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Save time with AdWords manager accounts

Save time with AdWords manager accounts

If you’re an agency or someone who manages
multiple AdWords accounts, an AdWords manager account is a powerful tool that could save
you a lot of time. You can search, navigate, and manage all of
your AdWords accounts—including other manager accounts—from a single easy-to-read dashboard
in your manager account. And you can quickly monitor the performance of these accounts,
run reports, and get budget updates. To get started, create a manager account with
an email address that’s not already linked to any of your other AdWords accounts.
Next, link the AdWords accounts you want to manage. Now you’re able to use the same email and
password to sign in and access all of your managed accounts. Instead of logging into each individual account
to create a campaign, you can monitor, manage, and create campaigns in one place. You can use the Reports tab to create, manage,
and schedule reports for all the accounts you manage. It’s easy to compare performance across
all accounts and run multiple reports on the Performance tab. From the main dashboard you can also track
your budgets for all of your managed accounts and easily see which account is being billed. But you don’t have to do this all on your
own. Your manager account also lets you manage other manager accounts nested within yours
so you can delegate work to your partners. Lets say you manage three AdWords accounts.
And you want your partner to take over managing two of them To do this, your partner creates his own manager
account. And you link his new manager account to your
own manager account. Now your partner has access to the 2 accounts
he needs, while you can still view both of those accounts from your top-level manager
account. Just keep in mind that an individual AdWords
account can’t be linked to more than five manager accounts. Now with your AdWords manager account you
and your team can search, navigate, and manage all of your accounts, and you can quickly
monitor account performance, track conversions, run reports, and get budget updates. For more ideas on how to use AdWords manager
accounts to organize your business and save you time, visit the AdWords help center.

12 thoughts on “Save time with AdWords manager accounts

  1. I have a MCC account, I manage my clients campaigns there, now In need a new account for the AdWords manager account, that is NOT my MCC account. Does the AdWords manager account replace the MCC platform in AdWords, if so, how do I move my clients there ?

  2. Hi, I have created a keyword account and a Manager account using the same email address and I have received two customer IDs for each. It says in the video above that the MCC account should be made with an email which is not linked to any other AdWords account. Kindly advise!

  3. I've a question, if i created a MCC account and add a client account also I've created a campaign for that client, Is it possibility that client do changes in that campaign through own access of account ?

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