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SECRET Hack To 10X Your Shopify Sales With FACEBOOK ADS – (Dropshipping Tutorial)

SECRET Hack To 10X Your Shopify Sales With FACEBOOK ADS – (Dropshipping Tutorial)

let me show you a little hack that can
help you 10x your sales what’s poppin people it’s your boy the Beast of ecom
and I am back with another video drop nothing but you already know value
bombs so in today’s video I want to show you a little hack that you may not be
aware of to help you 10x your Facebook sales now of course if this is the first
time I’m ever watching one of my videos then make sure you do of course like
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latest content officially got some econ beast much okay I had to pick up
something for myself okay so you can see me rocking the hoodie underneath it says
action is king now I did put this out on my Instagram story and a lot of people
were like y’all where on earth did you get that from you know I want one I may
decide to put them out for people but probably just four course members and
also shout out to everyone who is inside econ beast course absolutely killing it
and crushing it and loving it so so yea if you want to get involved with that
then click the link down below and also if you stay to the end of the video
you’ll know who has weren’t free access to the course cuz in my last video I
didn’t mention that one person is gonna win free access to the course as a way
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all of the video so you can consume the information learn implement and of
course find out if you was one of those lucky people to get access to the course
but putting that aside for one second we’re in the middle of November pretty
much in the middle of November its Black Friday next week so everyone should be
looking to maximize and 10x their cells as best as they possibly can and just
capitalize on the month that we’re currently in so I’m gonna show you a
powerful hack that you may not be aware of to help you build a super powerful
custom audience which can lead to super powerful look like audiences is gonna
help you 10x your sales so let’s quit the talking let’s jump into the computer
and start learning okay so let’s get straight into this video and you can see
the hoodie a little bit better here econ B action is king I think is super dope
so sometimes you just have to be your own biggest fan okay so um
so yeah let’s talk about this this hack on how you can 10x your shop fire sales
with these powerful custom audiences and creating these what I like to call super
powerful look at our audiences so I’m gonna show you how it all works so the
first thing you need to do ok of course is install pixel-perfect or track of fie
evil one kind of both will give you the same sort of thing okay I personally use
pixel-perfect these give you much better flexibility and integration plus they’re
they’re really easy to use now if we had to pixel-perfect
you know you can get pixel-perfect or track of five now a lot of people always
ask me you know they always say to me you know I’ve got you know do I need
multiple pixels per stop or a niche you know will my pixel get confused you know
and all these sorts of weird questions but your pixel can’t get confused it’s
not a person okay it’s not a human being it doesn’t get confused and you know I
know people who have you know they run one master pixel across different sites
okay and I know people who have different pixels for different products
and you know different niches and all those sorts of things now all of the
ways work okay every single thing will work it’s just depending on how yourself
and how you want to run things me personally what I do is I have one pixel
per website in case I’ve got one website and have one pixel and near the pixel
the other website will have another pixel that’s just how I like to
structure things but of course my sites will have you know will be generally
it’s a generalist or there’ll be general stores but they’re generally only focus
on three to four sort of niches maybe max five because although happen is
you’ll start smelling what’s selling and you’ll get into those niches and learn
what’s best for them and you know you’ll start developing the store around those
niches that’s generally the way I operate rather than that way so one
pixel per store was to myself so heading back to this anyway so the first thing
you need to do is install one of these apps okay so once you’ve got one of
those apps then of course you need to move on so the second state that second
part use of course you need to test to make sure that you
so is working correctly with the Facebook pixel Google Chrome you can
just Google that okay but what I mean by that is just by clicking on here you can
see here that our pixel is working well this one isn’t it’s firing two times but
you know it’s an old it’s an old store so so in old tests or doesn’t have
anything on it so yeah just make sure that your pixel of course is working
correctly and using an app for integration is the best thing so next
what you want to do is you need to name your product type inside of your product
page okay now you want to use the broadest category for example whatever
the broadest niche is so use the broadest category niche if you don’t put
in there so for example dogs or cooking or you know when everyone’s all fishing
or horses whatever your broadest niche is for that product then you know use
that as the as the product type I’m going to show you what I mean in a
moment of time and of course you want to do this for all of your products in the
same category so showing you exactly what this step is what you need to do is
you need to go into your products so let’s say we take for example this
product here and if you have a look here we can see that it says cooking so the
product type here we’ve got product type here and it says cooking and if I have a
look at some of the other options that I’ve got I’ve got home improvement kids
and babies and whatever other sort of broad niches one could be beauty one
could be you know like I said fishing horses or you know whatever it is you’re
selling but the broadest niche okay and then of course what will happen is we
want to do this for all of our cooking products so if we’ve got more than one
cooking products or we’ve got a whole product you know we’ve got a whole
collection on our website full of just cooking items want to make sure that
every single cooking item has the product type cooking so it ties them all
together okay so once we’ve then done that what we want to do is
we can then test it so what I want to do is let’s just have a look and test that
now so if we view the product and have a look at the pixel you can see something
here called view niche okay now in view niche we’ve got something called a
product type cooking so that there is tying to this cookie in here okay
and what the pixel is doing is tracking what the pixel is doing is tracking all
of this information here so everyone who views this product is you know gonna be
triggered for cookie and everyone who purchases is gonna be triggered for
cooking blardy blardy blar stuff like that so if we then move on to the next
stage we can then create a niche based custom audience for these for these
what’s the word I’m trying to look for for these custom audiences basically so
if we then head into Facebook and heading to create a custom audience
website traffic and then go view content and then view content you could change
that to whatever you want you are our parameters we change this to product
type and then put in cook him and of course we put cooking content
cooking niche view content create that audience now of course it’s not gonna do
anything can it won’t create anything because there’s nothing on the store but
essentially what we’re doing here is we’re creating a powerful cooking
powerful cooking a powerful custom audience for everyone who has viewed a
cooking product okay you can see how powerful this now guess so you can see
here at the car purchase we can create a custom audience for everyone who is
purchased a cooking product we can a custom audience for everyone who has
added a cooking product to their car okay and then of course what happens is
we can then create look like audiences based off this now of course I can’t
create any look-alike audience based on this one here but what we would then do
is of course is we create a view content one we could create a and add to cart’
one we would then create a purchase one and when we starting one we’re then
getting into that niche now okay we know that this is a very powerful custom
audience because this is everyone who has purchased a cooking product from
your store it could be a slice it could be you know whatever it may be but is
everyone in there because becomes very powerful because Facebook then gets that
day out and says okay this is everyone who is interested in cooking products
okay who have you content added to cart or whatever it may be and you know it’s
a lot more data than just one product because you use in your tying all of the
products together with this here you know order the products with with that
there so you’ve got to make sure that that is of course the broadest niche
then of course you can create powerful look at our audiences which then you
know gives Facebook tons of data okay to be able to go out and you know find
people who are just interested in the cooking niche you know and of course you
can then expand this and take this to as far as you possibly want you know in
terms of all of different look like audiences you can create different
countries you know and stuff like that so it becomes a very powerful way to you
know 10x your sales when it comes to just doing the normal view content of
the products normal at the cart of the product normal you know whatever it may
be into the product this way you’re tying all of the products together okay
and give them Facebook a lot more data to work with to then go out to create
these powerful look-alike audiences you can see how powerful this is how
powerful these custom audiences are okay to use these to be using these custom
audiences so this is a very you know value bomb
way to absolutely 10x sales and if you are not doing this right now
then you know you be missing out on selves okay you need to be doing this
ASAP you know and creating these local our audiences for those products making
sure that your product contact your product type is all tied in together and
you know basically 10x in a rocket ship in your your sales for this month
because pretty much we’re halfway through it’s Black Friday next week I
believe depending on when I put this video out and yeah come December time
then you know everyone’s going to be if you drop shipping of course then you
know you need to start winding down on adverts and stuff like that so you know
I hope you found this video valuable and this is one powerful way to take your
adverse and Shopify sales to the next level as usual I hope you got some value
from this video if you did make sure you like comment and of course smash that
subscribe button be sure to of course hit the
notification bell as well so that you stay up to date with all of the latest
content and of course you don’t miss out on any value bombs whatsoever now time
to announce the person who has won free access to econ beast course okay had
tons of comments on that last video so thank you for thank you for everyone who
did enter now the winner is Campo Hendo I believe your name is congratulations
to yourself you are the winner of course you will have to DM me on Instagram is
at biester Viacom and of course prove to me that you are the owner of that
YouTube account because there’s no doubt and I have had it before people
messaging me saying I’m the winner I’m the winner I’m the winner and you know
they just run a scam so please prove to me of course that you do own that
YouTube account and congratulations to yourself thank you to everyone who did
of course enter you know and if you do want to join econ B’s course then click
the link down below the members are absolutely loving it and most
importantly crushing it as well now hit me up on Instagram drop me a like drop
me a DM drop me and follow and we can connect on there and make sure you join
the free econ beast mastermind as well tons of information free information
in there okay I’m in there as well so the link for that again will be down
below so that is it for this video let me know what sort of results you were
getting I hope you all absolutely crushing it this month and I’ll be back
with another video chopping nothing but you already know value bombs take care
and I’ll see you there

50 thoughts on “SECRET Hack To 10X Your Shopify Sales With FACEBOOK ADS – (Dropshipping Tutorial)

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