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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vs. Facebook Ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Vs. Facebook Ads

Hey what’s going on guys I hope all is going
well and. My name is Anthony Olvera and I wanted to answer a really quick question that
I get a lot. And the question is, why would I invest my money into search engine optimization
over Facebook. And right now, I think a really hot service that’s going around right now
is like running Facebook Ads. I think that a lot of people are getting really romantic
with their idea or with the idea of their ads popping up on Facebook. And don’t get
me wrong, I think Facebook advertising is amazing especially if you have a really good
Facebook ads marketing company. So, people who are actually going to generate an idea
for you who are running a process and maybe are currently helping somebody in your industry,
I think Facebook Ads can be extremely effective. But one of the differences between Facebook
Ads no matter how good the agency is attending it, is Facebook Ads are very disruptive where
getting in the face of people who are not actually expecting to buy your service or
product right then and there. It really is kind of like a sales pitch or you’re putting
in, you’re putting an offer in front of them that they can’t refuse or that’s
kind of like changing their mind right away and they want to buy your product hopefully
right away. Sometimes you have to put multiple ads in front of them and keep on advertising
to them over a period of time and then they will eventually become interested in your
product or service. When you’re dealing with search engine optimization and one of
the reasons why I love it, is because when somebody is actually looking for your business
on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines, they’re actually going because that is the
moment of intent. That means they already want your product or service and that makes
a lot easier for you as a business owner to actually close the deal. So, you’re going
to be getting a lot more deals that are full price deals because you know they’re not
making a decision based off of a big deal. They’re making a decision base off I was
looking for this service and you were in the right place. So, the rest is up to you to
close a deal but the main thing with search engine optimization were getting you in front
of the customer at the moment of intent. If you guys have any other questions, definitely
let me know. But otherwise, you guys have a wonderful day. Thank you.

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