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Sally Grimes on Sharpie’s “Start with Sharpie” campaign | YouTube Advertisers

Sally Grimes on Sharpie’s “Start with Sharpie” campaign | YouTube Advertisers

Sally: Sharpie launched back in 1964 as the
first pen style permanent marker, really utilitarian uses from labeling boxes and camping gear
and over the years it’s really transformed. It became a celebrity autograph marker back
in the 80s and of recent, it’s become a catalyst for self expression. Core to Sharpie is letting
our fans shine so our mission is to inspire and then to curate then to showcase to the
world all of the amazing things that our fans have started with the Sharpie. Wanted to ignite
a connection with our fans, we’ve got a dozen bloggers on Sharpie that can reach out and
talk about Sharpie and inform us of the latest and greatest. We were told, “Hey, there’s
this artist named Cheeming Boey that’s doing amazing things with a Sharpie and coffee cups. Cheeming: I was at a coffee shop and I needed
something to write ideas down on. I didn’t have paper so the next best thing was a cup
because it’s also white, it’s like canvas, so I wrote some ideas down on it and then
I also drew some things on the side. Sally: As we launched the, “Start With Sharpie
Campaign” this past year I think we realized that we were on to something really big. When
we started to get feedback from our fans, that they were reacting to something that
made them change their perception of Sharpie and that was the moment where we looked at
each other and said, “Wow, we’re really on to something here.” Cheeming: When my friends saw the cups they
asked me what I was going to do with it and I said that, “Some of them are nice, maybe
I can sell it.” One of them just said, “No one’s going to buy that crap.” I want to just
prove him wrong and I think I could of done so just by selling the cup for $0.20. I’m
sure someone would buy the cup for $0.20 but I didn’t want to stop it there. I wanted to
make it much bigger. Sally: But we know that we’re changing lives.
We’ve changed Cheeming Boey’s life and he is incredibly grateful for that and it’s incredibly
gratifying as a marketer to have that impact. Sharpie is a visual brand and we know that
our core fans, they’re on YouTube, we want to be a part of where they are, where the
conversation is happening, where they’re connecting, and so YouTube is a natural fit for Sharpie.
It’s completely changed the way we think about marketing. I think the old definition of marketing
was all about persuading for a, or sometimes even ambushing to achieve a change in consumer
behavior. We think of it as connecting. The tools that are now available, social media
in general, has allowed us to create a connection with our fans that never before would have
been possible. This campaign is about inspiring and curating the work and then showcasing
the work, because that’s why we’re doing this. We’re doing this to create advocates for our

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  1. Great job Team Sharpie! The Sharpie brand is awesome! Sally Grimes is an amazing leader! Many thanks from all your creative "Fans"

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