hope that
helped you hope you stuck around for the bonus I hope you were just didn’t build
at all if you do if you’re stuck around this long to the video and you’ve got
the bonus if you go down and take the free trial
hit me up on my Facebook message me they like me down at the bottom and if you
have any problems I will met you for free I won’t try to anything just if you
if you’re joining them to me I feel obligated to help you succeed so
whatever questions you have while pointing in the right direction if I
don’t have the answers but I have the answers I have a lot of videos showing
you how to do snow foot builder all the different apps at different the
different tools different websites how to build the websites if you I have
ready-made websites ready-made funnels ready-made landing pages yes I can give
you you know if your him to get you started okay so that being said what do
you got to lose a seven day free trial right seven day free trial and a free
mentor mentor mentee you could be the mentee and we’ll get this done well the
goal is to make some money right make money from home you think it’s
impossible your friends say it’s impossible your family says it’s
impossible but you know people are making money online people are right so
it’s not possible it’s not impossible people are doing it okay why can’t it be
you because you’re not doing it you’re not trying you’re not you gave up don’t
give up okay ah don’t give up for the miracle

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