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[SECRET] How To Find Winning Products For Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

[SECRET] How To Find Winning Products For Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Everyone and welcome to another daily video from shop for dropshipping lifestyle. My name is Ricky Hazen in today’s video We’re going into product research and how to get facebook Defines you new products all the time to test whether you’re not always having to find anyone. So let’s get straight into it so Straight away I just This is something that I would actually suggest for a number of you. There’s an add-on called turbo ads Chrome extension, that’s one way to actually you can just filter for ads on your Facebook another way I actually do it is what would this fake account? What you can actually do is you make another account and you just go and Basically like heaps of pages, you know, look at your ads and that and then you get Your Facebook profile is just purely just getting marketed ads, right? But I’m gonna show you some little tricks so that you get marketed more and more ads you find more and more pages because a lot of people use what’s known as satellite pages, which is They call them some of our pages but they’re basically just fan pages They’re just a fan page, but their benefit of using a fan page as opposed to your brand page is that it’s harder to find But people are going to find anyway so Basically, what I do is so we put in the top gear things like 50% off earrings 50% off jewelry 50% off dog 50% off cat whatever it might be related to that comes to mind Just put in 50% off socks. There’s socks that sell extremely well that I’ve seen I can’t River without but then I use 50% off free shipping worldwide limited to time of a limited time only All the things I’ve shown you in previous Videos you actually was put in there because that’s mostly what the standard is the people use to incent for us now I can’t remember if I show this in a previous video because I have done a few around plant research and it’s one that I’m Continually asked by you all to do more off now. I wanted to show you this because it’s very handy So if you have either your own Facebook or another Facebook account doesn’t matter really it’s up to you You can segment them is let’s say this one. So I found this here made animal stud earrings now, that is not handmade that is Actual Someone get me a pity. I’ll pay you back Maybe it is I don’t know but I don’t believe it is no maybe there But you can see how this is a trending product and if you can find practice Immel, er to it then You’re gonna have a lot of opportunity here now if we click this again, it’s Google shortener, you know, okay, so it looks like yeah Someday, yeah, it was a shock for our store and they’ve been shut down That’s a bad example but I’m gonna try and find another one so And you look at basically views To start off with You can see yeah this has really gotten the results. I’m trying to find you a good example to show you Just a few things about Dogs and That’s fine, but anyway so yeah, that’s all right. So let’s use this one so this is I believe yeah I’ve seen this product a number of times Very popular product. Now, what you can do is one you can obviously steal the video and all that You can see here that they’re using now in extra-extra-large and 50% off sale Park life harnesses might be it looks like they’re using the booster theme and they have made a specific landing page and You can see why this is doing so well Anyway, what you do is a few things to do know is First thing an antique that actually no sorry another thing you can do is leave that ticked because when you had to cut your going to get Remarketing messages that’s free ad copy that you’re seeing their back-end Completely for free as you can see they’ve spent a huge amount of time on this You know that this is a proper landing page by the looks of it. I think this is using Zip afire pages. Yeah, yes So this is a major winner for them and They’re using zipper fire pages Yeah Anyway, it’s so and what you do is your aunt account And you can see, you know, like this is their main silo really trying to hammer home those testimonials proceeded to check it out You know this Real customer reviews you can See that looks like that’s an image. I think I know you But that that’s actually something that I plan to steal myself. But anyway, so you can see here I’ll see how they’ve made it green and they’ve got that that’s something that you’ll probably want to look at doing I’m actually gonna use this website for reference together my code to improve mine because I want that be right the benefit of Basically doing this is what you’re doing is they’re pixel storing this So as far as the pixels concerned that you’re a highly engaged customer you don’t have had to have been marketed the ad for this to work and what this basically means is that Now I’m gonna get remarketed their ads I’m gonna see their remarketing ads I’m gonna see other products They might have and Facebook’s also gonna say that I’m an engaged shopper basically or interest in online shopping so with that being said Now on Facebook over time is going to start marking me other products in that account And it’s going to slowly find more and more and more winning products So that’s a huge benefit of doing this is is that a man you go to? usually Is sometimes they show you like yeah, so when you’re like now you can also Now like a heap of other pages so if you’re Yeah, like these are all I know big ones. I I’m doing dog stuff just like them all Doesn’t really matter. I don’t really Yeah Because a lot of them a lot of these probably fan pages You can go into each one if you want if you prefer, but you can see how like if we go best life for pits And I Don’t know what purchases pet supplies so that’s pet supplies but oops well you can do is Let’s have a look at that one and we’ve like the page I’m definitely gonna be going. Okay. So here we go. So like this is probably Another dog related store that they made related stuff but you can see how when you’re doing a bit of research if you then find other pages and you just go and like their page you’ll then be Recommended other pages and you’ll find general stores you’ll find These stores relating to these products you’ll find a lot of different options. That’ll come in handy. Alright, so This is basically what I do is is that you find the product then you go to their website you add it to cart Once I leave I’m going to get remarketed don’t really care I get remarketed remarketed the stuff I can then look at their remarketing strategy and a lot of them use probably like recant or There’s another one I can’t know what it’s called or many channels something and So you can get there and copy agents and you can tell it they know what they’re doing because they’ve gotten a lot of sass So and you learn a lot from this, so not only are you stealing their ideas their competition But you’re also they are telling Facebook about other pages that you’re interested in – then get marketed all of that stuff like oh poor thing and You’ll find that it’ll market you other stuff. Like let’s say like that and you’re gonna just find That especially if you’re in a niche store That you’re just gonna get all these products marketed to you over time And every time you do it click shop now the shop now button and Go to the checkout and leave the reason they want to shop me I was the Facebook especially record that because they can record it specifically much better than like within the ad copy itself So always do that, so Dogs and This is then going to continually tell Facebook there. I didn’t mean free shipping dolls, but and I so you can see here This is another viral pack. This is definitely dropship Basically, just click the URL Cause you can’t see the shop now when you’re manually finding it and look they’ve been taken down. So it’s a bad example Dog water bottle. I think I’ve actually purchased one of these Yeah anyway, so They’re using their own URL. So people can’t really copy that but you can see how again they’re basically doing this same approach right now you can’t Proceed to check it out. I think this is the booster theme and You can see here. I like well for starters. They need to actually put their logo in there. Check their Facebook And I so you can see how now I’m going to and if I go to them trending note So this is a slightly different one if I like it They’ve only got 95 people, but I’ll find popular now tech speak popular now sounds like a good one These heaps so you’re just that’s amazing deals, you know, so I where is it? you’ll find some that have much largest this as a thousand and Yeah, that’s a trending Pro that drop shipping so and they’ve gotten a few videos and stuff so you just start liking and you just keep doing that basically just like It’s been a few hours trending pics and senior now It’s just telling me more and more cuz you’re now Facebook now knows what you want and it’s gonna just keep doing that Okay, that’s pretty much it. That’s how I do my research to keep it very simple and you can see how effective it is It’s just so simple. You just use Facebook to actually find you the products and guaranteed if I went back here tomorrow, I would just be finding other products too, you know like That’s not But other products that I can market really easily In fact, I probably did nothing for it and you just like their page because then it’s gonna do the highway ploy. Alright So I hope that has helped you today and if you Did like today’s video drop a like I really want to try and see if I can get 50 bucks in a video I just haven’t got one yet My group below Shop, I drop shipping lifestyle is free. There’s chichi down below. Just download that church it gets you started. There’s a Trial if you are starting in Shopify, I have heaps of video. It’s all completely free and You just click down below. There’s a trial get signed up away you go and my exclusive group Shopify drop shipping lifestyle is slowly growing great community where you get a more one-on-one personal touch with me an Exclusive group of a small number of people not a very large amount of people small amount of people. Alright, so I hope that has again helped you today if You have any questions drop a comment below? I am very responsive there and don’t forget to join my facebook group growing rapidly Great community of people. Alright, so thank you very much your time and take it

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  2. LIFESTYLE – there's wayy more terms to use when researching. What terms do you find best works for product research?

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