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Rotating ads [FB Ads tip of the week]

Rotating ads [FB Ads tip of the week]

Hey guys! This short video is gonna be about rotating ads within ad sets. Like for example, I have 3 ads in an ad set, and I have rules that pause them if their performance is not good enough. But I want to run only 1 ad at a time and
if it gets paused I want to launch the next one. Here is how I do that. I go to Ads Manager, take the first advert
and add to its name something like firstad so that I’m able to use the name contains
filter like this. And also I rename my two other ads similarly. Then I set up the task that would start an
ad if the number of active ads in ad set is less than 1, meaning that all of them must
be paused for the rule to trigger. And another condition that says Spend today
is less than or equal to 0. I do that to exclude ads that already ran
today and were stopped. Then I set the rule to check the conditions
every 15 minutes and click save. As you remember I have two other ads left
unattended. So I just copy my new rule two times and edit
the copies. I only need to adjust the names of the rules
and the filters so that each copy applies to the right ads. I also recommend to give it a minute between
activating each of the rules because you wouldn’t want them to run at the same time. If they do run simultaneously they might activate
all ads instead of going one by one. Okay, that’s it. If anything confuses you please let me know. Thanks for watching! Cheers.

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