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once again back another video right now I'm headed out it's like 7:00 in the afternoon you about to hop in my car and go for a drive go get my nails done took my friend off cuz that my hair was itching so so bad and I have my hair braided up for like a month already and it's time for a good wash and a good treatment I'm waiting for this person to like go hello can you go as y'all know I lost a lot of freakin here man after the baby in like I thought I was safe but soon as Legends hurting for months I don't know what happened but my hair start shedding super super bad and this woman in front of me cannot dry bro so it's been a month since it's been in these braids so it's time to go get my freakin hair washed I'm gonna get a treatment in it I was thinking about doing the rice water thing but like I'm just because I heard a lot of people saying it works really good but at the same time I make it here really really like course thank God I got a sitter out here I feel really comfortable with her she's watched the kids multiple times now and like she kind of got a down pat I haven't driven in like so long y'all but it feel good to get out the house usually y'all know I wait until like two or three nails break off before I get it done but none are broken off as y'all could see but one is loose and I'm like nah this is not button this isn't about to go down cuz every time a nail is loose I bump it on everything and it really hurts really bad I don't know what color I should do y'all what color should I try I don't know what I should do put in the comments below what y'all see so basically you guys are going to be going with me today when I go you grew myself I really should go get a massage but then again I still got to go home and cook – I make it spaghetti today uh I haven't cooked since I made the smothered pork chops and macaroni and cheese and string beans and cornbread I haven't cooked since I made that I want to lay off the pork because we really been like eat important like we've been eating bacon in the morning we've been eatin pork chops pork sausage and like my body been feeling really just like way down so I'm gonna try to like get stay away from like the pork so I'm gonna make some spaghetti today but I'm using turkey Italian sausage and ground turkey instead I think music on blast I also need to get a facial to you I know y'all probably can't see but these bumps haven't went away on my chin yet y'all it's been a minute since these bumps been here so maybe I need to get a good facial I just Hagen facials because facials like bring all the toxins out and so it's probably gonna get worse before it get better and I guess I just don't want to see the worst part yeah let me get off this camera yeah look at how a part that's really annoying to me right now but whatever it is so high here that's exactly why that these booty shorts short oh don't don't say nothing but it's super high but hopefully it's not super cold in the nail salon so John well I'll get cold easily and I left my jacket in the car so let's see if they'll take me off hopefully they will they usually take the elastic line I'm like 7:30 I usually do like nude or like a bright color red or white but I want to try something I've never tried before so try to look through here and see what the heck I could get and whatever I should do like a pink like a light baby pink I don't know how much you guys know what I decided so actually going to be able to get a silly no I thought I wasn't gonna be able to but I am so yeah this is the color that I chose to my new it's like a really light pink and I'm doing my told the same color y'all have an ingrown freaking toenail I didn't know I heard and she's out and you pulled it out y'all it wasn't acrylic I mean I had it curly called my toenails so that's what that color is this is the color I got right there is really neutral I've been here for so long that it's dark it was light when I came here at first and my hair lady wasn't answering and I was like yeah I'm just about to go home and cook the spaghetti but she just answered last minute so I'm headed over there I love these little neutral nails so cute hopefully I don't bump my nail again i'ma try to be really careful when I'm washing dishes stuff like that but yeah let's let's get this here situated below we're going to see how this goes I know my hair probably shed a lot so I'm just ready for it I'm not gonna act surprised when it sheds and I'm just going to nurture my hair nourish my hair until it grows back so I didn't got in a car and she told me that she made it home already so she says she can come back y'all I don't know what I should do because I want to get there and be waiting I've seen depending on what she says I'm probably going to just still go so I'll have to go to her so y'all y'all can see out back home I actually did show up but then I felt really uncomfortable because she wasn't there yet and it was a bunch of just like like hood guys in a big crowd like flashing me come back it's not funny it was a bunch of hook I liked doing their hands like this and flagging me down to stop and I was in my head I was in a g-wagen inside of like dog go near an alley okay when I say I was I was driving through that alley so quick I don't know I could have ran over somebody foot that's how fast I was driving because y'all not about to give me and yet so I end up not getting my hair done so now I'm back home with a crazy-looking head about to make some spaghetti but my nails done though you know I'm saying my nails are done that's about it I guess tomorrow I'll go I'm about to make you spaghetti all about the whip it up in the kitchen five hours later y'all so it's finally like 9:00 in the morning I think good morning good morning good morning mocha what look you be like this you only good mommy like that yeah I woke up and this kid was playing on my phone he was playing on my problem I'm just watching him while he just twiddling his thumbs on my phone I don't know what he was trying to do and he was trying to go to baby Looney Tunes maybe he was trying to go to Mickey Mouse I don't know however what I do know is that I look a crazy mess right now I haven't even called my hair yeah I have I call my hair stays on took the frickin weave up so anyway ah this is day two so I'm going to try I'm gonna try to on try this hair thing again and I'm not sure if I should but I'm thinking about doing logics pinches again I don't know if I want to do it again truthfully because those can be addictive but now that I know now that I know how I look without them and my lashes grew back a little bit I might just want to do it for this in life but then again I don't know so yeah watch it try look for a place I did make spaghetti last night it was really really good I put it in a big old Tupperware Bowl behind a fridge we pack on an 80 today because I'll have time to be ordering food right look right mukla come here DJ still sleep yeah CJ sleep like a grown man he wake up earlier you wake up earlier than you butter you want to go wake up you better want to go wake up you better huh oh come on you wanna wake him up you gotta mess with him he's gonna lay down next to him CJ went to a barbecue last night I got stuffing is here I don't know what this is I think you want to leave his brother sleep I love my kids alright mommy you love you guys CJ come morning CJ this boy knocked out hang on my CJ and Legend they're both sick no you're gonna call for again CJ he trying to get out of taking his medicine today he got to take some medicine they just finished eating legend he had pears and what's your half CJ it wasn't chocolate it was brown sugar oatmeal let me get his boogers out what what do you got there look let's just nope well I'm going to put these two in bed and get you some medicine we've got another one over there this two on a couch he's sick yep they're very sick he's young so he got I made him some tea and some a light breakfast oh yeah I finally made it to the hair shop I'm so ready to get this off my hair doll this like is glue on my ears chakra see it's clue so hopefully we see a nice little transformation my hair is like really damaged and thin and light falling out so I'll see how it is once we straighten it out and we're gonna see what I should do I can't believe my hair is that many mm-hmm Wow got somebody here raised four months yep I heard it should so frickin says y'all I'm telling y'all Schalke see I got my natural hair done and I'm not that disappointed I am disappointed because is so thin y'all it's literally so thin it's really really can't wait until my hair grows back that I have to do the necessary things to make my hair grow back like take vitamin I feel like 2018 Queen again I got no weave in no frontal and lashes thanks to our Katie Ann you're not saying she always give you right the last year yeah I'm gonna take breaks no cuz y'all know my I have such a freakin hard time growing my lashes that come out so I'm gonna be taking breaks this will not be permanent okay no I got it right here I'm gonna call my uber money or something I feel like Cynthia Willy it's fish right here that I've never made I never made his fish I'm probably gonna throw it out because your girl thought I was buying it well it's to lap you but it don't look like tilapia like tilapia is like saying this is like really thick I know y'all probably don't notice but just sticks I'm probably gonna throw it all go out and this is like you know the host pot pot of spaghetti here but now it's like almost all gone you must have I'll eat it when I was gonna see y'all had a fish fried everything else I had occasion fish fried Asian sauce I mean that sauce occasion sees me lemon pepper I was really about to do it but this fish is not it right now I'm making clear some tea cuz he's sick and the babies are sleeping now so yep I must lay down lay down after this the next morning y'all and I'm taking baby legends to the doctors he had a doctor's appointment almost misstate y'all cassava slip but CJ and the players still incredibly I had leave and yet leave them home first-floor can't forget this are you ready today are you ready do you checkup don't worry you're not gonna get a shot okay just to check so we just got a baby legend Wade and he is 15 pounds in 15 ounces in less last time he was 14 pounds of 15 ounces so he gained one pound sink right why are you looking like that she gained one pound he's 6 months today my baby's growing up so fast I just takes Claire CJ you didn't wake up yet Emma cleared up he probably gonna be hungry in a few so hopefully I can get back make some meat I can't wait – the house is like not sick anymore cuz I want to go outside and go to the pool right thinking you won't go to the pool fat boy you want to go to the pool fat boy unfortunately unfortunately I didn't know that legend had to give six months shot today because they didn't tell me that for last appointment so I'm sad y'all look at him y'all you ready for your shot pink look at yourself see he's almost calling y'all and I'm currently in CVS I need to get a couple things here I already got some dove body wash so I thought I would take y'all along with me and I got like some hand soap and these hair skin nail gummies now I have pills at home but I haven't taken the pills yet but I just want to try these to see if I like them I know when I was pregnant I hated taking gummies because like they made me throw up or like nauseous so I don't know it might be different now because I'm not pregnant so it might not be nauseous to certain stuff but this would be the first time I'm taking my NuvaRing out which is my birth control and I'm supposed to be taking it out so I could have my period why am I in the 10th on section I don't need to tampons I have plenty of the men that do need something over years no I don't so I'm going to just be doing a little CVS ha and yeah y'all will go with me home no lie like I really have to boo-boo so bad I might have to cut this trip short I'm in here look at the snakes and I like like but y'all we're gonna do Serio and I think I want to like try some different stuff like these lucky charms I've never seen in my life I never seen the frosted flake ones either and grab some it is so we could watch a movie so yeah I ask them do they have a bathroom I'm about to go to it because y'all I for attorney but this pillow for the lab better and definitely need to shave my underarms really I should be waxing my arms but we're the ones I usually get I usually get these ones the cuatro was a difference since it of skin hmm okay let's charge these sensitive and y'all know I gotta come to the doggone candy aisle DS what else do he like oh I just finished getting everything that I need y'all and I'm about to go home I need to go get my massage so I'm gonna go ahead and end this vlog you know it's been like oh my god I think I just took this I don't think I'm supposed to take that basket but I hope you guys enjoy this little footage I haven't uploaded on my channel in so long kind of been taking a break from social media I guess in a way like I've been taking a break from like posting on Twitter Instagram pulsing on YouTube when really I need to keep posting on YouTube because this that's how I pay my bills you know I mean I'm but um I got other income y'all don't think I don't I really don't feel like bringing a speck in dudeney do you need one of these to shop or no okay so oh sure thank you so much thank you appreciate it you are still nice yeah yeah um I would take a little break and I guess Oh that's the little sneak peak I gotta turn it off


  1. It’s postpartum hair loss, it’s normal after you have a baby! ☺️ it happened after I had my daughter around the 3-6 month mark. 🥴🥴

  2. @queennaija look up sea moss it has 92 out of 102 vitamins / minerals that we need. Hakeem Pierre
    has the wild crafted sea moss/Irish moss it is natural and sooooooo good for body, weight loss, hair growth, energy, etc. should give it a try!

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