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Secrets Food Advertisers Don’t Want You To Know

Secrets Food Advertisers Don’t Want You To Know

hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at secrets food advertisers don’t want you
to know how many times have you seen something delicious looking in an advert
but then you go and buy the real thing and doesn’t look anywhere near as good
well that’s because advertisers have some very secret tips they used to make
food look amazing but before we get to hungry why not
subscribe and press the notification bell – first off we have pancakes so
there are various ways food advertisers make pancakes look a lot better than
they really do in real life the first thing is they add height have you ever
noticed that a stack of pancakes seems way bigger in commercials than in real
life in real life pancakes can look kind of lifeless well that’s because in food
adverts they use pieces of cardboard in between the pancakes this elevates the
pancakes and makes them seem more fluffy not only that they cook pancakes with a
different recipe for the food adverts they actually pour sprite into their
pancake mix to make it more fluffy but if you think their trickery stops with
the pancakes then you’d be wrong I’m sure we’re all used to seeing that
delicious syrup just sit on top of the pancakes but in real life pancakes
absorb syrup away too quickly to photograph so if that’s why advertisers
actually swap it out with engine oil that’s right the same stuff you put into
your car they’re putting on top of pancakes
they also spray a water repellent spray over the pancakes to act as a protective
layer this means the pancakes will say very
fluffy and dry while the syrup will sit on top so those images that make you
want to eat pancakes are actually motor oil not syrup next up is beer
who doesn’t love seeing those amazing adverts for beer there’s so much
delicious foam and fluffiness it just looks amazing but in real life when you
pour out appear that’s not too much fun it’s not nearly as carbonated as it
seems in the commercials well that’s because food advertisers add
in liquid soap before pouring in their drink this increases the foam in
something like beer and it also makes the foam
much more stable natural and attractive so those beers and adverts that look so
delicious actually would taste disgusting because of the liquid soap
advertisers also do this with things like milk and coffee and any other drink
which involves foam next stop is fries fries are definitely the most faked food
in food adverts we’ve all seen the commercials where the fries stand up
perfectly in the box and also there’s an exact number of fries and there’s no
empty gaps in the box anyone who’s ever been to a burger joint knows this is not
the case in real life in real life there’s not that many fries in the box
and also they flop over the sides of the box and are not perfectly straight well
food advertisers actually use something called floral foam to make the fries
stand up straight floral foam is actually what’s used for planting
flowers in but they cut up some floral foam to the same size as the fries
container they then jab some toothpicks into that
floral foam and then they jab perfect-looking fries into those
toothpicks they then put this into their fries box and voila they have the
perfect looking fries but just lower the adverts the fries are not freestanding
they’re actually stuck in a floral foam using toothpicks next up is ice cream
what could make your mouth water more than seeing an ice cream commercial in
the summer well the thing that’s making your mouth water is not actually ice
cream in those commercials at all you see ice cream melts way too quickly
under steel lights so that’s why instead food advertisers use mashed potatoes if
you use an ice cream scoop mashed potatoes look exactly like ice cream
they simply pour in food coloring and some starch then if this makes the
perfect looking ice cream even though it’s not really ice cream whatsoever but
because mashed potatoes don’t melt like ice cream does it makes a perfect
substitute for advertisers next up is steam
in all food adverts for hot food there’s steam coming off the food but in real
life Cletus photographed is not even hot so how do they make steam come off cold
food well there’s actually a few different ways they do this one way is
to use something like dry ice they put this dry ice behind the food to
make it look like steams rising up from the food and another thing they do is
use cotton balls they’ll simply put the cotton balls in water and then put them
in a microwave this creates a few minutes of steam enough for them to get
some a great food photography next step is cereal you ever wonder why cereal
seems to float to the top of the bowl in food commercials
well that’s because these food advertisers are not using milk instead
of milk they actually use PVA glue cereal soaks up milk and sinks to the
bottom but with glue that’s not the case
instead it floats to the top and it keeps the cereal exactly in place this
is great for photographers as food photography must be perfect
this allows the advertisers to place each individual piece of cereal exactly
where they want and it also means the cereal won’t look soggy and nasty in the
images next up is ice cubes we all know that food and drink photography is done
under very hot studio lights so how do they manage to take photos of ice
without it melting super quick real ice melts very quickly under the Sun let
alone studio lights so that’s exactly why advertisers use plastic ice cubes
that’s right the ice cubes you see in commercials are actually made of plastic
not water and you can actually buy these yourself they’re called reusable ice
cubes you simply freeze them put them in your drink and they’ll keep your drink
colder way longer than regular ice keeps doing next stop is chicken we all know
that around Thanksgiving and Christmas time at many people advertise chickens
but did you know that in those commercials chickens and turkeys are
actually not cooked you may be asking if they’re not cooked why do they seem so
bronzed well that’s because food advertisers
actually spray tanning spray on the uncooked chickens they’ll spray a bunch
of this towering spray onto the chickens and then
for the paintbrush this will keep the chicken in its original form but make it
seem very bronzed and delicious but in reality if you try to eat this it would
be disgusting and finally on the list of Secrets food advertisers don’t want you
to know we have whipped cream we all know that whipped cream it melts very
quickly under hot lights and also when you squirt it out you don’t get that
perfect curl you do in adverts well that’s because advertisers actually
use shaving cream not whipped cream shaving cream keeps away better format
than whipped cream so if you’re an actor on a food commercial make sure you never
eat the whipped cream as it’s actually shaving cream
check out the poll the top right corner and you can vote for the biggest secret
you didn’t know for me it’s the cereal as I can’t believe they use glue and not
milk if you guys want some more amazing videos check out my second channel
they’ll be linked to that coming up on screen in a moment but as always thanks
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87 thoughts on “Secrets Food Advertisers Don’t Want You To Know

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  3. Yay! I'm early again… Great video Charlie… Advertising trickery knows no bounds… 🙂

  4. your right I do know someone who works at a comersial food he sad it is real it's not the real food you can eat it's plastic

  5. So you mean to tell me you CAN'T pour a beer with a good head of foam? It's not that hard to do…advertisers don't need to use anything but beer if they know what their doing, and if an average Jane like me can pour a good beer, anyone can.

  6. I can't believe you didn't put hamburgers in there. They are one of the most faked foods in advertising ever…most of the stuff in it is fake, there's a person who can spend a couple of HOURS 'dressing' the burger to make it look perfect, right down to GLUING the sesame seeds on in just the right spots! It's nuts!

  7. That sucks… anyways cool videos! I'll be sure to check! Thanks, Top 10s! Oh, I might go eat, but first we should feed you with some likes.

  8. Wait….that Sprite thing ..does it taste good?
    Also if you catch a quick pic you can photograph syrup.

  9. Ok so…you can ask for more fries…if I pay $4 for a LG fry my ass is getting a large fry if I wanted a medium fry Ida bought a medium. I'll be a bitch. Idec. All I eat from fast food places is the fries and they're pricey just give me what I fuckin paid for. You're already charging me almost $10 for a fuckin 6pc chicken nugget with a 'toy' gimmie my fries bitch

  10. I also heard that they use matches to make steam too. Like they light the match and then blow it out and put it behind a cup of coffee or tea.

  11. Here we have the right to keep asking til they get it right, as advertised.
    Very interesting.
    Thanks 👍

  12. I know ads are normal , but, WHO WOULD TAKE PICTURES OF FOOD? These 'food journalists' need to get a life

  13. They should make deceptional tactics like this against the law. It should be a criminal offense to present to the public false impressions or images.

  14. It's a fact that cameras don't "see" things the same as humans, plus as you said, they require hot, bright lights. You left out my favorite, from an article I read about 50 years ago—regarding steak. According to the article, they first blast it with a blow torch (now replaced by propane torches), then coat the meat with petroleum jelly (Vaseline). That steak sure looks juicy! Next, you should delve into movie special effects. There are a number of substitutes for snow, but there are a lot more things they use to simulate various natural stuff.

  15. oh just saying the cereal thing for me is not fake my cereal does float on my milk so i disaggree that cereal doesnt float on milk but i know the glue thing is real but like if your cereal floats on milk and commment if not

  16. No one cares about that they're still delicious so are the burgers and the pancakes and the beer

  17. For the first one thats forgetting that most food on advertising photos are artificial/plastic.
    I don’t remember ever see a photo of real food from a fast food franchise.

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