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Running YouTube Ads without CTAs? 👎🤦‍♂️

Running YouTube Ads without CTAs? 👎🤦‍♂️

– Hey everybody. This is Adam Arkfeld with ParaCore. Today we’re gonna talk about the one thing that you absolutely cannot overlook if you’re running video ads on YouTube. And if you know anything about ParaCore, we run a lot of video advertising. We do educational videos, just like the one you’re watching now. We run videos on Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube, everywhere. When you’re running a lot of videos, you obviously want to optimize those to get the highest engagement and also get the most amount of activity and clicks and conversions
and blah blah blah ’cause you’re running ads, right? So on YouTube there are a number of different places that you can run ads. You can run them as discovery ads where they show up in search results, you can do pre-roll ads, you can do a retargeting via pre-roll which is right before the video, you can do bumper ads, you can do a variety of
different types of advertising on the YouTube network. However, if you don’t set
up your video correctly, you may not be getting
the website activity and the conversion rates that you want. And the one thing that you
actually cannot overlook is adding CTAs to your YouTube videos. What I’m gonna do today is I’m gonna show you two examples of videos, one that has a CTA and one that doesn’t so that you can make
sure that you’re adding calls to action to your videos so that when people are watching it, especially if it’s a retargeting video, or one where they know who you are, they wanna learn more they can easily get to your website and
learn more about what you do. All right, so the very first thing that I’m gonna show you
is this is a very small campaign that we run
in our AdWords account. And you will see that
there’s three videos, this is a brand new one that
I created just for this video. And this one here has 59 clicks, and this one here has 25 clicks, okay? Let’s see if I have, I don’t have a cost per
click, I don’t think. So, let me see here. I’m gonna do 200 over 59 alright so it’s $3.39 for this top one, so when you’re comparing
it, you know, PPC world, to buy a click in AdWords, you’re looking in somewhere
of the neighborhood of maybe 10, 15, 20 all
the way up to $30 perhaps. It’s a pretty expensive market to be in. In here I’m getting ’em
for much less than that. Alright so Retargeting for Cheap, this ones been around for awhile, That is create Agency vs Niche. Now on the left hand side, you’ll notice that you have ad extensions and then you have videos. Ads & Extensions and then you have Videos. When you create an ad, this is where we’re at right now, you’re just creating the ad, right. So if I hit plus, it’s
gonna ask me for the video, I’ll drop one in, I’ll just
do the same Agency vs Niche and it’s just gonna ask for
some very basic information. It’s not really gonna ask for a lot. It’s going to ask where I want it, in this case it has to be In-stream because of my campaign. It does ask for a URL
and some other options and the ad name but that’s about it. It doesn’t ask for anything
related to a call to action. So when you create the, when you create the ad itself, while you are creating a video, you’re not actually
creating a call to action. And that’s what you see
in this video right here, this full service versus niche
so let me show you that one. This is the full service
verses niche video, and I have not added a
call to action to it. And so you’ll see that there’s, if someone’s watching this is
a pre-roll video for example, there’s nowhere for them to click to actually get to our
website and to learn more. And that’s not a good thing
when you’re running YouTube ads in order to drive
engagement, to downloads, to drive conversions, and
drive everything else, right? So lead submissions. So that’s not a great thing. Now if I go over to the other ad which was the Retargeting for Cheap, or I think I did the Parafriends actually, the Parafriends ad has 25 clicks for $120. Here, now we see, and it hid because I actually left the screen, but now you see, stupid more videos link, but it says learn more about ParaCore and then it has a link right here. And when you first start
the video this pops up so it’s easy to see, it’s down
here on the left hand side. When I click this link, it then
goes to our ParaCore website and someone is able to
learn more about what we do. So as you can see, you have this video where there’s no CTA down in the bottom left and then you have this
video where there is a CTA and it starts out expanded, as the video goes on it
then retracts and hides but then you can just hover over it to get it to expand again and this is a preview
right within AdWords. When I go back to the ads interface, so here we’re on Ads & Extensions. Now if I click on videos, now I’m gonna see the videos
that are within this account, okay and this is where I can go in and I can add a call to action, right. Okay, so I’m looking at all these. When I added the ad just a second ago, the agency versus niche
video, I did not add a video, it added it on its own, it just brought it right into AdWords. And so here, when I
look at the ParaFriends, I do the edit call to action. You’re gonna see, oh
it says meet ParaCore. Meet ParaCore, display
URL, destination URL. You can actually add an image
which I don’t have right here and then and this is how people then go, it’s how the overlay’s actually added. So it’s the meet ParaCore
and here’s the URL and then when I go back to the
video it says Meet ParaCore, if this stupid more
videos thing wasn’t here and then when you click
it it goes to the URL and then it went to the website. So now someone’s being retargeted, they’re seeing the videos in pre-roll ad, they see the thing pop out, they can click it and
then go to our website and then they can schedule a
free 30 minute consultation. When I look at the, Should You Hire Niche
or Full Service Agency, and edit call to action, you see nothing’s there, right? So there’s just no call
to action available so it’s not putting that
little overlay box on the video and therefore you’re not
getting anywhere near the number of clicks. And when I showed you
the Ads & Extensions, we don’t get a ton of
conversions with this but 59 clicks and 25 clicks respectively, I mean we’re looking at 64, 84 clicks on a couple
hundred dollars in spend, in our industry, for people that know us, that’s a really good click through rate, a really good cost-per-click and it’s only because I have those calls to action, if I didn’t have the calls action, it wouldn’t work. So when you’re running
your YouTube advertising in pre-roll or discovery ads or whatever, make sure that you always
head over to the videos tab and you always find the
video that you just imported into an ad and edit the
call to action, okay? Because if you don’t have a call to action then people don’t really
have a very good way to click over and to see
what you’re trying to sell. Now we have a lot of ours
going to our web page. I realize that maybe we should
start sending some of those to a landing page, which I
think we’re gonna start doing, But you can send them wherever you want, but as long as they are able
to go somewhere that pops up and you can they can click and learn more. So thanks for watching, again my name is Adam from ParaCore we’re a pay-per-click
lead generation agency. If you have any questions,
please ask below, like the video, subscribe, and I’ll see you in the
next video thanks a lot

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