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Scottsdale’s Best Digital Ad Agency | 1-480-447-9522 | Catalyze Digital

Scottsdale’s Best Digital Ad Agency | 1-480-447-9522 | Catalyze Digital

This is a phone book. And this is what most
people do with a phone book! This is Google… and this is where you want to be on Google. If you’re not on the first page of Google you’re leaving money on the table
and earning pennies on the dollar for your sales conversion Add to that Google change their
algorithms five hundred times last year alone! Yikes! And did you know that the internet
of things is becoming a THING? With a 24/7 always on shopping state of mind the
Internet is quickly becoming a MULTI-TRILLION dollar market! and if you’re like me you want a slice of that pie! . . . So, how do you get SEO results? Here are six simple steps to get you ranked on Google… 1) Create a responsive Omni-channel
presence through personalization. Get the right message, to the right
people, at the right time, across fragmented
screens and consolidated networks. 2) Optimize your website for mobile. Mobile touches everything and by the end
of 2015, will represent seventy percent of the
total US search audience. 3) Create a custom YouTube channel and embed the link on your main website. 183 million internet users or 75 percent of the US audience, is
creating watching, spending money on, and
interacting with video. So seeding your videos with reviews by
high-profile online influencers will get you
fantastic organic search results. 4) Spread the Love! Drive your content
outward for multi-channel, “snackable” sound-bites, and send your links back to your home page. 5) Ego, Info, Emo Find your niche brand advocates and serve them info they’ll want to share. …because people share to gratify their ego, just spread information or to create
an emotional connection. If you want to reach your consumers gear your content to ego, info and emo. 6) And lastly, hit ’em while their wallets are open to optimize your SEO sales conversion funnel… by offering relevant up-sell, cross-sell
opportunities at their point of purchase. At Catalyze Digital, Scottdale’s Best Digital Ad Agency, we consult with clients on a select basis to get you to the front to Google! Call us toll free today at 1-844-GET RESULTS. That’s 1-844-438-7758 to get result worth bragging about! Are you Scottsdale local? Dial 1-480-447-9522 or visit us online at http://catalyzedigital.com to get SEO results. Thank you from the best digital consultants!

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