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Science World Programmatic Advertising Case Study

Science World Programmatic Advertising Case Study

My name is Andre Coronado and I’m the
digital communications coordinator at Science World. Science World is a charitable
organization that engages British Columbians and science inspires future
science and technology leadership throughout the province. War Room was
recommended to us and we really approached them initially, not knowing
what we were gonna get you know we want to promote Science World After Dark can you play video strategically across
the Internet and let’s see the results. And really from that point on it was
just a matter of everything works so well and we were selling out of town and
we kept selling out. It was really nice going to worry about it saying that you
know we have to stop running our campaign because we’ve sold out, can you
put the money towards the different campaign? Currently we’re promoting our
future exhibition now ultimate dinosaurs. We don’t have the data on line in terms
of promoting future exhibition. We didn’t know whether it would work on Facebook
or Twitter. We didn’t know whether we could convert online sales. They would
change the campaign on the fly to improve the results and they were always
incrementally getting better and better every time we did a different
event and it worked. The conversions are they’re actually
quite a big success. so one of the things we do love about War Room
is there reporting is the analytics. Everything is so detailed and in depth. It’s
really easy to compare results across different channels see what works what
doesn’t and just make changes on the fly and always get better every time we do
it. As a tourism organization learning the skills of navigating kind of the digital
realm is is that you think for us and War Room made it easy and accessible helped us
understand what we were investing in and the kind of the results we were getting.
They kind of go that extra mile in terms of if there’s something I don’t
understand it’s it’s really an open dialog where I can ask questions and they’ll
step by step to teach me about different data things are different complex
analytics that they’re using pixel tracking all these fun stuff that
our organization has never done before. I would definitely recommend War Room simply because they get it done you know.
They make the results happen and they show you why it happened the way it did.

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