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Scale Facebook Ads To $500+ A Day On Your Drop Shipping Store!

Scale Facebook Ads To $500+ A Day On Your Drop Shipping Store!

What’s going on guys welcome back to another video in today’s video We’re gonna talk about how you can scale your facebook ads to a thousand dollars a day five hundred two hundred whatever you want to scale them to we’re gonna talk about how you can scale your Facebook ads and there’s video. So let’s jump into my computer. I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about All right guys before we jump into this we need to do the last competition from the last video So what I’ve done is I’ve copied the link from this video. We’re going to go to the YouTube Random comment generator and we’re going to pick one random comment to win 100 bucks and when I call out your name So where I start here? You just comment below. All right when you once I’ve found a name So, um Quinn Liu you comment below and you’ll get that 100 bucks from the last video I was supposed to do in the last video, but we had a very hectic week But you have 100 bucks my friend. So comment below and you’ll get that 100 bucks Just comment your email or something so I can contact you. I don’t want to put mine there because I’ll get bombarded with emails Now guys, we’re going to jump into this video What I’m gonna be teaching you today is how to scale up basically like because everyone thinks that it is like this You know, you just click a button and you scale and you make lots of money. It’s not really how it works So there’s a few things we’re going to talk about And I’ll show you kind of how I scale and you can implement these strategies into your facebook advertising. So The goal order say is a thousand bucks today. It could be four hundred five hundred could be 10,000. I don’t know What if you want to get to about a thousand bucks today is a pretty good Number to get to it’s 30 grand a year. That’s a return at that I’m sorry, 30 grand a month over three hundred thousand dollars per year so first of all we need to look at three key things before we even think about scaling our Facebook Ads number one is New accounts are harder to scale. There’s a few reasons why when Facebook sees you’re starting to spin lots of money sometimes they will ban you just for no reason but usually it’s because of that and Just generally new Facebook accounts are very hard to scale So you want to just my tip would be to run some? Retargeting ads first before you go and start doing massive scaling on a brand new facebook at our ads account. Okay Now don’t get stuck with daily Facebook metrics or you will just become stressed so what I mean by that is like don’t sit there and be like, oh man yesterday I had At cost per purchase of $5. And then today I’ve got a cost per purchase of 20. What’s happening something’s wrong That is very very normal with Facebook, especially in the early days. It’s trying to figure out where to find your potential customer So you’re gonna get these up and down days. It’s really inevitable It just happens and we have to deal with those up and down days and our Facebook advertising campaigns So don’t stress too much about that I usually got like obviously we have a new facebook At the counter and you ad going and you haven’t been going for very long You don’t have a long stretch of time to look at so usually I look at seven-day periods instead of every day But if you have haven’t had your facebook ad going for longer than seven days, then you can look at daily but just don’t get too stressed when you see that your metrics are up and down that can happen and the third key thing is there are many ways to scale Facebook Ads people think there’s only one way increase the price or Duplicate ads things like that. There’s lots of ways you can scale your ads and when you implement all of these things into your Advertising strategies then you’ll start to get to those thousand dollar days five hundred dollar days two thousand dollar days and things like that Okay. So the first thing guys before you scale, it’s really important to understand kind of the Consequences of scaling. Yes, there’s consequences. There’s bad things that can happen obviously good things as the money but First of all is PayPal limitations massive PayPal? will limit you if you just like the suit basically if you have a personal faith our PayPal account where you get to run about 700 bucks and income They will lock your accounts and you have to send them proof of verification you own that account It’s the same with business account But you want to get your business account set up and you want to get to that? $700 threshold or I think it’s really my seven hundred to a thousand get verified on but make sure it’s on a business account because If it’s not and they start seeing thousands of dollars coming in per day or per week They will probably start to hold your money Okay so You want to make sure you have all your PayPal invitations out of the way and you want to have a business account set up Really for the influx of money to come in? Okay, because they can shut you down in your time I actually just got banned off stripe a few days ago for chargebacks. I Fixed it. I’m gonna stripe again But they can stripe and PayPal can come along and limit whenever they like it’s their platform Just make sure you’re ready for that have the right accounts in place I’m more hands-on what I mean by that is once you start to scale your business you’re gonna get things like more refunds and that so you you need to treat it like a real business like you can’t just Scale on them just not contact your customers for a week or stuff like that. You have to be hands-on You have to be contacting people. You have to run it like a business Have backup suppliers have at least one backup supplier There’s a view of one armed supply that runs out a product you kind of yeah, you’re screwed. You can’t redo much You’re just gonna have to wait. So make sure you have one backup supplier At least I would recommend more than one but at least have one, okay and have one backup credit card at least as well just in case when you actually go and You know, you might limit out your credit cards or something like that You credit cards have a limit So you might want to have more if you plan to scale up big and also I missed out here more refunds you are going To start to get more refunds when you scale so it might be a good idea to get a virtual assistant to handle this for you because you will probably be Handling customer service and other customer service things and stuff like that so you can get a very for all your customer service stuff But I tend to do most of the talking to my customers myself because I like to be more on a more personal level But for refunds it’s easily easy to hire a virtual assistant to sort that stuff that and then products Some products are easy to scale than others. A lot of people don’t really realize that some products You literally just can’t scale just doesn’t work. So it’s really important to Kind of figure out, you know, it’s really important to have a product that can scale Okay, and you want to make sure that you have a product that you can scale no matter what you do This is really really important to your scaling. Um, yes, well your scaling journey, so let’s go down to Basically the two factors that I care about I don’t care about anything else Roe is return on your ad spend. Okay and cost me the purchase I don’t care about click-through rates I don’t care about link clicks I just don’t care about that stuff that those those metrics are really irrelevant because it comes down to who’s buying from you Okay. Are you making a return on your investment? And What is your cost per purchase? those are the two things that are really because if you make if you’re in a Positive arm row as or return on investment of return on adspend whatever it is Then you’re making money. If your cost per if you if your cost per purchase is ten dollars and So it’s like well throw it then you’re making like 30 bucks. You’re spending ten dollars to make a thirty dollar sale That’s all that you need to know. Okay, you can be getting a fifty percent click-through rate by making no money You could be getting a ten percent click-through rate and make your money. So I Really? I really don’t Mess with other metrics. I mean, they probably do come in handy but I just don’t really miss them too much because I haven’t found them to be useful unless I specifically need to look at those metrics which I don’t usually need to look at return on adspend and cost per purchase are the ones that I use the most and That’s what’s really important when it comes to scaling so in this example, we’re going to talk about scaling and for argument’s sake we’re going to pretend that you have a Website conversion ad going and you’re optimizing for purchases, okay So first of all, before you even scale your facebook ads, how is everything performing are you and the profit yet? Or are you positive return on investment, which is the same thing as my own the profit basically, you want to have an ad that’s somewhat consistent and you were actually making money or there’s no point in scaling that ad the Biggest problem I see with a lot of people is they will be like hey I Want to scale my ad but I’ve only been running my ad for a few days and I’m like we’re in the profit You know, there’s no point in scaling your ad absolutely no point whatsoever and scaling your ad if you’re not making any profit Okay, so if your sales are up and down and you’re not on the profit, you’re not ready to scale it’s that simple and what I mean by that is I Know that sometimes metrics can be up and down on a day to day basis But you want to be at least getting some sort of sales every single day consistently Before you scale up your arm your advertising campaign So in that case if you were not ready to scale what I would recommend you do and let’s say you I do some sales but it’s not every single day is implement things like upsells on your store and Abandoned cart emails to increase average order value and then either way it’s a good idea to do that at some stage anyway Because you are going to want to do that later. But if your air if your Sales are inconsistent, and you’re not making profit yet You implement some upsells you implement some stuff to increase your average order value then you will get to the point where you’re ready to scale up your facebook ads or you’ll Duggal ads or whatever you want to do Okay Now are you on the profit and you’re getting at least one sale per day? Really you want more than that, but that’s kind of just what I threw down here Then you could be ready to scale right you’re probably ready to scale. You’re probably ready to take things to the next level. Um But I do want to talk about duplicating I probably should have put duplicating before retargeting I just briefly touch on this real quick at this point. You should have already Duplicated and tested this and tested that you’re ready You’re gonna be ready to scale after you’ve already tested a bunch of products and duplicated things and found a winner Okay, this is after you’ve found a winner. Let’s just get that out of the way. Um Retargeting is literally the easiest way to start up scaling your entire store and income It’s instant. Facebook is collecting data every single day from your ads From people that visit your store from people that Add to Cart from people that purchase you have this data and you can separate it And you can do different ads to these people. This is a way of upscaling It’s a very very easy way of upscaling so you should be doing retargeting That’s your first step to upscaling your Facebook ad campaigns your store and all that sort of good stuff. That is your first step whip up a quick retargeting ad for people who have visited your products page and either try to sell them the product you are selling or if they have a purchase you can exclude purchases or Try and even sell them a new product. Okay, that’s another way of scaling up You know re targets convert very well. You can have the weirdest ad and it will convert I remember I had a dog on one of my ads Completely not even related to what I was selling and it converted very very well Retargeting ads convert very well. You don’t need to put a much work at all. It’s really really simple to do. Um What you want to do guys is do a reach campaign and limit the ads to two impressions per day This is really important because otherwise your audience especially if you have a small Retargeting list is going to see your retarget you over and over and over again, and you’re just gonna waste money Because they’re probably not going to purchase the data set, you know And also do like maybe a retargeting for seven days and then that’s it Like just have your retargeting list for seven days or five days because you don’t want to speak consistently retargeting these people and it’ll happen really really bad on a Small list because you’re just gonna be wasting money. This is really important. You want to look at that Now the next thing is price Increasing this is we start to get into a little bit more serious upscaling Should you duplicate ads this is kind of what I was talking about before it really depends. So technically yes, you should duplicate ads and but You know fake because Facebook is designed to work in a way where it will find the best performing ad set view then scale then You can scale from there So when you’re testing lots of products, you’re obviously going to be duplicating different interests because you had different products Well, it’s sort of good stuff Right, but what people do because they’ve been taught is they will duplicate the same ad over and over and over again They don’t change anything. That’s very very bad Because you understand all of this. Overlapping that’s very very bad Um, and we’ll talk about that a bit more in a second but right now I’m going to assume that you’ve already done all your testing like I said before and we already have a winner or A potential winner. Um, so you’re ready to scale? Okay. We’ll talk more about duplicating in a minute But if you just keep duplicating over and over again the same stuff for your scaling. It doesn’t really work too. Well nowadays If you have an ad set that you think is winning Then scale it up slowly Okay If you’re not 100% sure you need to scale it up slowly slowly as always the best way Because you’d never really compromise anything with your Facebook stuff So what I mean here is basically if you have an ad set that’s that you think is winning or as a winner or it Is winning if you just increase the budget slowly then that’s a way of scaling every single day But don’t go for like five dollars to a hundred Hundred to three hundred because you are going to compromise your ads and they’re not going to perform very well When you do increase your arm ad price The chances of it slowing down the next day are quite high because it’s had an adjustment But you can go into your data and you can you can follow everything now if you see that you’ve had a bad day after a And it still keeps going you can actually go back and Facebook is smart enough to figure that out and you’ll be alright again But just be aware that when you slowly increase your price on your winning ad You are gonna have a couple of days or at least a day later where it’s going to be It’s going to perform a little bit better. It might not but the chances are the chances of it happening Are quite high so it’s always actually I’m good too as well increase your Facebook ad budgets in the morning So it has all day to adjust that’s quite important and this is a great way to scale as a beginner like really simple Retargeting and increase prices on your winning ad set. Okay, it works But like I said before duplicating the exact same ad over and over again So what I mean by that I talked about it briefly before us a lot of people will be like hey I’ve got an ad running for 10 bucks. I’m gonna duplicate that and then now I’m Scout up to 20 bucks I’m going to duplicate that now Scout up to 30 40 or whatever. You’re not scaling all you’re doing at that point is you were duplicating another the same ad set into another ad set into another same ad set and you’re causing Facebook all of this confusion because Facebook is just overlapping all of these ad sets and that two things happen at this point You get really really really inconsistent days and you’ll be able to tell because you can cross-reference all of that with the overlap Tool that Facebook have all your ads are just gonna die. They’re two things that are going to happen it’s never really a good outcome and I’m talking about people that will duplicate the same ad 5 times 10 times 20 times and they Think that okay now this now I’m now running these ads at $200 because you know 5 times whatever or 10 times whatever I’m scaling That’s not the case. Okay, you’re not scaling. You’re just creating a headache for Facebook. So Try not to just duplicate the same thing over and over again when you duplicate you want to have changes So the first thing I would recommend you do before we get into any serious scaling is to duplicate into interest and age because we’re gonna talk about look-alike audience the Audiences in a second, but you want to do those later because it takes a while to build that stuff up So now you should have a winning edge that you can play around with a bit more something that’s kind of, you know increase the price a little bit you make a little bit of money you can now start duplicating into winning age brackets And interest I did initially put the interest down there, but you can start so, you know You’ve got to add that’s winning for that particular interest You can start duplicating Into other interest and more importantly ages ages are a big factor when it comes to winning ads and not winning ads so you can go into the breakdown on Facebook and you can see what ages are working through you the best and then you can I wouldn’t recommend changing it on that particular ad. Okay, you should never try and change You should never change your main ad set too much when it comes to stuff like that Duplicate it into a new ad and then just run the winning age that’s working for you Then maybe that ad will become your main one later on. Maybe maybe it’ll perform better than your main one So you can pause your main one and let that one run and kind of I just want to bust a myth here guys If one thinks that forcing an ad is bad you can pause ads it’s okay. Facebook is designed for that You can pause ads you can start them again. No problem. I’ve been doing this for years Never ever ever had a problem with pausing Facebook ads my entire life. Um So, um, let me just go back here. So We’re always so yeah, you can do that You should now start duplicating into different interests to see what works which we just talked about You can also start duplicating into your winning ad brackets This is when duplicating becomes important because this is when your standard duplicated in two different things and seeing what works, okay? Facebook is giving us the data all day long. It will tell us what’s working and what isn’t working So you’re going to be using that when you do your breakdown? Then you can start duplicating into different ad copy which is really really important as well This is what’s going to get your cost per purchase down or up. Depending on what you do but you want it to come down so Start testing different ad copies or videos and images to get your cost per purchase down Okay That’s how you get your cost per purchase down is by changing the ad copy out and the videos images that add, you know The headings and stuff like that the call to actions. That’s what’s going to get your cost per purchase down in the long run Okay, and make sure you keep your our main edge set going don’t change it do all of your edits on the duplicated ad sets But yeah You definitely want to start looking into different err copies and things like that Then guys we get into the powerful stuff the most powerful asset you’re ever going to have apart from retargeting list Is your look-alike audiences now the reason you don’t do this straight away and it’s another mistake. I see people do Hey Frank, can I hit a hundred of my look-alike audience? So I do look like audience now? No You should not you will don’t want to do those too early because the more you have and your look-alike audiences the more powerful they become Okay, so people try to use look-alike audiences way too early Now you can start your look-alike audience with a hundred of whatever actions you choose That you want to do so whether it be purchased as I Add to Cart but Facebook recommends 500 plus and that’s what I recommend as well Okay, 500 Plus do what Facebook recommends and then you’re pretty much on the right path um So there could be 500 Add to Cart 500 purchases And this is why I wait to be my look-alike audiences because they are much stronger if you can create them off more data It’s a complete waste of time if you go and do 100 ad to carts because honestly It’s not enough data for Facebook to go and get you a really specific Look-alike audiences audience. So it’s better for you to go and do things like different air copy go and do things like Duplicate into different interests in age and really build up those look-alike audience sources You can start to get some super powerful look-alike audiences for your Facebook ads Okay, and really the add to cart’ and purchase look-alike audiences will always be your most powerful View content and pageviews. They’re not exactly the best they might work. But I really do them as a last resort Ads account and purchases your bit. So what that means is you can go make get a list of like I think it’s 2.8 million in America of People that are related to your ad to carts or your purchases and stuff like that. It’s really really powerful stuff ultimately, ultimately these should make you a lot of money these ship would probably make you the most money in the end and Ultimately at the end you’ll most likely be running off look like audiences more than anything else there’s usually what happens whether it be two three weeks down the track or Month month or two or three or four or six months down the track I only really use look like audiences now because once you have that data built up, it’s really easy Just go and consistently promote products to those people. Alright. Sorry guys, my camera just dummy So you look like always going to be a strongest in the long run Another way you can scale up is to duplicate into countries. It’s quite important You can actually make a lot of money from duplicating into other countries Depending on your shipping you can branch out into different countries and you can make a lot of money in other countries Um, I prefer we go with the five stack and that the United States Canada United Kingdom Australia and New Zealand now Canada has a really long shipping time They are you can get cheap CPP’s their United Kingdom is pretty good, New Zealand You can get cheap cost per purchase and you can also do quick shipping. So I’m a New Zealand The shipping is like it hardly ever comes later than 10 days usually around about seven. It’s really really quick shipping here So you can also go and branch out into other countries now the next one is price increase number two at this point you should have Stable running edit so edits that are really really stable and you can finally increase them without any trouble This is where you really start to scout a massive massive proportions what I’m trying to say is you’ll have an amount of products or whatever ad sets that are running really well for you whether it be four five six or ten or one and at this point they will be so dialed down that you can just go and throw a 30% increase at it or 20% I think I wrote down here So you should be able to increase your ad set by at least that should say by By at least 20% a day safely without those ad sets Are with those ads it’s because they would have collected enough data and will be optimized at this point Try and do any increases in the morning. So your ad sets have all day to adjust. So basically there’s the whole pointers you Get your ad sets to a point where you can just keep scaling the price up keep scaling keep scaling you Optimize you tweak and you get it to that point Don’t be one of those people that get an ad going and then a week later that you want to ups You want to upscale just cuz you had a few sales that week you want to make sure That ad and what I mean, sorry Don’t just increase the price you want to make sure that that ad is ready for massive massive price Increases so you need to optimize it you need to duplicate in two different air copies You need to duplicate in different interests. You need to make sure their ad is ready to be scaled up to the next level. Okay? So doing all of this guys should get you to $1,000 per day. No problem, but the trick is to take it easy Then when you have a nice consistent running ad set or multiple or multiple ad sets you can stick out quicker Which is what I just talked about. Okay, so that my friends as dumb Pay you can scout or crazy amounts, but it it’s really important to understand that there are some consequences worth scaling It’s not all about money. You’re going to have some problems And worry about these two metrics. Okay, and just You know start with retargeting. It’s the easiest way to scale your campaigns Then do a slow price increase not a big one then going to duplicate into interests and ages then You know Different air copy then your look-alike audiences. That’s when you get to the powerful stuff and don’t Please don’t Think that scaling is when you take one ad set you duplicate it into another any duplicate it into another and you don’t change me Think that is not scaling. All you’re doing is creating more problems for your Facebook account All right guys now before we go, I just want you know that I have started a new Facebook group This is different from my online samurais, which has 40,000 members. It’s amazing in there, but I just added one called Shopify samurais That’s specifically for Shopify guys. So come in here and I’m gonna be giving free information all the time I’m in here every single day giving out information Now and yeah, it’s free come and join you’ll get approved no spam We don’t want that in here and you can come it This is the easiest way to chat to me because I don’t give out my email and stuff like that So we’re coming to hear Shopify summarize summarize. I’ll leave a link in the description Hit that like button hit their notification button hit that subscribe button and feel free to go and watch another video That’s about to pop up on the screen and I’ll see you soon

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