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Sales Funnel: Do You Have Enough Data To Optimize Your Offer?

Sales Funnel: Do You Have Enough Data To Optimize Your Offer?

Hey in this video I’m gonna talk to you
about your offer and how your offer plays into your social advertising
strategy. My name is Traci Reuter and I’m the CEO and Founder of Divine Social,
we’re an Instagram and Facebook advertising agency and I’m coming to you
on the town of my vacation in beautiful Southern Maine.
This is York Harbor, I grew up in this area and I was here for my younger
brother’s wedding and it’s just been an incredible vacation and had to make sure
to cut a couple of videos for you while I was here. So let’s talk about your
offer and how that relates to your social advertising strategy now when
when I first started running Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising
for clients the first thing we did is we would look at the clients past
advertising history and there’s a lot to be gained by doing that and there’s so
many little nuggets of data that you can pull out that can help you with your
strategy it’s very important now we still do that but we’ve actually changed
our strategy quite a bit in the last couple of years and the thing that we
looked at first is we look at your offer first and the reason we started doing
that is we discovered that no matter how much money you’ve been running in
traffic no matter how great of a job we did or no matter how you know how
successful your business was if the offer wasn’t optimized if we didn’t have
revenue optimization on the landing pages and the offer pages it could
drastically impact the success of your ads so what we started doing is we
started doing an audit on your offer first and this is really really
important odds are if you’ve been successful or
you’ve been running a business for a while you are probably blind to your
sales pages and your checkout carts and your and your product pages and all of
those things because you see it day in and day out you know what better than
anybody else does and sometimes when we’re that close to something we don’t
see opportunities for acceleration or amplification or improvement and so
that’s one of the things that we always do first now is we take you know a fresh
set of eyes and we look at the clients offer from a standpoint of is this going
to be is this offer gonna maximize the advertising investment so what I want to
encourage you to do is think about this do you have somebody that maybe you
could get a fresh set of eyes to be looking at your customer journey your
sales funnel from a from a fresh perspective from a customer’s
perspective and figure out what and what’s not there it’s really
important before you decide to start scaling your advertising spend to is to
make sure that you have fully optimize your funnel that you fully optimize your
sales funnel your shopping cart if you’re in e-commerce your store if your
e-commerce whatever the case might be because by doing that what’s really
interesting is is if you really focus on a couple of small things that can impact
your conversion rate optimization or your revenue optimization those tiny
hinges swing big doors and you can get a significant improvement in the results
that you get when you do invest in advertising so it’s really really
important to be thinking is my offer optimized is my store optimized is my
funnel optimized are we optimized before we start ratcheting up to spend on
advertising now there is another piece to this if you don’t have a lot of
history if you don’t have an offer that has a lot of conversion data and I mean
enough to be statistically significant the one thing that you can do is you can
use social ads to start generating enough traffic to start to figure out
where your funnel is broken now you have to have the right mindset if you’re
going to do that that’s if this is something that I see a lot of people
struggle with especially if they’re in the early stages they see it as losing
money instead of actually gathering data to be able to make some super super
important adjustments so your your offer is everything and whether you are have a
seasoned offer that needs some optimization or you have a fresh offer
just because you’ve put together a great offer in your mind and you’ve put all
this together you still need to have enough data behind it so that you can
understand how to then optimize when you get to that point that you’re ready to
do that so it’s really really important that you take the time to be thinking
about is my offer optimized is what I have or my sales funnel as my pages may
store are those points are those point touch points optimized in the customer
journey so that before you start to ratchet your ad spend or invest ad
dollars you you really know what you’ve what you’ve got and on the flip side if
you haven’t gotten to that point yet that you actually invest some ad dollars
set aside a certain amount of money that you’re going to put into traffic that
can actually help you get the data that you need in order to get to the point
where you can start to really optimize the pages and then start increasing your
spend and hopefully increase your profits so I hope this helps the offer
is incredibly important and you can run the best ads even have
the most ninja strategy and tactics in the world you can have an incredible
incredible strategy you can even have an offer that converts but if your offer
isn’t optimized if you don’t have enough data to optimize your offer all of the
ads in the world can’t can’t get you where you could potentially be if you
were to take the time to do that so make sure that you are focusing on not just
the tactics and the new latest and greatest to get more traffic to your
offer make sure you’re spending the time to actually focus on revenue
optimization before you do that and you will be blown away at what happens to
your results now I’d love to hear from me if you’ve got any thoughts on this if
you’ve done revenue optimization on your funnels on your stores and you’ve had
great success leave a comment below and share I’d love to hear it from you as
well and make sure you subscribe to this channel we come out with a new video
every single Tuesday sometimes the videos are in the mountains of Colorado
and this week we’re in the beaches of Maine so with that my name is Traci
Reuter, we’ll see you next time.

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