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I am gonna teach your method to sell
heavily saturated products quickly and easily getting sales through the door
let’s go hey and welcome to today’s video my name is Ricky Hayes if you
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got a chance to make 30 minute call with myself and announced at the end of this
video so step one find saturated products okay so obviously this is so
easy I’ve got in fact playlists down below I recommend you go and find them I
mean this is completely just simple you can use tools like drop points outsource
big spire Facebook newsfeed Instagram Google there’s like YouTube there’s
nearly an infinite number you just want to find products that are just
absolutely crushing it because I’ll pretty much be crossing it and Scout on
Facebook Ads I’m going to show you a couple in a
moment you know why am I making a strategy like this when I always say
about unsaturated products because you can still get a lot of sales from a
saturated Pro there’s a reason that it’s getting a lot of sales so we just need
to find a way that we can get a part of that pie because it’s just hard to do it
on Facebook so I’m sure none of you are knowing what I’m getting at we’re gonna
be marketing in the outside of Facebook so you want to find about 20 products
it’s preferably because obviously it’s going to take a little bit of time this
isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re
20 winning products upload them to your store and get started on that so let me
just show you some of these products that I think would be fit well on your
store for example you step number two make the product listing
okay so in the last letter I said obviously find them and you get them one
of the things that I’ve been doing a lot more in fact I outsource it because I
hate doing it but it’s necessary and it’s becoming more and more important is
making your own while doing a listing and making a unique description okay
making a unique description is not hard in fact I have a previous video on it
but I can make another one if you’re curious on making it for need items
alright so you usually just use a template and the template is that you
obviously you’re going to focus on the benefits okay and usually successful
descriptions especially on a Shopify default theme or Shopify theme instead
of a landing page you know you have a headline a catchy headline so you have
the the product title then you have the headline then you have like a little
gift then you have more benefits of the product an image preferably of like
maybe someone using it okay like a testimonial in quotation marks and then
you have like your five five figure guarantee type scenario by doing it
unique really helps because again you think about it yeah you have a unique
image you know unique landing page more likely to convert rather than one that
I’ve seen a hundred times looks scare me and spammy upload two to
four pictures of the product it can be more it can be less but generally you
want at least try and aim for two obviously on your website make sure if
you’re doing because this is send around Google make sure you’re doing areas like
tracking fa Q’s contact policies about us all very basic stuff that anyone can
do if you’re not doing it it’s gonna make it hard viewed on Google as a pro
tip make sure you include your email address on your contact us page Google
does crawl that I know people are not interested in SEO and crawling and all
that but if you want to be successful in Google using this strategy this is how
you do it so let’s go back to that product page I’m going to teach you a
bit of the psychology behind it so then you can start making your own product
descriptions because this is what helps you to actually build a brand as
boring and monotonous as this may be okay so using these people and their
product again as a great description example we’ve got our eye protection
glasses for blocking computer and cellphone radiation there’s a bit of a
long title but it obviously explains a product now because it’s a need item
again they have two to four images okay and they haven’t even cropped them which
is just lazy and they should at least get a graphic designer and optimize this
like costume probably like five bucks anyway so you can see your product
details are you always in front of a computer right that’s a catchy headline
alright or let’s say when I see these glasses it’s for blocking computer and
cell phone radiation right so are you in front of the do you suffer from eye
fatigue being in front of the computer all day all right something as simple as
that that was just purely ad lib off the top of my head you know really hammers
home the point we’re getting there people are getting eye fatigue you know
are you always in front of the computer well yeah that doesn’t really answer if
I were to do it I would say do you suffer from eye fatigue being in front
of the computer at your desk or something all day all right that really
is very specific it very much so relates to the person and then you have some
benefits you know or perhaps blah blah you can starts either using the same
sort of template of what I’m saying you have a catchy headline some benefits an
image like some of the downsides they’ve done in this case usually gifts work
quite well like a three to five second gift can work very well to sort of
briefly explain it because what happens is most people buy on mobile okay and
most people most websites when it’s optimized for mobile it’s going to be a
carousel of images and most people won’t look at those images unless you look at
things like heat maps to try and determine that which you can use tools
like lucky orange or forgotten the other one starts with H I use it anyway and
they’re very very helpful to help with that okay so you have you know you
question the benefits some of the effects they’ve done in this case and
then keep going on with it all right whenever you
you want to try and list the benefits always having a question pig’s interest
of always so this question piques interest you know protect your eyes now
with these anti radiation and blue light blocking lenses you can see constant
constant screen usage is now unavoidable but if you continue if if you continue
abusing your eyes they will suffer in the end so again if I were to revisit
this like not that it’s bad you know I would say in in 2019 we are surrounded
by screens everywhere it is an unavoidable fact of our life
however if we if we neglect the fact being in front of it ticking front of
screens all the time does not have an impact on our lives then when it’s going
to hurt us in the long run something like that I would actually in this case
use some of the harmful effects from here increased risk of depression which
is actually a fact diabetes so on so forth so anyway you get the idea and
then they explain more benefits reduce harmful blue light you know and they
even go to the degree of putting it in bold because obviously that gravitates
your attention top benefits again and then again an image of their benefits
and then what their specifications are yeah don’t forget as well if your
product has whatever specifications to include that as well
alright so use these pages as reference what I normally do is I would actually
copy it and then I change it so like so that I have a template I’m not I just
use it because I’m forgetful with some things I can definitely make it myself
but if I have a foundation for how I can do the description then I can just
modify it and make a unique one for myself especially using Google Shopping
this really helps with your conversion rates having very crafted good
descriptions because the people want to see that especially using Google’s I
don’t want to see a crappy looking page they want to see something
well-thought-out okay and obviously then you’re going to have your actual reviews
down the bottom of the page as well so if you if you’re not sure how to do
be riding don’t get worried by it it’s not our perfect process but it really
does help with your conversions especially if you’re really serious
about using this type of strategy okay so simple way just use what your
competitors are doing get ideas and then adjust it for yourself it’s just
marketing competition easy all right so that is step two so at this point you
should have found a heap of winning practices are easy to find now you know
sort of the general overview of making descriptions and how to set up your
landing pages for those products and then we’re gonna get into step three a
bit more of that nitty gritty alright so step three we’re going to market it
using Google shopping ads so just for example doing very well we’re using
Google shopping ads the reason I wanted to make this video is that I find it’s a
very easy way to market every product on your store with little to no work
initially involved at all and you’re gonna find that you will probably get
sales and it just takes a little bit of time but like I can spend a couple of
dollars and get a forty fifty dollar sale it is just that simple and I did
nothing for it so everyone should be starting to honestly consider using
Google Ads so I’m not gonna explain it all step-by-step here I already have
videos on this go and watch my free YouTube ads course there for those
people wondering there’s also another video I have on Google shopping ads so I
recommend going to watch that as well it’s going to further refine and teach
you how to set up your store your products your listings everything you
sort of need there to really get started okay you know this is you can’t start a
business in five seconds I get so many people asking me that
so Google shopping is being used a lot more by people now because it is a very
good Avenue of income however a lot of people are still not using it properly
they’re they’re not optimizing it really at all so by using those videos you can
get a leap ahead of people make sure as well that you give Google Shopping three
to five days without even really looking at it
so you want to start it just to do your whole catalog three to five days
preferably I start on $50 a day don’t worry you’re not going to spend $50 a
day it’s likely that you might spend 10 $20 a day and you can be awfully
surprised by how quick you can start getting sales in I’ve had a number of
people that just do specifically Google shopping and it works extremely well
they’re doing like 3 4 5 K a day and it’s a very hands-off approach you can
also as a general tip it’s really cheap to outsource your Google marketing in a
lot of regards compared to Facebook because Facebook is all people seem to
care about so Google has a lower perceived value in terms of outsourcing
so you can outsource for like five to ten dollars us an hour whereas if you
did it on Facebook you’re looking at a hundred plus USD an hour minimum for a
lot of these so in my regards the reason I wanted to make this video is it’s
genuinely helped me find a number of winning products I’ve recently just
found a winning product that already had spent I think $25 on Google Ads for
three sales with about a forty five dollar average order value each and I’ve
done nothing for it and with Google obviously we’re ranking
for a lot of keywords so I haven’t even found like 100 percent yeah all my
different wing tracks because it hasn’t spent a huge amount as yet but it’s
already starting to fire me winning products like just doing nothing I just
uploaded and it found me it so now I can actually I found not just a winning
product I found a winning product type so I can actually make collections now
if you’re interested in scag campaigns which stands for single keyword and
group that has changed a bit because Google have made some alterations to the
keywords in terms of how they rank especially exact matches but that’s
pretty advanced so I’m not going to speak about that here what I do is use
shopping to go out there because it’s in the shopping network I can easily mark
up my whole catalogue with little to no work involved I then
find a winning product or winning products I look at keywords and then I
see if I can find a certain type of keyword like theme thematic keywords so
let’s say you know dog collars okay it could be new dog collars like it’s
thematically dog collar and new dog collar they’re the same you know type
thing and you can then make a collection around that type of product there could
be different derivatives of that and you can make a scare campaign if you want to
learn how to do that I also have a video in my youtube channel I recommend going
to watch that and that is extremely advanced way of doing it use shopping to
find a winning product you can start scaling anyway marketing on Facebook but
also then make a collection and send people to a collection with Google
sending people to collections works extremely well extremely well because
you know that the type of things people look for and that people do like to shop
and and go off their own preference I used to always be sent up straight to
the product page but with Google I actually find sending people to a
collection page and letting them decide works even better so that’s just a pro
tip for you and a pro tip also is seriously start using Bing ads I’ve
properly started using Bing ads and I love it what is amazing about Bing ads
is it still gets millions upon millions got msn.com
as an example and yet I think I think I had a look yesterday they had 860
million monthly visits so you can imagine how many they still get on Bing
ads and it’s like completely unsaturated like completely no one really even
attempts to use Bing ads not even for like a brand search and you can what’s
cool with Bing ads is being obviously like so Google is about I think 80 85 %
of the the market share with keywords and Bing ads takes up I think about 5 to
10% it’s still a very large competitor in the greatest anything
and being have made it really easy if you do want a video on Bing ads actually
just comment down below I really enjoy being ads it’s it’s really fun um and
what you can do is you can push a catalog there and you’ll learn about how
you can push it through the Google Shopping feed app the exact same way as
Google out to Google ads which is just simple as hell and you make your
Merchant Center upload your products they get approved and you can start your
shopping campaign there on top of that any campaigns that you have from Google
Ads it actually has an import feature so it actually integrates with your Google
ads ad account and you can actually pull in your existing campaigns so a meaning
that you have a number of campaigns running you can pull them in and do them
also on Bing ads because Bing ads obviously are gonna have different
keywords but at the end of the day on search engines people mainly type very
similar things and so it’s a great way to get started also doing Bing ads and
then you can start to diversify your traffic and I’m talking that you
literally spent 20 minutes to set this up the hardest part in my opinion
actually with Bing ads is the conversion tracking which it’s took me a while to
figure it out but it’s actually really easy so if you want a video on a bit of
Bing ads just comment that down below as well because I can teach a bit of that
and that concludes today’s video on how to market saturated products quickly and
easily start bringing in sales in fact what I love the most about this strategy
is you can actually get much much much cheaper cost per purchases than you can
through Facebook and a lot less work you can outsource it it has a lot more
longevity I seriously recommend people who are serious about trying to make
money online that you should seriously be looking into Google it has its pain
points but it really does have the benefits far outweigh in the paints so
thank you again for watching don’t forget to subscribe to today’s video hit
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okay and congratulations to today’s winner winner David Pell pellagra I
apologize my English is definitely not one of my core competencies make sure as
well if you do want to pro research again there’s plenty of tools sail sauce
right there drop point right there join my facebook group I respond and I
actually ask people for feedback in my Facebook group one of the things that I
noticed that not many people actually do for their YouTube is I trying to ask you
guys what type of things you want doesn’t necessarily translate to what
people actually want that I do genuinely try and help people okay if you want to
learn more about products what makes a product tick go watch that playlist
there’s a cheat sheet you can download it hundred percent free
again the whole Google Ads course I’ve made a playlist for you and a Facebook
Ads course like honestly that stuff you’ve got I don’t know I think there’s
like twenty thirty hours just by doing watching all of that stuff I’ve just
content that can seriously is better than most courses in my opinion please
tell me what other videos you would like to see in the future one as many of you
noticed I’ve been doing a lot more Google ones I personally like Google a
lot more there’s a lot of tips tricks and hacks that I’ve further learnt on
Facebook I’m always learning so tell me what videos you want down below like
google of hacks can effect more Facebook ad hacks so on and so forth
if you want a quality private supplier just send me a DM on Instagram again I
can sometimes forget or take time to respond but I’ve got a great private
supplier if you want a great graphics designer I’ve got an amazing I’ve got
two technically now and hit me up on IG for that as well my handle is a tricky
haze IG so just contact me on there or you can send me an email I really don’t
care I look at my emails a couple of times a day
riki a tricky haze co so once again thank you so much for watching today I
hope you have a lovely day I hope you take care

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